Luxury Lesbos Villas

An island that still boasts the laid-back lifestyle of authentic Greece, Lesbos is a charming plethora of local delights, from an exciting origin story to its collection of modern Greek art.

Compared to other Greek islands such as Crete and Corfu, Lesbos’ popularity flies largely under the radar. Yet this lesser-known destination is home to mountain villages, sweeping beaches, ancient castles and even hot springs. Its unique location (sitting closer to Turkey than Greece) allows for a special blend of cultures that is unrivalled in the Aegean Sea.  

Looking to explore this island paradise? Our luxury villas in Lesbos provide the perfect base to uncover its wonders. Whether you want to stay close to the beach, within walking distance to a village, or perhaps need somewhere suitable for families, our Lesbos villas are ideal for you.

Why visit?

  • Quiet and classy, Lesbos offers a relaxing break with plenty of charm to match. Explore the local towns to discover more about this unique island.
  • Lesbos is packed full of history, shown in various museums across the islands and the landmarks that dot its hills.
  • Adrenaline junkies can also get their fill in Lesbos, with popular scuba-diving spots and 4x4 adventures.     

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Why stay with us?

Style and character are everything at Oliver’s Travels, and our collection of handpicked Lesbos villas have this in spades.

We have destination experts who know the ins and outs of all our regions, picking holiday villas in Lesbos that aren’t only unique, but also in the best locations. What's more, our villas are 100% family-friendly, and have the ‘wow’ factor.

Our helpful concierge team are on-hand to make your stay extra special. Whether you want a fully-stocked fridge, a local in-house chef to cook your meals, housekeeping or any other extra service – consider them your holiday genie, who will happily grant your wishes.

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Luxury Villas in Lesbos: Our Top Picks

Why visit Lesbos

Greece's true hidden gem, Lesbos boasts sparkling blue waters, golden white sands, and residents that warmly welcome all who visit there. A true choose-your-own-adventure destination, you can spend your visit soaking in the sun from one of its many beaches, hiking in the Northern region, or simply exploring its quaint cobblestone streets and the cafes that line them. 

Whatever your itinerary holds, one thing remains constant: the slow pace of life on this largely undiscovered Mediterranean island. Don't expect to be heading around in a rush ticking things off a list. This is your chance to fully relax and unwind on one of the sunniest islands in the Aegean Sea - preferably with a locally made Ouzo beverage in hand.


Things to do

As well as beach-hopping and topping up your tan under the glorious Greek sunshine, there’s much to discover beneath the tropical waters surrounding Lesbos. Go scuba diving or snorkelling and explore one of the most coral-rich areas in the Aegean sea, or sail past centuries-old capes and coves in a chartered boat trip

Thanks to the rugged and dynamic terrain of Lesbos, you can also embark on many 4x4 and safari adventures. A plethora of untouched beauty is waiting to be discovered, so tumble over hills and mountains to unleash your inner adrenaline junkie.

Of course, if you’ve also come to Lesbos to kick back and unwind, there’s plenty to help you relax. Our luxury Lesbos rentals provide the perfect base to embrace a slower way of living, simply wandering the towns and villages - the main town of Molyvos is a creative delight and great for people watching.

Dip your toes into the thermal springs, which legend says were a gift from Hephaestus, the god of fire. The water reaches a toasty 40C and is rich with minerals that are said to soothe many different ailments. With five main sources to choose from, you can even add ‘hot spring hopping’ to your Lesbos must-do list.

The Petrified Forest - one of the island’s main attractions - is another natural wonder unique to Lesbos. The fossilised trees are almost 20 million years old, while the vegetation, floral and fauna give an idea of what the environment would have looked like all those years ago. 

If you’re interested in stepping back in time, sites like the Temple of Aphrodite (one of the oldest archaeological spots on Lesbos) and the Castle of Mytilene are also well worth a visit. The latter offers hypnotic views of the Aegean Sea to enjoy while you explore.  

Best beaches

There are 17 blue flag beaches on Lesbos - areas known for their natural beauty and cleanliness. Some of our favourites include: Nifida, a grey sand and pebble beach; Kagia, a pebbled beach with cafes on the shore; Eftalou, known for its scuba diving and snorkelling spots; and Molyvos is a pebble and sand beach popular with swimmers. 

For long sweeping sand, head to Vatera, one of the more developed beaches on the island where you’ll find companies offering water-sports activities plus loads of places to drink and eat too. Skala Eressos boasts beautiful sunsets across the horizon - and is a stellar place to enjoy a glass of Ouzo in a local bar.    

The great thing about Lesbos is that you don’t need to look too hard to find a peaceful, secluded spot. Whether you’re seeking a romantic moment or some quiet time with the family, there are plenty of beaches that you can (almost) have to yourself - especially if you’re willing to bike, hike or even sail your way around the island.

Food and drink

Foodies will be pleasantly surprised when visiting Lesbos - from high-class restaurants to vegan and gluten-free eateries, the island is constantly expanding its culinary offerings. 

Olive oil, seafood, local cheeses and wine are a key part of the cuisine in Lesbos - you’ll find high-quality offerings in every classic restaurant across the island, with many local shops selling traditional versions for you to take home as gifts too. 

