The Turks and Caicos Islands are a sensational holiday destination! Consisting of 40 islands and cays just south of the Bahamas, these islands are characterised by impossibly turquoise shallow waters, inlets and geographical wonders.

This British Overseas Territory is known for welcoming beach lovers in search of a sunny holiday. Boasting an expansive barrier reef home to vibrant coral, dolphins, turtles, stingrays and more, the islands make for a breathtaking playground for snorkelling and diving.

A holiday to the fabulous Turks and Caicos Islands is certain to leave you rested, rejuvenated and brimming with colourful memories. Take a look at our fabulous apartments and villas in the Turks and Caicos Islands and jet off on a Caribbean adventure!

Why visit?

  • Turks and Caicos are famous for its pristine beaches, which are some of the best in the world. The crystal-clear water, soft sand, and sunny weather make for a perfect beach getaway.
  • The waters around Turks and Caicos are home to a variety of marine life, including colourful fish, coral reefs, and even shipwrecks. If you're into snorkelling or scuba diving, this is a great place to explore the underwater world. You might even meet the resident dolphin Jojo who often joins swimmers and snorkellers in the water!
  • The people of Turks and Caicos are known for being warm and friendly, and visitors often comment on how welcoming and helpful the locals are.


Why stay with us?

Style and character are everything at Oliver’s Travels, and our collection of handpicked apartments and villas in the Turks and Caicos Islands have this in spades.

We have destination experts who know the ins and outs of all our regions, picking villas that aren’t only unique but are also in the best locations. What's more, our villas are 100% family-friendly and have the ‘wow’ factor.

Our helpful concierge team are on-hand to make your stay extra special. Whether you want a fully-stocked fridge, a local in-house chef to cook your meals, housekeeping or any other extra service – consider them your holiday genie, who will happily grant your wishes.

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Luxury Villas in Turks and Caicos: Our Top Picks

Why visit Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos islands are a popular destination for eco-tourism, with opportunities for humpback whale watching, bird watching, and exploring the island's salt ponds. Salt Cay also has some of the most picturesque beaches in Turks and Caicos, with crystal-clear waters and powdery sand.

Make sure to take the time to explore the Columbus Landfall National Park. This protected area is named for the point where the famed explorer first ventured here. It is home to Governor’s beach, one of the finest in the whole island nation that has pinky-hued sand made from crushed shells and coral, as well as over 20 sublime diving sites. You’ll get a serious underwater wow with the abrupt drops and magical colours of these diving spots.

Things to do in Turks and Caicos

It goes without saying that you’ll want to bronze all day on the islands’ beautiful beaches, but don’t miss out on Turks and Caicos culture as well. The islands have a rich history, and you can get a good look into this on North and Middle Caicos where there are several abandoned plantations. Visitors can explore the ruins and learn about the islands' agricultural and colonial past.

Also on Middle Caicos, you’ll find Indian Cave, a mystical karst rock cave formed from a sinkhole with many openings and ‘skylights’ that are strung with tropical vines. It looks like something out of Indiana Jones! You might even spot giant blue land crabs or even, curiously, barn owls that have made this place home.

Every Thursday night in the Bight Park area of Providenciales, there is a Fish Fry event where locals and tourists come together to enjoy fresh seafood, live music, and local crafts. It's a fun and festive way to experience the local culture.

Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

Food and Drink in Turks and Caicos

Famous dishes that everyone comes to the Caribbean for can be enjoyed on the Turks and Caicos. Jamaican-inspired jerk chicken is also popular here and the chicken is marinated in a spicy blend of herbs and spices, then grilled or roasted. It’ll likely be served with the classic side dish, and staple of Caribbean cuisine, rice and peas. Black-eyed peas and rice are cooked together with spices and often served with fish or chicken.

Bammy is a traditional flatbread made from cassava. It is popular on the islands and often served with fish or conch dishes.

The islands are also known for some seriously tasty snacks, such as conch fritters - deep-fried balls of conch meat and vegetables - and johnny cakes which are bite-size batter balls of cornmeal that are then fried on a skillet and traditionally eaten around lunchtime.

For a sweet end to a meal, try a Caribbean classic: rum cake. This delicious dessert is made with rum-soaked cake, then topped with a buttery glaze.

