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Bordering China, Laos and Cambodia, Vietnam is the up and coming Southeast Asian destination – and it’s easy to see why. With stunning sunsets, rugged mountains, bustling cities and charming countryside, there’s truly something to wow every adventurer.

As always, Oliver’s Travels has a unique selection of villas chosen specially for you by those in the know. Bringing you the best of Vietnam’s 5* luxury and gorgeously characteristic boutique villas, our team is on hand with all the services and extras to ensure an unforgettable trip.



Why visit?

  • With over 3400km of coastline, Vietnam has almost unlimited opportunities for sun, surf and sand. Discover the coral reefs of Con Dao, marvel at the Ha Long Bay UNESCO World Heritage Site, or try out some sand sports at Mui Ne.
  • A foodie’s haven, Vietnam is home to some of the best street food in the world. Explore the colourful fruit markets, and follow your nose to stalls selling pho, banh mi, sticky rice and more.
  • natural beauty no matter what time of day.

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Why stay with us?

Style and character are everything at Oliver’s Travels, and our collection of handpicked Vietnam villas have this in spades.

We have destination experts who know the ins and outs of all our regions, picking holiday villas in Vietnam that aren’t only unique, but also in the best locations. What's more, our villas are 100% family-friendly, many cater to large groups, and all of them have the ‘wow’ factor.

Our helpful concierge team are on-hand to make your stay extra special. Whether you want a fully-stocked fridge, a local in-house chef to cook your meals, housekeeping or any other extra service – consider them your holiday genie, who will happily grant your wishes.

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Luxury Villas in Vietnam: Our Top Picks

Why visit

With breathtaking landscapes, a deep and rich history, world renowned beaches and exquisite cuisine, Vietnam has something for every explorer. Feed your wanderlust trekking up the region’s highest peaks, or relax and soak up the sun on glorious white sand beaches with sky blue waters.

A haven for culture buffs, the famously friendly Vietnamese people are sure give you a warm welcome – showing you all their beloved land has to offer. From the bustling cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, to the quaint countryside paddy fields there’s something new to learn about Vietnam around every corner.

If you’re looking for a real adventure in beautiful surroundings (as well as a million photos to fill up your Instagram feed) Vietnam has opportunities abound. And with one of our luxurious villas as your base, your trip to Southeast Asia will start off in style.

Food and drink

Home to some of the best street food in the world, Vietnam is full of authentic, delectable cuisine. It’s also a dream for the health-conscious foodie, swapping stir-fries for steamed dishes with a variety of fresh herbs and seasonings to awaken the senses.

With influences from India, Thailand, Buddhist tradition and French imports, Vietnamese cuisine is as rich and colourful as they come. Some of the most popular traditional dishes to try are cold Goi Cuon spring rolls, the Banh mi Vietnamese sandwich, Pho noodle soup (usually eaten for breakfast!), and Com Tam rice – a popular specialty in Ho Chi Minh City.

There are also plenty of sweet treats to sample for dessert, not to mention the huge coffee culture. As the world’s second largest coffee importer, Vietnam is a proud coffee drinking nation. Try your cup with coconut milk, condensed milk or even egg yolk to fit right in with the locals.

Best time to go

  • Our advice: As a long skinny country, Vietnam is a great year-round destination, with climates differing hugely from the north to south. Spring, particularly March, is a popular choice if you’re looking to stay warm and dry. 
  • Weather: With a tropical monsoon climate you can expect daily downpours and hot sticky summers in Vietnam. If you’re venturing north and aren’t keen on getting wet, avoid October to April, while for the south you’ll want to avoid May to September.

What Oliver loves

With fewer travellers than other popular destinations in the region, such as Thailand and Bali, Vietnam is still full of undiscovered gems, deserted beaches and deep jungle. Immerse yourself in the unspoilt culture for a truly unique experience, and come back filled with tales of your exotic adventure.

A Couple's Paradise

Whether you’re planning your first trip as a couple, or you’re going on your honeymoon, Vietnam has plenty of romance on tap, as well as fun couple’s activities for making unforgettable memories.

