Hand-Picking Our Villa Collection

Here's how we select the top 2% of holiday homes:

  • Years & years of experience
    Our team of Destination Experts have been in the villa business for an average of 15 years each. They have all lived in the destination they represent and go there on a regular basis. They're always in the know before everyone else and have the ultimate insider secrets.
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  • The 'Seal of Approval'
    All of our holiday homes must meet the standard 10-point checklist. From top-notch locations, unique characteristics to family-friendly features - we've covered it all. If a villa can tick off all 10, then they receive our 'Seal of Approval' and are added to our collection. See below for more on our 10 points.

  • What’s hot and what’s not
    We never stop exploring the trendiest destinations and make sure we always have the best holiday homes in next season’s hottest regions. And by regularly visiting the locations we can make sure we have the best family-friendly villas in each destination, so you'll never come across anything short of extraordinary.
  • Only 5-star holiday homes
    No bad reviews? Well, there’s a reason for that! We would never advertise a villa where a customer didn’t have the absolute best holiday. And if a property happens to receives a bad review, we deal with it immediately and make sure the issue is rectified in time for the next guests, or, if not rectifiable, we immediately remove it from our collection.

  • Setting and maintaining the standard
    When we first accept a holiday home, we thoroughly check the villa is ready for it's first visitors – from the contents to the general cleaning and maintenance, we make sure it’s perfect. Then, every year we will review our collection and make sure they have maintained their standard.
  • Scoping them out
    Besides extensive research, our Destination Experts will try to visit every single holiday home, along with our in-house Photographers, to ensure it's advertised realistically. So you can be assured that all villas actually exist and are exactly as advertised. 

  • Pricing analysis
    Every villa we take on goes through our competitive analysis against over 100 comparable holiday homes to ensure the very best value for money and in line with the market – taking into account many variables like the type of property, size, region, features, etc. At the end of the day, we want to ensure you bag more bling for your buck.
  • The final say
    Finally, once our Destination Experts are happy with the villa, they’ll present it to the rest of the team for a vote. If everyone agrees, we'll add it to our collection. But if someone validly disagrees, it simply won't go up.

The Seal of Approval

The 10 things every holiday home must have:

1. Location is (still) everything

We recognise the hotspots in each of our holiday destinations and make sure you’re never too far away from them.

Family approved, we’ve strategically selected villas with the most desirable locations that will ensure your group holiday goes down a treat. Rest assured, there will always be plenty to see and do for all ages.

2. Unique character

We wholeheartedly focus on the quirky and wonderful, so you can be sure to find the most original properties in every destination.

Our properties are as individual as their owners, and you'll find lots of personal touches and unique traits that make the property truly one of a kind.

3. Beautiful properties

We’ve tried and tested thousands of holiday homes, but in the end, we only select the creme of the crop; From charming farmhouses with outstanding views to stunning chateaux with impeccable decor and ideal holiday layouts - our villas strike the perfect balance between comfort and luxury.

And because we know villa holidays are all about privacy, space and reconnecting, we've made sure that the grounds are at the same high standard as the house.

4. At least 5 fun features!

We know what’s important to you, which is why we can assure you that you'll never get bored in our villas, with each property having at least five cool features or things to do.

Whether it's a pool, hot tub, outdoor games or bikes, all the way to on-site ponds, treehouses and farms, we promise there's something for everyone.

5. Ideal for families

We understand holidays are for both parents and kids, so we make sure the kids can have endless hours of fun in our villas, so you can relax as well! Thankfully, 100% of our properties are child-friendly, and if there's anything that we feel won't benefit kids of a certain age group, we'll clearly say so.

Furthermore, we classify our properties as Ideal for Babies and Toddlers, Kids and Teens depending on the features, amenities and activities nearby. 

6. Price in line with quality

We won't add a villa unless we know you're getting the best deal for your money. Otherwise, we notify the relevant owners and take the property down until they adjust their prices.

We have an incredible relationship with our owners, and together we make sure everything is in tip-top condition and priced accordingly - which is why we're comfortable offering the best price guarantee for all our properties.

7. WiFi

In this day and age, we know that WiFi is a must. So, yes, you'll have plenty opportunity to Facebook and FaceTime from the comfort of your chosen property.

On the off chance that your chosen property has any WiFi restrictions, we'll be the first to let you know.

8. Well maintained

Comfort and holidays go hand in hand, so we pay special attention to our properties, making sure they're continually kept up to date, but without losing their long-standing charm.

Furthermore, all our properties must have the essentials, such as dishwasher, washing machine and BBQ through to dinnerware, towels and linen.

9. Service available

Even though all our villas can be booked on a self-catering basis, we only list properties where you can add-on basic services such as cleaning, fridge-stocking, catering and baby-sitting.

Furthermore, when selecting our holiday homes we focus on those that offer nice little extras like pampering, wine tasting, gourmet meals and fun workshops and classes.

10. The Wow Factor

Last but not least, no property goes on the site if it doesn’t have that Wow Factor – from the spectacular view to that quirky centrepiece of art, we make sure all customers have that Wow moment.

Kept in mind:

Weddings & parties

Whether it's a birthday bash or the wedding of your dreams, we know sometimes you want to put up a good party in these unique holiday homes, so we make sure you can host one in most of them.

Kept in mind:


We have a good chunk of properties fit for Fido! Pets are welcome in at least 1 in 5 properties in destinations we know our customers love to travel with their pets. After all, it's not a family holiday without your furry steed.