Luxury Villas in Jamaica

Ready to runaway from reality? Jamaica is ready and waiting to welcome you into its laid-back island lifestyle fold. Spectacular waterfalls, white-sand beaches, bustling city streets and some of the most vibrant, flavourful food await you, feeding the heart and soul simultaneously. If you fancy spending your mornings diving among the coral, afternoons lazing by the shore and nights dancing to live reggae music, you've come to the right place.

With our stunning selection of villas in Jamaica, you'll have a beautiful base from which to explore it all, featuring options within walking distance to a beach and restaurants.

Why visit?

  • Jamaican people will instantly make you feel at home, offering a warm welcome to everyone who visits the island.
  • No trip would be complete without sampling some traditional Jamaican cuisine - be prepared for spice though!
  • With its crystal-clear waters and mountain trails, there's no better place to reconnect with nature and your surroundings.

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Why stay with us?

Style and character are everything at Oliver’s Travels, and our collection of handpicked villas in Jamaica have this in spades.

We have destination experts who know the ins and outs of all our regions, picking luxury homes and holiday villas in Jamaica that aren’t only unique, but also in the best locations. What's more, our villas are 100% family-friendly, and have the ‘wow’ factor.

Our helpful concierge team are on-hand to make your stay extra special. Whether you want a fully-stocked fridge, a local in-house chef to cook your meals, housekeeping or any other extra service – consider them your holiday genie, who will happily grant your wishes.

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Luxury Villas in Jamaica: Our Top Picks

Why visit Jamaica

From the culture to the cuisine, natural beauty and never-ending beaches, Jamaica is truly heaven on earth. Inviting you to forget your worries, sip on a cocktail and listen to the soothing sounds of Bob Marley imitators, this much-loved island will quickly become one of your favourites.

As the cultural capital of the Caribbean, this welcoming retreat has a heartbeat all of its own, boasting live music, street dancing, festivals and carnivals throughout the year.

The good news is that the island has a relatively long tourist season - while December through to April is the most popular time of year, you can still enjoy brilliant sunshine and refreshing tropical breezes all the way through to July. 

Check out our Jamaica Travel Guide to learn more ahead of your trip.


Food and Drink

Jamaican cuisine feeds the eyes first, stomach second and soul last. Jerk chicken is one of the most popular dishes you'll find, marinated in hot spices and typically served with rice and peas. Meat is definitely a core part of daily dining here, with slow-cooked goat curry also finding its way onto local menus.

However, you may be surprised to learn that ackee and saltfish is Jamaica's national dish. It can be served at both breakfast and dinner, and dates back to the 18th century when ackee fruit was first brought to the island from Ghana. 

Vegetarians are also catered for with staple Jamaican foods like plantain, dumplings, breadfruit, boiled banana, and ackee (without the meat, of course). They're typically offered as side plates, but you can easily make a meal out of them, and many are naturally vegan too.

Looking for something to wash it all down? You can't pass up the chance to try Jamaica's iconic Red Stripe lager, while a variety of locally made rums can also be enjoyed as part of a refreshing cocktail.

Best Beaches in Jamaica

White sands, turquoise waters and picturesque palm trees make up the traditional Jamaican beach scene. Doctor's Cave Beach is definitely one of the most popular beaches, found in Montego Bay, but it's also conveniently located near a quieter Cornwall Beach should the crowds get a little too much for you.

If you're travelling as a family, we'd recommend Seven Mile Beach in Negril. There's loads of fun activities for kids to get involved in, but many restaurants are also located nearby for getting out of the midday sun together. Speaking of food, Boston Bay Beach is known for its trademark Jerk pits, overpowering the smell of saltwater with delicious spices. 

Into your movies? James Bond Beach was used as a filming location in Dr. No. Expect to fully unwind here and live like the on-screen hero before heading back to your own luxury villa in Jamaica.

Things to do in Jamaica

While you may be someone who could happily spend their whole trip lying on the beach or lapping up the waves, there's so much to see and do in Jamaica. If you want to get your heart rate up, go river rafting down the Martha Brae River or perhaps try a hike up to Blue Mountain Peak

Ready for some history and culture? You can't pass up a visit to the Bob Marley Museum located inside the singer's former home, while the Black River Safari takes you down Jamaica's longest river, spotting over 100 species of bird as you go.

Finally, take a trip to one of the island's two famous lagoons: Luminous Lagoon, which boasts sparkling, phosphorescent waters, and Blue Lagoon, descending 55m and fed by freshwater springs.