  • Sunset in Dinh Cau Cape, Phu Quoc – climb the 29 stone steps to the Dinh Cau temple grounds as the sky turns to stunning shades of pink and orange for a truly romantic sundowner
  • Cooking classes – book in for a couple’s cooking class and learn to make authentic Vietnamese dishes you’ll be able to recreate when you get home. .
  • Private riverboat cruise – spend some quiet alone time on the river, wear a typical Vietnamese cone hat to shade from the sun and visit the Cai Rang Floating Markets.

Things to do

With a grand total of eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, over 3400km of coastline, peaceful mountainside tea groves and jaw-dropping seascapes, Vietnam is a true adventurer’s paradise. But if you’re just looking to relax and sip a cool drink on a beautiful beach or pop into the city for some shopping, Vietnam’s got you there too.

History lovers can discover the country’s tumultuous past. From the Vietnam war, to French Colonisation, and way back to ancient Chinese rule, Vietnam has had its fair share of conflict and foreign invasion has left its mark. For a fine example of French architecture, you can check out Ho Chi Minh city hall. Or visit My Son, an ancient Hindu temple dating back to the 4th Century, with artistic influences from various Asian empires.

No holiday to Vietnam is complete without a trip to Ha Long Bay. One of the most popular tourist spots for a reason; its sheer beauty will astound even the most seasoned traveller. For the truly intrepid, grab your hard hat and head to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Here you’ll be able to explore the Paradise Cave that descends 31km underground, with incredible displays of stalactites and stalagmites. You can even take a boat trip or swim through the caves that are connected by underground rivers!

Top Tips

  • Be sure to book a boat trip with a reputable company when visiting Ha Long Bay for the most spectacular views of the islands right from the water..
  • Getting around by scooter is very popular in Vietnam, but it can be dangerous – we only recommend for the most experienced riders!.
  • Scams can be rife in Vietnam, so make sure to do your due diligence when booking any activities and tours, and always agree on prices up front. Remember, Oliver’s concierge service is always on hand to help get you the best deals.
  • Need a new suit? Vietnamese speed tailors can measure you up and make you a suit in less than a day – for a very reasonable price. A perfect souvenir.

Beaches in Vietnam

As a country, you might say Vietnam won the coastline lottery. With 3400km of beachfront to explore, you can imagine that there are almost endless opportunities to find a great spot. From deserted wild beaches, to chocolate box white sand with palm trees and crystal-clear waters, to beach clubs where you can dance the night away – Vietnam has it all.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite spots to sunbathe, snorkel and swim. There are perfect places to sip cocktails and read your book – or if you’re feeling more adventurous, get your thrills by trying out some intense water sports!

So, whenever you fancy venturing out from your villa for a day at the beach, we’ve got you covered with the best places to go. And remember, our concierge at Oliver’s is always on hand to delve a little deeper if you’re looking for something extra special...

Oliver's Hidden Gem

Get a boat out to Turtle Island from Phu Quoc for some of Vietnam’s best snorkelling. The shallow waters make it a great place for children and beginners, with colourful coral and plenty of fish to spot.

The closest beach area to Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau is a great choice for families. Bai Sau, the “Back Beach”, is known for its 10km stretch of fine sand and perfect swimming conditions. With plenty of amenities and things to do, you’ll keep everyone entertained. But be aware that on weekends and public holidays the beach gets pretty packed out.

Not about that sunbathing life? Mui Ne is the perfect location to try out some sand sports, thanks to its stunning landscape of red and white sand dunes. Have a go at kitesurfing, dune buggying, or even take a trip in a hot air balloon for a truly unforgettable experience.

With a gorgeous backdrop of undulating hills, Bai Sao beach is one of the most beautiful on Phu Quoc island. Idyllic white powdery sand gives way to clear blue waters that are perfect for snorkelling and spotting a wide variety of sea creatures – just stay clear of the jellyfish! Not a water baby? Crack a coconut under one of the picturesque palm trees and have a snooze in the sun.

Towns and villages

From the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City to its quiet sleepy fishing villages, Vietnam brings chaos and serenity together for a holiday that’s exciting, relaxing and undeniably breathtaking.

With so many resorts, islands and hotspots to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down what to see to fit into just one trip. Our villas are located in some of Vietnam’s most beautiful areas, so you can happily stay put in your private oasis – or venture out to the nearby towns to really soak up the culture.

