Hands up who’s already mentioned how quick the year is going… Yep. If you’ve already had your summer holiday, the blues are probably starting to kick in right about now. Not to worry, we’re here to get you thinking about your next holiday destination. We’re not advocates of leaving it to the last minute (particularly if the reason is to see what the Great British summer is going to be like…) So, get yourself excited about your 2020 holiday by perusing your way through this list of new holiday destinations for 2020 we added to our collection this year. Or, if you just want to skip to your favourite country and see which area we’ve recently added, click one of the links below. 

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UK’s new holiday destination for 2020

2020 holiday destinations london

London, UK:

We’ve kept a little closer to home for this first entry on our list of holiday destinations. Staycations are on the rise, 68% of families with children under 10 are opting to travel domestically* – and we totally get it, a family holiday with young kids is unforgettable… and it’s not always for the right reasons.

Plus, we’ve got so many adventure-filled landscapes right on our doorstep that we often overlook. A melting pot of cultures, cuisines and historic gems; London has a special place in our hearts.

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France new holiday destinations 2020

2020 holiday destinations biarritz

Biarritz, France:

A seaside getaway with a twist, this is not your usual bucket-and-spade holiday. Biarritz is on France’s Basque Coast and is a perfect fusion of Spanish and French culture. You’ve got old-school glamour residing in its elegant, heritage-listed buildings mixed with an appealing chilled-out lifestyle that could only come from a place titled ‘Europe’s surfing capital’.

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The Atlantic Coast, France:

Rugged, wild and naturally beautiful, this northern region of France is the ideal place to get back to nature. Not to be type cast as one type of destination though, the Atlantic Coast also houses cities that are brimming with culture and harbours an excellent food and wine scene.

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Spain and Portugal’s new holiday destinations 2020

2020 holiday destinations madeira

Madeira, Portugal:

An outdoor playground that you’ve got to add to your list, Madeira is a great place to visit all year due to its warm temperatures – making it one of the most sought-after holiday destinations of 2020. It offers a breath-taking combination of mountainous landscapes and dazzling coastline. Semi-tropical hiking trails, natural volcanic pools, lush forests and scuba diving lure in the active travellers, while gourmet dining, historic towns and colourful gardens seduce the more relaxed holiday-goers.

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Galicia, Spain:

Many people know it as the endpoint of the world-famous Camino de Santiago walk, but Galicia is an up-and-coming Spanish region in its own right. Home to a dramatic coastline, ancient Roman ruins, a unique Celtic culture and fairy-tale forest interiors, this magical destination is dotted with charming fishing villages serving delectable seafood and cute beachy spots.

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Italy’s new holiday destination for 2020

2020 holiday destinations portofino

Liguria, Italy:

This captivating area of the Italian Riviera is home to the kaleidoscopic Cinque Terre, Portofino Peninsula and the noble powerhouse, Genoa. The perfect place to escape for a true Italian retreat, you can while away your days wandering around sleepy coastal villages, ogling the fusion of architectural wonders, appreciating the local cuisine and staring out at the magnificent vistas of the Atlantic.

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Montenegro’s new holiday destinations 2020

sveti stefan montenegro travel

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro:

A unique Adriatic gem, Sveti Stefan is a fortified village on an island off the mainland. Categorised by its mosaic of centuries-old stone villas, dramatic cliff sides and pink pebbly shores, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most photographed spots in Montenegro.

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro:

Known simply as Boka, this photogenic, geographic wonderland is a feast for the eyes. Surrounded by lofty mountains and cobalt-blue water, there are captivating views whichever way you turn. Add to that the Venetian Old Town of Kotor, the age-old monasteries, and the thrilling outdoor adventure opportunities (water and otherwise) and you’ve got yourself an absolute treasure of a destination.

Budva, Montenegro:

The seaside of the Balkans, Budva is only a 2-hour drive from Dubrovnik in Croatia, so it’s no wonder people often visit both countries in one trip. With a coastline of sheltered coves, swimming spots, golden sandy beaches and cute cafes, you can spend your days relaxing on the beach, kayaking along to the coves, and exploring the medieval-walled Old Town.

