About Oliver's Travels

Where did it all start?

In 2003, my best mate Ravi and I spent a week at a crumbling chateau in the Dordogne with a group of our closest friends. It was one of those holidays you never forget. The chateau was stunning, the wine was flowing and the weather was pretty much perfect. Best of all, we had the whole place to ourselves.

As it turns out, that holiday was the start of something pretty special. Before we’d even got back to England, Ravi and I had come up with the basic idea for our first business, Simply Chateau: a website where people could find and book exclusive, luxury chateaux without having to shell out a fortune.



Where are we today?

We’ve grown a bit since then. We’ve now got a team of people who love travelling just as much as we do. Between us, we’ve hand-picked every one of the properties you’ll find on the site.

Our emphasis is still on quirky, lavish, one-of-a-kind places to stay, but we now offer villas, castles, stately homes, beach huts and cottages, as well as chateaux – not just in France, but all over the world.

You may have noticed we’ve changed our name too. Ravi took a bit of persuading, but in the end we agreed on Oliver’s Travels!



Why do ordinary?

So whether you want to treat the family, get together with friends or spend a romantic weekend somewhere special, why do ordinary... when you can have exceptional?

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration, why not take a look at our latest recommendations, where you’ll find a list of our own favourite places to stay? The Inspiration page is also a good place to start your search. And if you still haven't even decided on where to go, head to Oliver's Journal - our pretty awesome blog!

Happy travelling,


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Oliver - Co-Founder

Favourite Property: Maison Sebastien 
Favourite Region: Aquitaine, France
Top Tip: Try 'UPS-ing' your luggage - It works out cheaper than charges the budget airlines levy and means you waltz through the airport sans luggage!

Ravi - Co-Founder

Favourite Property: Chateau Seiguier
Favourite Region: Dordogne, France
Top Tip: Splurge a bit! Holidays are so important and it's always fun to go slightly over budget occasionally.

Sonia - Sales

Favourite Property: Villa Saint-Trop
Favourite Region: Venice & Veneto, Italy
Top Tip: Don’t waste a magic moment to take a photo for social media just enjoy it either alone or with your travel companions. Eat and drink like a local as much as you can!

Nicola - Sales

Favourite Property: Snow Goose
Favourite Region: Kefalonia, Greece
Top Tip: Always pack snorkelling gear when going to the beach! You never know what beauty lies beneath.

Alison - Sales

Favourite Property: Skyfall
Favourite Region: Protaras, Cyprus
Top Tip:
Collect any small sized toiletries and keep them somewhere safe. They will always come in handy when are you travelling light!

Fanny - Sales

Favourite Property: Villa Sughera  
Favourite Region: Sardinia, Italy
Top Tip:
Pack a small bag with all the essentials you'll need when you arrive. It will save you rummaging around in your suitcase!

Constance- Sales

Favourite Property: Casetta Sul Mare
Favourite Region: Ubud, Bali
Top Tip: Always ask the locals where they would recommend you eat! 

Morgan - Sales

Favourite Property: Villa Jovita
Favourite Region: Bali, Indonesia
Top Tip: Save the clear bags they give you at the airport to store your liquids. Next time you go on holiday, pack your liquids into the clear bag while you’re at home. Makes it easier to get through security without fiddling through your carry-on!

Danielle - After Sales

Favourite Property: Casa Leilani
Favourite Region: Ski
Top Tip: Research your destination's transport options. You can get a good deal and save some monies for some more shopping or your next holiday!

Zuzana - Concierge

Favourite Property: Gigaro Beach House
Favourite Region: Cornwall, UK
Top Tip: What's the best way to a sense of humour fail? Get lost. Keep it old school and take a paper map!

Evie - Wedding

Favourite Property: Manoir Normand
Favourite Region: Sorrento & Amalfi Coast, Italy
Top Tip: Treat yourself at least once - whether it's a full body massage at a luxury Turkish spa, or a taster menu at an iconic Michelin star restaurant, you deserve it!

John - Finance

Favourite Property: Villa Orpheus
Favourite Region: Rhodes, Greece
Top Tip: If it's hot, then early starts and afternoon siestas can help make the most of the day!

Jay - Finance

Favourite Property: Emley Woodhouse
Favourite Region: Wales, UK & Ireland
Top Tip: Give yourself time to take in your surroundings. What you are looking at now will be different in the next minute. Take it in.

Estela - Finance

Favourite Property: Chateau de Grazay
Favourite Region: Mykonos, Greece
Top Tip: Practice walking before going on holidays to prepare your legs, feet and walking shoes. No one wants blisters on day one!