Why it’s perfect for families:

  • Great for babies: Taylor Bay Beach is known for its clear, shallow and gentle waters, perfect for babies to bob about in for their first experience of the sea.
  • Great for kids: head to Provo ponies and your little one can enjoy a ride in the saddle on one of their friendly horses that even take a trip to the beach and wade into the water!
  • Great for teens: kitesurfing on Turks and Caicos is a must and adventurous teens will love getting out on the water and showing off their skills.

Top tips

  • Remember to drive on the left in this British Overseas Territory! It’s a quirk that is great for Brits but might catch out American visitors.
  • The currency here is the US dollar. It pays to be prepared with your banknotes as there are a limited number of ATMs in the country.
  • The Turks and Caicos are great to visit all year round. Temperatures still exceed 25c in the winter months (November - April) and are generally drier and sunnier. During summer (May - October) you can expect occasional storms and temperatures up to 33c, but it's still well worth visiting during this time (and better value!).

    Best beaches in Turks and Caicos

    On a string of islands ringed by gorgeous powder-white sandy stretches, how do you pick the best? The truth is anywhere you decide to enjoy a beach day on the Turks and Caicos islands, you’ll be rewarded with soft sand, swaying palms and impossibly blue water to cool off in.

    Oliver’s Hidden Gem

    Mudjin Harbor on Middle Caicos island is a dramatic cliff-lined cove with a pristine white sand beach. Visitors can hike along the cliffs, explore the nearby caves, or simply relax on the beach.

    This 12-mile stretch of beach on the island of Providenciales is consistently ranked as one of the best beaches in the world. With its white sand and crystal-clear waters, it's easy to see why.

    Located on the eastern side of Providenciales, Long Bay Beach is a quieter alternative to Grace Bay. It's known for its shallow waters and perfect conditions for kiteboarding.

    This secluded beach on the south coast of Providenciales is perfect for swimming and snorkelling. The shallow waters are home to a variety of marine life, including sea turtles.

    Towns and villages in Turks and Caicos

    The Turks and Caicos Islands are made up of several islands, each with its own unique character and charm and with small towns and villages to explore. Whether you're looking for history, culture, or natural beauty, you're sure to find it on these islands. Here are some of our favourite towns to visit:

    What Oliver Loves:

    Most visitors head straight for the sea, but why not try out Chalk Sound, a turquoise lagoon on the island of Providenciales where you can rent kayaks or paddleboards to explore the calm waters and enjoy the secluded beaches that dot the coastline.

    Providenciales (known locally as ‘Provo’) is the most populated island in Turks and Caicos and is home to the country's main airport. It has a wide range of accommodations, dining options, and activities, making it a great base for exploring the islands.

    Located on the island of Grand Turk, Cockburn Town is the capital of Turks and Caicos. It has a rich history, with colourful colonial architecture and several museums dedicated to the islands' past.

    Similarly named to the capital, but found on South Caicos island, this is a small fishing village with a relaxed and authentic vibe. It is known for its fresh seafood, particularly its conch dishes, and has several excellent seafood restaurants as well as beautiful untouched beaches nearby.

    Getting there and around

    Thanks to a newly announced direct flight route with Virgin Atlantic, you can reach the Turks and Caicos Islands in just less than 9 hours from London Heathrow. The Turks and Caicos has an international airport on the island of Providenciales, which is serviced by several major airlines. From the airport, you can take a taxi or shuttle to your villa or resort.

    By car

    Renting a car is the most popular option for getting around Turks and Caicos, especially on the larger islands of Providenciales and Grand Turk. There are several car rental companies to choose from and driving is on the left-hand side of the road. However, note that there are few street signs and many roads are unpaved, so it is essential to have a map or GPS system to navigate.

    By public transport

    On Providenciales, there is a public transportation system called ‘jitneys’ which are minivans that operate on set routes. Fares are reasonable, but the service can be infrequent.

    Water taxis are available on some islands, such as Providenciales and Grand Turk, and are an excellent way to explore the islands' coastline and visit neighbouring islands.

    By bike

    Biking is a popular and eco-friendly way to explore the islands, especially on the smaller islands such as North Caicos and Middle Caicos, where the terrain is mostly flat. Several companies offer bike rentals, and many resorts provide bikes for their guests.

    By foot

    There are abundant opportunities for scenic hiking on Turks and Caicos, but don’t rely on walking to get around. The islands are home to lots of trails of varying terrain, best for experienced hikers - especially in the Caribbean heat!

    Top tips

    • It goes without saying to come prepared with sunscreen, hats and sunglasses!
    • Don't be afraid to ask locals for recommendations on the best places to visit.

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