Luxury Villas in Akyaka

A seaside town in southwestern Turkey, Akyaka may not be a name you know yet - so it's a great spot if you're hoping to get ahead of the holiday crowds! Just 20 miles from Marmaris, this hidden gem sits along the Aegan Sea at the point where the Azmak river joins it - picture-perfect afternoons spent lying on the sand await!

Providing a traditional Turkish experience, this small beauty spot allows you to spend your days exploring the great outdoors, and then sample authentic fish favourites or a mezze supper at local restaurants. Afterwards, it's back to one of our luxury villas in Akyaka - and many of them have their own pools too.



Why visit?

  • There are plenty of opportunities to take boat trips as well as try water-sports - make the most of the town's seaside position!
  • If you like seafood, you're in luck: expect to sample some of the freshest fish throughout your stay, plus plenty of mezze.
  • It's expertly positioned for visiting other small towns and villages nearby, encouraging you to make the most of your villa holiday in Turkey.

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Why stay with us?

Style and character are everything at Oliver’s Travels, and our collection of handpicked luxury rentals in Akyaka have this in spades.

We have destination experts who know the ins and outs of all our regions, picking homes, apartments and flats in Akyaka that aren’t only unique, but also in the best locations.

Our helpful concierge team are on-hand to make your stay extra special. Whether you want a fully-stocked fridge, a local in-house chef to cook your meals, housekeeping or any other extra service – consider them your holiday genie, who will happily grant your wishes.

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Luxury Rentals in Akyaka: Our Top Picks

Why visit Akyaka

Until the 1970s, Akyaka went largely undiscovered - even by the Turkish people! However, a growing desire to move out of the big cities put this fishing village on the map, and today it's divided into two main areas: the upper and lower village. Expect to spend your days meandering along cobbled streets, stopping in at family-run cafes, lazing on the long and sandy beach, and even enjoying a boat trip or two.

With our luxury Akyaka villas, you'll be at the heart of it all. But if you're hoping to explore more of this beautiful country, you can check out our full collection of holiday homes in Turkey.

Things to do

Bordering a wetland coastland area, Akyaka is made for those who love to spend their time outdoors - whether it's being active or simply taking in the natural surroundings. Hugging the banks of the Azmak River, which winds down to the town's popular beach, it's also backed by protected forests. Morning hike or afternoon riverboat ride? The choice is yours.

One water-based adventure we'd definitely recommend is from Akyaka Harbour to Cleopatra’s beach on Sedir Island. The sand here is believed to have been brought from Egypt by Mark Antony, and you'll also find Hellenic and Roman ruins strewn across the island. The ampitheatre is a particular highlight, partially reclaimed by gnarled olive trees. From here, you can also drive to the ruined city of Ephesus for a further dose of history.

Then, once you're back at Akyaka Beach, it's time to try your hand at kiteboarding, enjoying the sandy shallows and warm winds as you learn. Of course, you can also take this time to kick back and relax on the sand, with sunbeds and parasols provided. Then it's up to the strip of restaurants, proudly owned and ran by local families - an authentic dining experience is all but guaranteed.

Foods to Try

Traditional Turkish food is a blend of Central Asian, Middle Easter and Balkan cuisine, with recipes crafted, perfected and passed down through many generations. Due to its fertile coastlines, you can expect to dine on brilliantly fresh fruit and vegetables, while a drizzle of olive oil is never far away when mezze is on the menu.

Start your day with menemen, a national favourite that sees scrambled eggs cooked with tomatoes, green peppers and plenty of spice. When it comes to lunch, there are so many Turkish breads to try, including simit. Typically sold at street food carts across Istanbul, but bleeding its way into the surrounding regions, this is similar to a bagel in texture but incorporates sesame seeds for added crunch.

Carb lovers can also indulge in a pide, which is an Ottoman version of pizza. The boat-shaped flatbreads are baked and topped with anything you like, though cheese, peppers, egg and sausage are common.

Of course, when you're staying near the coast you should absolutely try some freshly caught fish. Keep an eye out for the catch of the day, while balik ekmek is great for eating on the go - it literally means 'fish bread', seeing a grilled mackerel fillet sandwiched inside a bun.