Andrew - Product

Favourite Property: Linton Lodge
Favourite Region: Crete, Greece
Top Tip:
Always take sensible walking shoes! And enjoy a picnic made up of local delicacies in an idyllic setting of your choice.

Giulia - Product

Favourite Property: Sea View Villas
Favourite Region: Scotland
Top Tip: Always remember that lighting and angles are key to a good Instagram holiday snap!

Kyra - Product

Favourite Property: Cameron North Lodge
Favourite Region: Cotswolds, UK
Top Tip: The best travel snack is a banana, they are nutritious, yummy and easy to pack - and will keep you going for hours!

Zoe - Product

Favourite Property: New England Mansion
Favourite Region: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Top Tip: Packing is everything. Will you wear everything you are taking? Probably not! Get rid of a third of the clothes packed, so you can bring more back!

Jo - Product

Favourite Property: Villa Krystal
Favourite Region:
Kalkan, Turkey
Top Tip:
 You can learn so much about an area by the food, visit a market and see the raw ingredients and try things that are new to you.

Andrea - Product

Favourite Property: Villa Terracotta
Favourite Region: Costa Brava, Spain
Top Tip: Dress your kids in very bright colours. If they go for a run whilst you are trying to repack the bag they just unpacked for fun, you will still be able to see them in a packed airport.

Nuala - Product

Favourite Property: Villa Es Costes
Favourite Region: Balearic Islands
Top Tip: Travelling between the islands is so easy with regular daily boats leaving between Mallorca – Menorca – Ibiza - Formentera.  Make the most of your holiday and visit the other islands for the day.

Ana Belen - Product

Favourite Property: Mas Guadalupe
Favourite Region: Spain
Top Tip:
Spain has some amazing all year round fiestas ,not to be missed, don’t forget to request a list of all the local fiestas in the area you are travelling to so you can plan ahead.

Claudia - Product

Favourite Property: Domaine La Sitelle
Favourite Region: Cote D'Azur, France
Top Tip: One for the ladies – a beautiful pashmina is always a must have item on holiday. So versatile and light.

David - Product

Favourite Property: Le Logis de General
Favourite Region: Brittany, France
Top Tip: Get some coconut water in you. It will help with the extreme heat, or even better, your hangover!

Julia - Product

Favourite Property: Quercia di Manciano
Favourite Region: Loire Valley, France
Top Tip:
Save space in your luggage by rolling up your clothes. Remember - if you aren't sure about bringing an item, you probably don't need it!

Jenny - Product

Favourite Property: Chateau de l'Histoire
Favourite Region: Burgundy, France
Top Tip: Check museum websites before visiting for any free entry times!

Cinzia - Product

Favourite Property: Villa Francis
Favourite Region: Lake Como, Italy
Top Tip: Holidays are the perfect opportunity for a digital detox. Unplug, disconnect and enjoy!

Lucy - Product

Favourite Property: Villa Jacaranda
Favourite Region: Kvarner, Croatia
Top Tip:  Don't wait until you are hungry to find a restaurant. Avoid 'hanger' at all cost!

Laetitia - Photography

Favourite Property: Le Cocon
Favourite Region: Puglia, Italy 
Top Tip: Don't forget the suncream if you don't want to end up mistaken as a boiled lobster!

Natasja - Marketing

Favourite Property: Villa Thalassa
Favourite Region: Dalmatia, Croatia
Top Tip: Hire quad bikes when you’re on the Greek islands…Awesome way to explore and discover the less-packed beaches!


Favourite Property: Comporta Villa
Favourite Region: Lisbon
Top Tip: Forget Ibiza! Comporta- incredible seafood, golden beaches, picturesque buildings & warm, welcoming culture. Make it your next villa holiday!

Genni - Marketing

Favourite Property: Villa Kasika
Favourite Region: Maldives
Top Tip:  Don't try to cram too much into your trip. You can't do everything and some of the best times happen when you don't plan anything at all!

Mariah - Marketing

Favourite Property: Villa Felisa
Favourite Region: Cancun & Riviera Maya
Top Tip: Always sample the local alcoholic drink – cheap, tasty, and will guarantee you a good time!

Emma - Project Manager

Favourite Property: Baccha Deluxe Soller
Favourite Region: Provence, France
Top Tip: Wake up early! You’ll be able to pack a lot more in, see beautiful sunrises and enjoy fewer crowds at popular attractions.