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Turkey’s new holiday destination for 2020

2020 holiday destinations bodrum

Bodrum, Turkey:

Bodrum is an exciting entry on our list of holiday destinations due to its diversity. It caters to every type of traveller – whether you’re an explorer wanting to hit all the top sites (it’s home to one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World – the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus), a foodie who wants to go to town on the local food markets, or someone who just wants to kick back and sip a few cocktails on the beach.

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Greece’s new holiday destinations 2020

2020 holiday destinations halkidiki

Halkidiki, Greece:

Where Mediterranean forests creep on to sandy bays. Halkidiki is located in northern Greece and offers everything you could ever want from a European holiday. Turquoise water lapping a diverse range of beaches (71 are Blue Flag beaches, so it’s a great family-friendly location), protected nature spots, mesmerising scenery, several archaeological sites and great food. It ticks every box.

Ithaca, Greece:

Steeped in mythical legend, this small Ionian island is the ideal place for a holiday of R&R. A sleepy island full of warm-hearted locals, beautiful cove beaches, intriguing ancient sites and rewarding wilderness walks, it’s clear to see why Odysseus spent 10 years trying to get back to his beloved homeland.

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New 2020 holiday destinations in the Americas

2020 holiday destinations florida

Florida, USA:

One of the most fun-for-all holiday destinations on our list, Florida is an all-American playground for the whole family (not just the youngsters!) Home to thrilling world-famous theme parks, powder-soft beaches and vibrant cities full of bars, shops and restaurants, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more family-friendly holiday spot that’ll get the kids jumping for joy.

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Dominican Republic, Caribbean:

The Caribbean island that has a bit of everything, we added this beauty to our portfolio because we recognised its appeal to a variety of different travellers; mountainous landscapes, national parks and ecotourism adventures for the outdoorsy types, sugar-white beaches, surfing and coral-filled diving spots for the water babies, and colonial towns, age-old celebrations and ancient relics for the culture vultures.

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Thailand new holiday destinations for 2020

2020 holiday destinations phuket


Surrounded by distinguishable limestone karsts sticking out of the water, Phuket is here to dazzle. From soulful Thai cuisine to pearly palm-fringed beaches and excellent diving, there’s plenty of intriguing culture to explore – whether that’s on land in the lively cities or in the local temples and shrines.

Koh Samui:

A paradise-like island on the east coast, Koh Samui attracts the flashy and the budget-conscious due to its wide range of accommodation types dotted across the landscape – from beachside bungalows to luxury villas. Glorious swathes of beaches, crystal-clear water perfect for snorkelling, vibrant streets, and locals with a contagious zest for life make up this tropical haven.

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Hua Hin:

A fashionable seaside escape in the south Thailand province of Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thai Royals built palaces here in the 1920’s. Today, it still retains some of its royal opulence, but it’s also a family-friendly holiday destination, with golfing, water parks, vibrant markets, and great seafood.



Colourfully chaotic and lively, with a heady fusion of modern-day Thai life and ancient traditions, Bangkok isn’t for the faint-hearted. Busy streets, smiling locals, intricately-decorated temples and plenty of bustling markets (floating and non-floating) – Bangkok is an experience wholly different to any other on our list of new 2020 holiday destinations. And we love it.


Bali new holiday destinations for 2020

new holiday destinations 2020 ubud rice farmer


With a strong sense of spirituality threaded through the streets of Ubud, this jungle-clad culture-filled town in the hills of Bali is known for its terraced rice paddies, stunning ancient temples and vibrant arts scene. A mecca for yogis across the world who want to nurture their mind, body and soul – the serenity and tranquility of this lovely town makes it a great place to unwind.


Known for its dramatic clifftop views, beach clubs and impressive sea temple (complete with wild monkeys) Uluwatu is a chic getaway with a laid-back appeal. Upmarket dining, beautiful beaches, surfing spots, and unbelievable sunsets make this the ideal Indonesian holiday hideaway.

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Inspired to get booking your 2020 holiday? All these amazing new holiday destinations have been added to our collection of handpicked luxury villas and chateaux. If you want more help finding the perfect place, just get in touch with our friendly concierge team who would be happy to help.

*Reference: Generation Alpha and Family Travel Trends (Expedia)


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