Luxury Apartments In Venice: Our Top Picks

Venice Holiday Apartments

Rich in Byzantine history, with an iconic network of canals running through its streets, Venice oozes romance and charm. Whether you're someone who prefers to see, smell or taste their way around the city, our Venice holidays are sure to satisfy all of your senses. 

The Mediterranean climate provides sticky summers, cool winters and perfect springs, but whatever time of year you visit, there's ample intriguing buildings, famous cathedrals and sprawling palaces to explore. Serving as a working film set for many iconic movies in recent years, it truly is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Looking for a brilliant base throughout your stay here? Our luxury apartments in Venice are perfect for feeling instantly at home, while being ideally situated to discover the city's many wonders.

Why visit?

  • Venice is packed full of history, with so much stunning architecture you'll be quickly filling up your camera roll.
  • There are many regional fish dishes to try here alongside Italian favourites like gelato, pizza and pasta.
  • No trip to Venice is complete without taking a ride down the canals on a gondola, providing a completely different view of the city as your guide navigates its waterways.

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Why stay with us?

Style and character are everything at Oliver’s Travels, and our collection of handpicked Venice apartments have this in spades.

We have destination experts who know the ins and outs of all our regions, picking holiday apartments in Venice that aren’t only unique, but also in the best locations. What's more, our luxury apartments all have that exclusive ‘wow’ factor.

Our helpful concierge team are on-hand to make your stay extra special. Whether you want a fully-stocked fridge, a local in-house chef to cook your meals, housekeeping or any other extra service – consider them your holiday genie, who will happily grant your wishes.

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Why visit Venice

A treasure trove of museums, charming cafes, stunning sights and foodie delights, Venice truly has something for every kind of traveller. An architectural marvel built right on a lagoon, this bucket-list city was visited by nearly 20 million tourists in 2023 (around 54,000 a day).

Despite there being so much to see and do however, you'll find that the pace of life is relatively laidback here, making it a stress-free break that still packs plenty of cultural punch. So, indulge in a lazy start from your luxury apartment in Venice, grab a cappuccino and some biscotti from one of the many canal-side cafés, and soak up the atmosphere before getting on with your day.


Things to do in Venice

You can't take a trip to Venice without enjoying an stunning walking tour or gondola ride, but make sure you take some time to appreciate the bridges you pass under on your travels. Ponte de Rialto is the oldest in the city, built across the Grand Canal in the 16th century. Once you walk its structure yourself, take some time to explore the Rialto district and all its charms on the other side - especially the market and large variety of vibrant stalls.

The quieter Dorsoduro district is also well worth a visit, boasting the Peggy Guggenheim Collection inside the American art collector's former home. You'll find world-famous masterpieces here that even the most casual art fans can appreciate, with temporary exhibitions running throughout the year to keep visitors coming back for more. Particularly into your art? The Biennale Arte Exhibition runs every year from April to November.

We couldn't not mention the Carnival of Venice in our line-up here: held every February and running until Shrove Tuesday, this lively celebration is known for its elaborate masks, with the best costumes seen from St. Mark's Square. There's no charge to attend, though many exclusive parties are held throughout the city.

Finally, the Saint Marco district is a must-see during your Venice holiday. While it's known for being something of a tourist trap, the views from the top of the Campanile di San Marco plus the grandeur of St Mark's Basilica are well worth taking on the crowds for.

Check out our full guide on things to do in Venice here.

Food and drink in Venice

You probably expect to eat a lot of pizza and pasta on any trip to Italy. While that's certainly still offered in Venice, it's not necessarily what the locals dine out on. Due to the city's proximity to the sea, fish is actually most popular and prepared in numerous exciting ways.

We'd suggest trying Sarde in saor, which consists of sardines fried in vinegar, onions, raisins and pine nuts - you won't find it anywhere else! Baccala mantecato is also worth a shot if you're feeling adventurous - the fishy mousse is made to be spread across bread or polenta as an antipasto favourite.

If you're dining as a group, you'll have the most fun indulging in cicchetti - these small plates encompass everything from fried meatballs to open-faced mini sandwiches.

Looking for something sweeter? Sweet pastry fritters known as fritole are traditionally eaten during the carnival season but available year-round, while baicoli biscuits are made to be enjoyed with coffee or hot chocolate. And of course, you can get your gelato fix here too - head to Gelateria San Leonardo for the quirkiest flavours and thickest scoops.

Why Venice is perfect for a getaway

  • Great for babies: Children under 6 ride free on public transport, so that means as many fun boat rides as they can handle! Plus the lack of cars means you'll roam around worry-free.
  • Great for kids: Some of the history may go over their heads, but there are few kids who can't be convinced to give something a try when a big scoop of gelato awaits them afterwards.

  • Great for teens: Older ones will be able to fully appreciate the beauty of this city - and the potential it holds for sharing on social media with friends back home!

  • ­­Great for couples: Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world! Don’t leave the city without enjoying a moonlight gondola ride through the narrow canals and backwaters. There’s nothing quite like it.

  • Great for large groups: get the gang together at a rooftop bar and drink in the view of this unique city with a cocktail or two.

Top tips

  • Book an authentic tour! From pasta making and sunset boat rides to wine tasting and guided walking tours, book an authentic experience with our trusted partners at Ways Tours.
  • Tipping culture: While some Italians in popular tourist areas may now expect it from westerners, generally tipping is not necessary when dining. A euro per person at the end of a good meal is enough.

  • Carry a water bottle: Quench your thirst for something other than Italian wine by filling up at one of Venice's water fountains - it's safe and free to do so!

What Oliver loves

By very nature, Venice is a walkable city. That makes it perfect for those who like to show up to their holiday without a strict schedule, simply explore or if you want to dive deep into the history and culture of the magical city book a guided walking tour. Wanderlust: satisfied.