And for dessert? Our top pick will always be baklava - bite-sized pieces of layered filo pastry that are filled with chopped nuts and then drizzled with honey. Give halka tatlisi a go if you're after something more substantial - they're a Turkish take on churros, though be warned: one may lead to another...

To find out more, read our blog on the best places to eat in Akyaka and Dalyan.

Why it's perfect for families

  • Great for babies: The slower pace of life is perfect for travelling with infants - you can really work your day around their sleep schedule and moods!
  • Great for kids: There's plenty of opportunity to try out water-sports on the beach, allowing them to let off some steam as you unwind.

  • Great for teens: The Turkish cuisine is rich and varied, meaning even picky eaters will love getting to try some new dishes.

Top tips

  • Road trip: The best way to fully experience this stretch of coastline is by hiring a car. If you're not a confident driver, consider joining a tour group to make the most of your visit.
  • Pack your swimwear: Even if you don't plan on taking a dip each day, it's best to always have a bikini or trunks on hand - the summer heat can get intense, and the waters here are oh-so irresistible.

  • Peak season: While it remains far from many tourist radars, there's definitely a buzz to Akyaka in summer. If you want it all to yourself, visit in the autumn - highs of 20 degrees are still expected in November!

What Oliver loves

Akyaka has been awarded Cittaslow status - an organisation founded in Italy that promotes sustainability and a higher quality of life through slowing down the overall pace. This is something you'll certainly feel from the moment you arrive!

Towns and villages near Akyaka

Due to its small size, you may find that you want to venture away from Akyaka throughout your villa holiday. While the region as a whole is one of Turkey's most remote and relaxing, there are several towns and villages worth adding to your itinerary.

Want to extend your trip further? We offer holiday homes to rent across Turkey, covering areas such as Kalkan, Islamlar and more.

Oliver’s Hidden Gem

Ölüdeniz is the perfect place to go if you love sailing and beach-hopping, but it's most widely known for the blue lagoon - a spot that's definitely worth paying the entrance fee for!

This pretty village is known for its huddle of red-roofed houses, all clinging to a forested hillside. Boasting only around 600 residents, it's certainly a quiet little place, allowing you to get a real taste for authentic Turkish living. The main draw is its wide selection of fruity wines - great for accompanying an evening meal as you watch the sunset.

Located a mile inland from the Gokova Gulf, this peaceful village sometimes gets mistaken for Akyaka - both possess the same idyllic feel, allowing you to whittle away your days simply strolling the streets. Explore the lookouts, take a boat cruise, and enjoy its untouched beauty before tucking into some Turkish cuisine.

This Mediterranean resort town is great for those who crave a little bit of excitement, hustle and bustle. Its pebbly beach and promenade are great spots to people-watch, backing onto a popular strip of shops, restaurants and bars. Marmaris is also a great place to get in some sailing, with private hires and group tours widely available.

Akyaka travel: Getting there and around

Between April and October, daily flights connect most UK airports with Dalaman. The flight time is around 4 hours. Akyaka is then a 1 hour journey away by car, with taxis widely available - though it's best to book in advance.

By car

Hiring a car in Akyaka is certainly worthwhile if you're looking to explore some of the other hidden gems nearby. We'd suggest getting yours at the airport and booking in advance when it comes to the peak summer season.

Driving is relatively stress-free here due to little traffic, but keep in mind that there are many inclines and declines that make what may seem a short journey turn into a longer one.

By foot

We love Akyaka because of its local feel, and the best way to unearth that is by wandering on foot. Pack your sensible shoes, head towards the coast and get exploring! This will also allow you to pop in and out of family-run restaurants and cafes as you go, fuelling further adventures while gaining local suggestions.

By bus

Buses can connect you to other local towns and villages, offering an inexpensive way to further your travels. Istanbul, Denizili and Fethiye are all accessible this way.

Dolmus (the word for local buses, which quite literally means 'stuffed') can also take you around the town, with the destination marked on the front. They can be found on most main roads, but the central station is opposite the school.

Top tips

  • Not all taxis have card machines, so it's best to always have some cash at the ready should you use them.
  • If you're set on hiring a car, opt for one that's good at handling mountainous terrain to suit all day trips.
  • The dolmus buses don't have specific stops - you just have to flag one down as you see them!

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