Why it's perfect for families

  • Good for babies: What better place for your tiny tot to first feel the sand between their toes? Jamaica is safe, clean and welcomes its tiniest visitors with open arms.
  • Good for kids: Sun, sea and sand = the ultimate kid-friendly holiday. Let them amuse themselves building sandcastles and splashing in the sea.
  • Good for teens: Older daredevils can give water-sports a go, with everything from paragliding to kayaking on offer. 

Top tips

  • Dollars: The local currency is Jamaican Dollars. If you see things being priced in USD, you're in a tourist trap and will likely overpay for whatever you purchase.
  • Shop and eat local:  As Jamaica's become increasingly popular, you'll find chain restaurants and international corporations here. We'd suggest steering clear, supporting the community and getting a more authentic experience at the same time.
  • Watch out: There aren't any pavements or sidewalks in Jamaica, so you'll be walking on the road with the cars. Be careful and stay focused when moving from one place to the next.

What Oliver loves

The constant music that plays throughout the island, whether it's live reggae on the streets or choral hymns spilling out of churches - you can't beat that energy!

Towns and Villages

Whether you're looking to stay in a top tourist hotspot or prefer to steer clear of the crowds, you shouldn't pass up the chance to discover some of the characterful towns and cities around the island. Each one will tell a truly unique story to its visitors, captured in both its design and amenities as well as the general vibe.

So what are you waiting for? Trade in your flip-flops for some trainers and start exploring this tropical paradise.

Oliver’s Hidden Gem

The lesser known South Coast is worth a trip just to bathe in the Bubbling Spring mineral baths - they're said to have healing powers, but unwinding there is also just incredibly relaxing.

The perfect combination of beaches, party spots and super-tasty food, Montego Bay is undeniably the most visited Jamaican city. We'd suggest taking your time with a stroll along the Hip Strip and its various shops, sipping a pina colada as you lie out on Doctor's Cave beach, and then enjoying some local cuisine.

Immerse yourself in authentic city life with a visit to Jamaica's capital. Colonial architecture and cultural museums are seen alongside street food markets and locals spilling out into the streets as they dance to live music. Expect sensory overload around every corner!

Renowned for its grand landscape and lush greenery, Ocho Rios is a top pick for those looking to get out and explore the natural world on their own. Translating to mean "Eight Rivers", its top attraction is the Dunn's River Falls - a waterfall that actually resembles a staircase.

Getting there and around


As one of the most visited Caribbean islands, Jamaica has many transport links. British Airways and Virgin all offer direct flights from London Gatwick into Montego Bay and and Kingston, making villa holidays in Jamaica very accessible. The average flight time is 9 hours.

By taxi

The Jamaican Union Of Travellers Association are the official taxi carriers, identifiable by their white vans and red number plates with "PP" or "PPV" on them. Fares are typically reasonable but, as taxis are unmetered, be sure to agree on a price before setting off. You can also opt for a shared taxi, which offers rates that are more in line with what you'd pay for the bus, though these are typically used by locals.

By car

The roads around Jamaica are relatively easy to navigate, so we'd suggest hiring a car if you want to explore more of the island than just your nearest beach. However, car rental prices can be high and you'll need to be 21 to hire one. Be sure to check that every dent and scratch is accounted for before driving away, otherwise you'll be paying for damages that were there before you took the wheel.

By bus

As your cheapest way to get around the island, buses are ideal for day trips. Most of the main towns and cities will have a bus terminal, but once on the road, buses will stop pretty much anywhere on their route to pick up and drop off passengers.

By bike

It's pretty tricky to rent a bike in Jamaica unless you go with a tour company - which can be expensive. You'll have a lot more luck (and fun) by opting for one of the more common scooters or small motorbikes - just remember to wear a helmet!

Top tips

  • Only cash is accepted on the buses, so make sure you've exchanged some dollars ahead of time. It's best to have exact change too.
  • Privately owned minibuses are great for seeing multiple attractions and sights in one day, so if time is limited, they can be worth the extra expense.
  • If driving, the speed limit is 50kmph in town and 80kmph on main roads and highways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jamaica a friendly country?

The people of Jamaica are welcoming, helpful and incredibly friendly

Is Jamaica cheap to visit?

The cost of living in Jamaica is the lowest in the Caribbean islands, making food and accommodation relatively cheap in comparison to other popular destinations.

What is the local cuisine in Jamaica?

Ackee and Codfish are known as Jamaica’s national dish with Jerk Chicken coming in a close second. Many other dishes such as Oxtail and goat curry are very popular but be warned, Jamaicans are big fans of very spicy food.

Is Jamaica worth visiting?

The country is home to some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, has eye-widening natural sites including waterfalls and lagoons, and produces one of the rarest coffees in the world.

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