Towns and villages near Venice

While there's plenty to see in Venice, the larger region of Veneto is home to many more towns and villages that make for excellent day trips. Offering you glistening lakes, rolling hills and stunning architecture, these spots are definitely worthy of a place on your Northern Italy itinerary

Many of these are accessible by train, making it even easier to plan a little trip out of the city - or maybe extend your stay by a day or two.

Oliver’s Hidden Gem

Take a short water taxi to the island of Burano, situated in the northern part of Venice's lagoon. Lower crowd levels + picturesque colourful houses = perfect day trip.

As the capital of Italy's Tuscany region, Florence has rightly earned its reputation as a top tourist spot. Start in the iconic Piazza del Duomo, which is of course home to the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, before indulging your artistic side around the city's many galleries - the 1464 Statue of David is not to be missed.

If you only ever visit one lake in Italy, make it Lake Garda. Crystal-clear waters surrounding by sweeping hiking trails make this an outdoor adventurer's paradise, while those who prefer to sit back and relax can take a boat tour. Good with heights? A cable car takes you up to the peak of Monte Altissimo.

This imposing mountain range boasts 18 peaks bursting with adventure and wildlife to discover. Whether you choose to visit them snow-capped in winter, with Christmas markets held below, or come summertime where a soft breeze blows through, you'll love reconnecting with the world around you in this natural beauty spot.

Just over an hour from Venice, the romantic city of Verona is perhaps best known for its affiliations with Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. However, once you've taken a quick snap of the iconic balcony, move right along to the Piazza delle Erbe where you'll find the Madonna Verona fountain - one of the city's most beloved monuments.

Fans of Italian sparkling wine flock to the Prosecco Region every year for a chance to sample the finest bottles, all made from Glera grapes. Book a tour with a local guide who can take you around the top vineyards, enjoying the gorgeous scenery as you go.

Around three hours from Venice, Siena is definitely pushing it in terms of day-trip suitability, but you won't regret a visit here. The medieval city has a UNESCO-listed historical centre that begs to be explored, while the Piazza del Campo plays host to the Torre del Mangia - are you ready to take on its 400 steps to the top?

Venice travel: Getting there and around

British Airways, Ryanair, easyJet and Jet2 all offer direct flights into Marco Polo airport from across the UK. The flight time is around 2 hours and tickets can be relatively inexpensive if booked in advance.

From there, it's easy to get to one of our Venice holiday apartments - the airport is around 13km from the city centre, with the ACTV bus taking you right to Piazzale Roma and running every 15 minutes.

By boat

Due to Venice's lack of roads, small passenger ferries known as vaporetto are the main form of public transport here. A single fare sets you back around 7.50 euros, but day passes are also available. Gondolas are of course another option, but they serve more of a tourism purpose - with tips expected should your driver break into song!

By foot

If you don't want to descend down into the canals to get around, your options are fairly limited. Bikes and cars are banned, so walking is the main way you'll travel from place to place. However, this allows you to really get a feel for the place and enjoy getting lost as you discover hidden gems on the way.

By train

There's a single train service that runs from Venice Santa Lucia and Mestre. This route allows you to then continue onward if you're taking a bigger tour of Northern Italy.

By taxi

Water taxis are very expensive and rarely used by locals. It does offer a more private and direct experience, but a single fare can start at around 100 euros for four people.

Top tips

  • You'll do a lot of walking in Venice, so be sure to pack comfortable shoes that can withstand long days of exploring.

    When taking a gondola, agree on a price, time limit and whether or not the driver will sing in advance - otherwise you'll be hit with some hefty additional charges.

  • Venice is an old city, so it's worth investing in a printed map to help you navigate your way around. It's also a great backup if your phone battery dies or signal is lost.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Venice Built on water?

Venice was built on the water as it was a great spot for trade within the region as well as a great strategic location against attacks.

What is Venice known for? 

Venice is known for its beautiful canals, historic architecture, art, and culture. It's also famous for its annual Carnival celebration, glassmaking industry on the island of Murano, and delicious seafood cuisine.

Can you swim in the Venice Canals?

Technically, it is possible to swim in the Venice Canals, but it is not allowed and not recommended. The canals are heavily trafficked by boats, including water taxis, gondolas, and cargo ships, which create a lot of waves and wakes that can be dangerous to swimmers. Additionally, the water quality in the canals is not always the best, as they are connected to the city's sewage system. So, while it may seem tempting to take a dip in the canals, it is safer and more hygienic to enjoy them from the safety of a boat or one of the many bridges that cross them.

How much does a canal ride in Venice cost?

The cost of a canal ride in Venice varies depending on the length of the ride and the type of boat used. A typical gondola ride can cost around 80-120 euros for a 30-40 minute tour, while a private water taxi can cost upwards of 100 euros per hour. Prices may also vary depending on the season and the demand for rides.

Is Venice Saltwater or freshwater?

Venice's lagoon and canals are a mixture of both saltwater and freshwater. The lagoon is a shallow body of saltwater that is influenced by the tides of the Adriatic Sea, while the canals are a mix of saltwater from the lagoon and freshwater from the mainland rivers that flow into the lagoon.

When is the best time to go to Venice?

The best month to visit Venice depends on individual preferences and the experience you are looking for. Spring and fall are generally considered the best times to visit because of milder weather, fewer crowds, and lower hotel rates. Summer is the busiest and most crowded season but offers a chance to experience many of the city's famous festivals and events, while winter is the least crowded with lower rates but can be cold and wet.

Where is the best place to stay in Venice?

The best place to stay in Venice depends on personal preferences and budget. Popular areas to consider include San Marco, Cannaregio, and Dorsoduro, but it's always a good idea to research different areas and read reviews before booking.

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