Lesbos was known as the ‘orchard of the ottomans’ for good reason - the mountains on the island help create microclimates that are perfect for producing wine.

If you try one thing in Lesbos, it has to be Ouzo. Though the alcoholic drink can be found all over Greece, it actually originates in Lesbos and this is still where the best of the best distilleries are located - there’s over 17 on the island, producing 50% of the country's production!   

Expect a strong yet delightful anise taste, alongside mastic and various other herbs that give it a unique and unmatched flavour - perfect for enjoying after your evening meal.

Why it's perfect for families

  • Great for babies: The quieter atmosphere of Lesbos makes it a great destination for a young family holiday. There are loads of beaches to choose from for relaxing, and your little ones will love their first taste of island life!
  • Great for kids: Energetic kids will struggle to be bored during a trip to Lesbos. They can take to the water with some snorkelling, scuba diving, or even kite surfing for those with a more adventurous side!

  • Great for teens: Older children will surely appreciate the unique beauty and dynamic history of Lesbos. Wander around ruins and temples to learn more about the island together, uncovering ancient Greek history.   

Top tips

  • Lesbos or Lesvos? Don’t be surprised if you hear the island referred to in two different ways during your holiday. The official name is Lesvos and, when spelt in the Greek way, the ‘V’ looks like a ‘B’ and is pronounced like so in English.
  • Pop to Turkey: On clear days, you’ll be able to see mainland Turkey from Lesbos - the island really is that close! There’s nothing stopping you from ticking off two countries during your trip, with many tourist boats departing there daily.

  • Island time: Enjoying less tourism than some of the other Greek islands, Lesbos shops and businesses generally open early and observe a longer lunchtime during the middle of the day - something to keep in mind when you’re out and about.

What Oliver loves

In the small village of Pamfila, just beyond Mytilene, lies the Olive Wood House where the Prodromou family have been making fine handcrafted olive wood products for decades. The family are always eager to give visitors a tour of the workshop, and if you’re after a gift or souvenir, you certainly won’t depart empty-handed.  

Towns and villages in Lesbos

The long history of Lesbos has given way to a unique collection of towns, villages and hamlets across the island, with Neoclassical buildings and Ottoman mosques alongside modern homes and luxury villas. 

Many of the quaint local villages remain largely untouched by modern developments, making for wonderful places to explore the traditional feel of Lesbos. From mountain to coast, here are some of our Lesbos favourites.



Oliver’s Hidden Gem

You can find over 250 species of birds at the Kalloni wetlands, with this space providing them all with natural shelter. Take your binoculars to spot some familiar favourites plus more exotic varieties.

Molyvos is one of the main towns in Lesbos, with the long beach making it a popular hotspot for tourists. A castle dominates the skyline, giving it a unique historical feel.

Stop by Agiasos for all your pottery and craft needs, which the picturesque village is famed for. Head away from the coast and inwards towards the mountain to see this beauty.

As the capital and home to the main port on the island, you’ll likely pass through Mytilene during your Lesbos villa holiday. The busy town has still managed to maintain some of its original architecture, alongside a lively nightlife.

A pretty seaside village on the north of Lesbos, Petra rises in popularity during the summer months with tourists and locals alike. The beach and architecture are particularly lovely and worth spending an afternoon wandering.

Eressos has a diverse and important past - it is said to be the home of poet Sappho and philosopher Theophrastus. It also has a ‘twin village’ located closer to the coast too - Skala Eressos - and both are definitely worth a visit!

A picturesque coastal town featuring a charming blend of traditional Greek architecture and neoclassical buildings with narrow, winding streets lined with colourful houses adorned with flowers. The town is best known for producing the punchy national drink: ouzo.

Lesbos travel: Getting there and around

You’ll most likely arrive in Lesbos at the country’s airport in Mytilene, via a connection in Athens. This route is the most popular when travelling to Lesbos, and flights are frequent during peak summer months from major UK airports. However, Jet2 also offers 5 direct flights every week arriving into Lesbos and Mytilini airports.

By car

To make the most of your Lesbos villa holiday if you plan to do some exploring, we'd recommend hiring a car for the duration of your trip. With so many hidden villages and lesser-known spots to discover, this is the most hassle-free way to experience the best of the island.



By ferry/boat

Ferries connect Lesbos with other Greek islands as well as mainland Turkey, making for fantastic day trips. There’s also the option to embark on a boat trip around Lesbos and see the island from a different angle.



By bus

Though Lesbos does have public transport options, bus services are generally limited to the two major towns (Mytilene and Molyvos) as well as some of the other larger towns and villages, including Petra, Eftalou and Anaxos.



By taxi

Taxis are used frequently by locals and tourists alike in Lesbos. You’ll find many circulating in the busier coastal towns, but just make sure you agree on a price beforehand to avoid overpaying - especially when going to/from the airport.



By foot

The hotspots of Lesbos are well-connected with trekking trails that are fantastic to take on if you’re visiting during the cooler autumn or winter months. You'll pass enchanting sites and ancient ruins - just remember to pack some walking boots!



Top tips

  • For a completely different method of transportation, why not try donkey or horseback riding? Go trekking in the mountains or along the coast with an experienced guide on an organised tour.

  • Lesbos’ compact size means many of the towns and villages can be reached on foot from your luxury villa. Ditch the car and go green!

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