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Family villa holidays are the perfect option if you’ve got a large family, or if you’re a family who likes independence while you’re away. With no one else to share your facilities with, and lots of space to fit everyone, it’s your home away from home.

We want the place we stay to be easily accessible

We understand how much of a pain it is when you get to an airport after a certain number of hours flying, to then have to endure a long journey to get to the place you’re staying. Particularly if you’ve got little ones. So, we’ve made sure to address this concern with our collection of villas; from properties that are less than an hour from the airport, a huge majority of them within Europe – so no lengthy flights - and transfers available to be booked through concierge, we want to make your family villa holiday as stress-free as possible.  We’ve also got a selection of villas with wheelchair access and lifts to ensure everyone is well-catered for.

Safety for our children is top priority

Holidays are meant for relaxing, that’s why our family-friendly villas offer peace of mind for parents with young children. We’ve got villas within fenced grounds, villas that can be baby proofed, villas with cots and highchairs, and villas with ceiling fans or air con to prevent overheating.

We have an extensive range of villas with pools – in fact, they make up most of our luxury collection. For children, we’ve got villas with child-safe pools; to be deemed ‘child-safe’ the pools must be either gated, fenced, alarmed or covered.

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We have a huge family, and we want everyone to be together

No problem! We specialise in large group holidays, with our highest capacity at 80 – so there’s no need to worry about the family being separated.

With huge, spacious properties with plenty of room for everyone, you can have the big family villa holiday you’ve always wanted… with all the privacy of being in your own home. 


If you need help, contact our concierge team, they are on-hand to make your stay extra special. Whether you want a fully-stocked fridge, a local in-house chef to cook your meals, housekeeping or any other extra service – consider them your holiday genie, who will happily grant your wishes.

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Child-Friendly Villas: Our Top Picks


 We understand some families like to spend their holidays chilling out by the pool, and others want to get out and explore! We’ve covered all areas of the spectrum with our collection of child-friendly villas. You can check out our selection of amenities when using the search bar "Advanced search" option. Also, see below some of our amenities that we think you’ll be interested in.

Some of our villas are within holiday resorts, meaning you have the option of plenty of on-site activities like golf, surfing, cooking lessons etc.

Splashing about in the pool is ideal when you want to have a chill day, but you want to make sure the little ones are safe. Check out our collection of villas with child-friendly pools.

Outdoor games are great if you don’t want the kids to be spending their day inside – from villas with pools to tennis courts and pitches to play other ball games.

If you want to check out the historical sights and soak up the local lifestyle with the kids, then our villas close to tourist towns and villages are ideal.

If you’re an adventure-loving family then we’ve got villas with plenty of outdoor pursuits that we can help organise - tennis, skiing, cycling, horse riding, go-karting, hunting, fishing, and more. 

From villas with fully kitted-out cinema rooms, to your regular TV and DVD set – if your kids are a fan of the big screen, they’re sorted.

Babies and toddlers

Whether it’s baby/toddlers first holiday or they’re already a seasoned jetsetter, we’ve got a collection of family-friendly villas that are ideal for babies and toddlers. Have a look at our list of some of the amenities perfect for your little ones below. 

If you need a hand with babysitting or other childcare while you’re away, we can organise trusted nannies to come in and help.

A large selection of our villas are within fenced grounds, for your privacy as well as kids’ safety.

These are options at the majority of our villas, so if you’d like a cot or highchair (or both) you just need to let us know.


From the most-demanding teen to the one that’s stuck to their phone, our portfolio of unique properties are bound to have something to satisfy them on your luxury villa holiday. We’ve listed what we think are some of the most interesting amenities our villas ideal for teens have.

Your teen will be pleased to know that the majority of our properties have WiFi – some even have Netflix connected to their TV’s!

After a day filled with hiking and watersports, your teens will enjoy coming back to the villa and soaking in the hot tub. (And it's a winner with parents too!)

If there’s a group of teens in your group, then the great outdoors is the perfect way to get the independence they may be craving. Check out our villas with walking and hiking routes nearby.

Some of our villas have lakes, ponds and rivers where your teen can try their hand at fishing. A great activity for bonding between adults and teens, the pride they’ll feel when they catch their first fish will be amazing to witness. 

If they get their kicks from thrilling water activities, then look no further. From sailing to canoeing and kayaking, check out our villas that are close to watersports. 