Wherever you are, be sure to sample the local cuisine – with seafood specialties and tasty rice dishes at the top of the menu. And keep your eye out for the spectacular flora and fauna – there’s plenty of tropical plants, animals and sealife to spot for the avid nature lover.

Oliver’s Hidden Gem

Feeling overwhelmed with the busy city life in Ho Chi Minh? Just 15 minutes away, you can get away from it all at the bamboo Binh Quoi Tourist Villages. Picture coconut groves, lotus ponds, big green spaces and plenty of children’s activities for families. There are three different villages all close together with tantalizing delicacies to try, cultural events and just the right amount of urban countryside vibes.

Formerly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City was renamed to honour the revolutionary hero of Vietnamese unification in 1975. Here you can visit the Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral – a remnant of French colonial rule, Reunification Palace and the War Remnants Museum. Take a riverboat tour, and dine along the riverbank in the Thao Dien ward. Or if you truly want to embrace the chaos, go on a professional motorbike tour – but beware, it’s not for the faint hearted!

A previously little-known hidden gem, Phu Quoc is now quite the up and coming resort. But there’s still plenty on the island to explore that’s off the beaten path. To really embrace that serene beach life, visit the island from December to April when the temperatures are perfect for sunbathing and the rain’s kept at bay. The island is also a fantastic place to sample some of Vietnam’s best fresh seafood – whether that’s at a glamorous restaurant or charming bamboo beach bar.

Looking to get away from it all? Mui Ne is a gorgeous little fishing village in southern Vietnam, and the perfect getaway from urban madness. It’s also home to the “Fairy Springs” a stream that flows through the sand dunes. Bring a backpack to carry your shoes and walk barefoot all the way up to the waterfall for a peaceful and relaxing adventure. The main attraction in Mui Ne is arguably the dunes themselves, impressive formations of red and white sand with lots of fun activities to try – hot air balloon trip anyone?

Getting there and around

With plenty of ground to cover, you’ll want to know the best ways to travel around Vietnam – to avoid both the crowds and getting lost in the jungle!

By plane

The flight to Vietnam is a long one, but as you can tell, it’s well worth the trip! Non-stop flights from London to Ho Chi Minh City take around 13 hours. While some flights to Phu Quoc airport will include a stopover in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi – with an average journey time of about 18 hours.

By car

Before 2015, international driving permits weren’t recognised in Vietnam. And while tourists can now technically hire a car, it’s very difficult and we wouldn’t recommend it. What you can do though is hire a car with a driver. This can be quite pricey though so make sure to negotiate the price up front, plus a top tip is to double check the car has AC!

By Taxi

Mai Linh and Vinasun are the two reputable cab companies in Vietnam and all the others are best avoided. When you get into your taxi, ask the driver to remember to turn on the metre to avoid being overcharged. Having said that, taxis are a pretty affordable way to get around. Our concierge team will be happy to help you arrange taxi transfers from the airport to your villa or whenever needed.

By Bus

For short distances between towns, and within the cities, local buses are an authentic but uncomfortable experience. While you can convenient buy your very cheap ticket on board the bus, you’ll be packed in with everyone and the kitchen sink. One to avoid if you’re claustrophobic!

On the other hand you can get a deluxe ‘”interprovincial” bus between all the major cities and tourist destinations, and these are much more comfortable. The best way to book your tickets for this is online in advance, but you can also get them at the bus terminal if you’ve forgotten.

By train

Trains in Vietnam pretty much run the whole length of the country, connecting the major hubs and cities along the way. Plus, you’ll get to witness some amazing coastal views, rice paddies, and if you’re lucky even a water buffalo or two! Trains are cheap, air conditioned and have options for sleeper cars on longer trips as well as regular seating.

Top tips

  • Motorbike hire: Motorbikes are one of the most popular ways to get around in Vietnam. But be careful because the roads can be dangerous! We recommend only for experienced riders..
  • Vietnamese New Year: Coincide your holiday with Vietnamese new year, for an amazing atmosphere and beautiful lantern festivals. Smaller lantern festivals are also held every month at full moon!
  • Research Visa Requirements: UK nationals can now stay in Vietnam visa-free for up to 15 days. But if you’re staying longer, or hail from elsewhere, check the visa requirements on your government website.

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