Sustainable villa collection

We know people are looking for ways to #LiveALittleGreener, which is why we wanted to create our very own Sustainable Villa Collection.

Our portfolio of villas is unique and extraordinary, from photo-worthy décor to indescribable views from luxurious hot tubs, but we wanted to dig deeper and find out which owners are taking steps towards being more sustainable – whether that’s growing their own produce, preserving local heritage or using a renewable energy provider; whatever it is to help reduce their carbon footprint and lessen their impact on the environment. 

So How Were These Villas Selected?

We worked with Ecollective to develop an in-depth questionnaire which we sent out to all our owners and property managers to find out what they were doing in the area of sustainability, and to measure their carbon footprint, so that we could create a robust criteria for our new collection.

We concluded that, in order to make it in to the Sustainable Collection, the villas need to either:

What makes our villas sustainable?


When browsing the villas, keep an eye out for the blue box at the bottom of the "Overview" of each property page, to see which criteria they meet.

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Our Top Sustainable Destinations

Sustainable Villa Collection

Our Sustainable Checklist

In order to make it in to the Sustainable Villa Collection, the villas either have to tick 4 or more of the checklist below, or tick 3 or more of the checklist and have a score of 5 or lower (kg) for the total carbon footprint per day based on full occupancy, per bedroom:

  • Supports the local community (locally owned): The owner of the property lives and pay taxes in the same country that the villa is located in. The idea being that revenue from the villa gets re-invested into the local area.
  • Supports the local community (promotes local businesses): The property provides details of local businesses and markets that the customers should shop from during their stay, in order to make sure tourism benefits the local community as well as helping customers to make good choices.
  • Protects and conserves local Heritage: The property is part of the local culture and heritage of the area and our customers help to fund their upkeep by staying at these places.
  • Committed to renewable and green energy: The property is actively making steps in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the property in the day-to-day operations of the property.
  • Promotes sustainable living (vegetable patch, etc): The property has a vegetable patch on its grounds which customers can use during their stay in order to help them eat seasonal (low carbon) meals during their stay.
  • Promotes sustainable living (recycling): The property has clear and easy recycling instructions at the property to help guests reduce amount of waste going to landfill.
  • Sustainable travel: The property is easily accessible by public transport and provides bicycles free of charge to customers.
  • Train travel: It is possible to get to this property easily by train (no more than two trains from London) with a taxi journey to the property of less than 30 minutes.

Measuring the Carbon Footprint of our Villas

For this we partnered with ecollective and undertook an audit of all our villas, which included all the different aspects of a property that can impact greenhouse gas emissions from air conditioning, electricity usage, and heating the pool all the way to waste managment systems, recycling and food composting rates. We also took into account the size of the property, the season it was frequently used in and the national energy suppliers’ fuel mix to name a few. 

If you would like to learn more about the audit please do do get in touch with us at - we would love to hear from you!

Happy findings!

The great news is our villas are much more eco-friendly than hotels.

If we look at the typical hotel night in the UK being 20.4 kg per room per night (on average), our villas are around 4.8kg per room per night (on average). Read More >

Chateau De Choisel in Brittany is committed to renewable and green energy.

Villa Giardiniera in Umbria promotes sustainable living.

Villa Nebbiosa in Umbria is carbon neutral.


More Eco-Friendly Villa Inspiration...

These are all our villas that are very easy to get to by train – our criteria for this is a journey with a maximum of two trains and only a short drive from the train station.

Support local economies and respect (and enjoy!) their way of life. Being near a village means you can easily shop for locally made products from local businesses.

To avoid flying, consider staying closer to home! We have a huge range of holiday homes throughout the UK & Ireland for the ultimate staycation.

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