There’s nothing better than a family day out to the beach, particularly when it’s a hot day. A lot of our villas are either within walking distance to a beach, or not too far away from one.


Primarily we selected our stylish villas with one thing in mind: large family villa holidays. From grandparents to babies, we’ve got properties to suit everyone, making sure no one is left out, the kids are having fun, and the adults can chill out when they want to. 

We want to make sure there’s plenty to do for everyone during the day

If you’re a family that enjoys getting out and about while you’re on holiday, then our villa amenities below could be just what you’re looking for. 

  • Walk to beach: There are so many amazing beaches within our destinations that we just had to make sure some of our villas were within walking distance to them. No need to bundle everyone into the car for a day at the beach!
  • Walk to village: Exploring nearby towns and villages is a lovely way to spend the day with the whole family – the adults get to discover the local culture and history, and the kids have plenty to look at!
  • Walk to restaurant: Going out to dinner with everyone should be a stress-free experience, so that’s why some of our villas are within walking distance to restaurants. 
  • Watersports: Watersports aren’t just for kids – whether you’re a watersports junkie or you just want to have a go, sailing, canoeing or kayaking is a great family day out.
  • Outdoor pursuits: Get a family championship going with tennis or go-karting, or simply head out for the day cycling, horse riding, hunting, fishing or skiing.  

We also want to make sure there’s plenty to do back at the villa

If you’re going on holiday simply to rest and recharge, staying within the vicinity of your villa, then no worries. There are plenty of amenities in our villas that mean you don’t ever need to leave!

  • Pool/snooker: Challenge family members to a friendly game of pool/snooker or teach the younger ones how to play. 
  • Table tennis and football: A lot of our villas have indoor games rooms, with some including table tennis and table football – another great game for all ages!
  • On-site pools: We love villas with pools – it doesn’t feel like a holiday without a pool. We’ve got infinity pools, pool houses, and regular pools with epic views.
  • Bicycles provided: Fancy exploring the countryside on a bike? Lots of our villas are surrounded by cycling paths
  • BBQ: Dine al fresco in one of our many amazing outdoor spaces, complete with family-sized BBQ. An idyllic way to spend quality time together.  
  • Home cinema: Have a cosy family night in when you stay at a villa with a home cinema room. Don’t need a whole cinema? Most properties come with TV’s and DVD’s.

We've got some picky eaters and early sleepers

Our properties are mainly self-catering and are all equipped with their own kitchen. Meaning if you’ve got picky eaters you can cook up some familiar meals in the comfort of your own space before heading out to a local restaurant – ensuring everyone has full bellies!

Having your own kitchen is great for early sleepers too, young or old. You can try your hand at some local meals, dine al fresco in your beautiful garden and the early sleepers can slink off to bed whenever they want.


I don’t have a lot of time to organise my family villa holiday, so I want the planning to be as stress-free as possible

This is exactly what our concierge service is there for. Exclusive to Oliver’s Travels and free-to-use, our concierge service can help you plan everything down to the tiniest detail. Whether that’s organising childcare services with trusted suppliers to sorting out your catering preferences and having your fridge fully stocked for your arrival – they can sort it for you. They can also assist with finding you the perfect family-friendly villa… just let them know your requirements and they can hunt down your ideal property.

Having a private transfer organised prior to your holiday ensures a stress-free experience for the whole family, and something our concierge team can help you out with. 

And it’s not just these types of services our concierge team can organise for you – if you’re interested in any on-site activities (horse-riding, go-karting, spa treatments) they can help you liaise with the owners who are able to organise it for you.

Some of our properties also have the caretaker or owner on site so they can immediately attend to any questions or concerns you have while you’re staying at the property. And our in-office team can assist via a freephone telephone number. 

Basically, no request is too big for our helpful concierge team. We want you to have the best family holiday possible, and we know the organisation can be a painstaking process.

We want everything included, so we don’t need to worry about sorting anything out

We get it. Holidays are meant for relaxing, and sometimes you just want a holiday with everything included – that’s what luxury villa holidays are all about. We’ve got some all-inclusive villas that have all the privacy of your own villa with the amenities and facilities of a complex or a resort.

If you’re a family who favour resorts, then we’ve got villas within family-friendly resorts too – where facilities, activities, amenities and services are all included.

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