Planning on going on holiday in the Caribbean soon? You’re in for a treat (literally)! The region is not only home to the most beautiful beaches and coastlines, but also boasts a delicious, and often spicy, cuisine. Each island has different, unique dishes so whether you head to Jamaica or the Dominican Republic, you’re guaranteed to find a new favourite dish at each destination. Not sure about what typical Caribbean food to look out for? Here are the top 10 dishes to eat while you’re on holiday.


Jamaican jerk chicken, curry goat and fried dumpling with rice and peas

  • Jerk chicken: Often combined with rice and peas, jerk chicken is one of the most traditional Jamaican food options. The flavoursome meal is marinated with hot Jerk spice, which includes Scotch bonnet peppers, and is a popular way of cooking in the Caribbean.
  • Curry goat: Originating from East Indian immigrants, Curry Goat quickly became a signature dish in Jamaica. Usually, the goat is slow cooked which makes it even more tender and mouth-watering.
  • Ackee and saltfish: Suitable for both breakfast and dinner, ackee and saltfish is Jamaica’s national dish and originated when the ackee fruit was brought to the island from Ghana in the 18th century.  


Caribbean food

Macaroni Pie

  • Flying fish and cou cou: As the name suggests, the national dish of Barbados consists of two main ingredients: flying fish and coucou. The latter is a combination of cornmeal and okra, with a consistency like porridge. Flying fish is usually marinated with hot spices and then gets added to coucou.
  • Cutters: What looks like a normal sandwich, is actually a Bajan specialty. While the bread is Bajan salt bread with a fluffy base and crusty outside, the fillings can vary from flying fish, ham, or even fried chicken livers. A popular topping is pepper sauce.
  • Macaroni pie: While macaroni pie is a widely popular Caribbean food option, the Bajan share a special recipe for it. Other than using tube macaroni instead of regular macaroni, the actual special ingredient is yellow mustard and ketchup, which makes the texture even creamier and more delicious.

St. Lucia

Seafood is very popular in St Lucia

  • Accra: Being a favourite dish across the entire island due to its rich flavour, Accra is usually prepared with small pieces of salted cod, plenty of seasoning and spices – including Scotch bonnet pepper – which then gets mixed together and fried.
  • Lambi: Known for being the go-to street food option at street parties, Lambi’s main ingredient is a large shellfish, also called Conch. The St Lucians have a special way of preparing it by marinating it with certain spices and seasoned sauces, which makes it a unique and popular food option for both locals and visitors.

Dominican Republic

Caribbean food

Scrambled eggs a la Dominican Republic

  • La Bandera: While ‘La Bandera’ is another word for the flag of the Dominican Republic, it’s also one of the most popular dishes of the country It consists of red kidney beans cooked in a rich tomato sauce, alongside a meaty option and salad. Simple yet delicious!
  • Locrio: Frequently labelled as the Dominican version of Paella, Locrio is a dish that deserves more credit than that. It’s usually made with regional salami, seasoned chicken, pork or seafood with rice and vegetables. Tomato sauce is added to make it saucier.

Hungry for Caribbean food after reading about all these exotic dishes? Well, we’ve got plenty of extra reading for you to do on this tropical holiday destination, and a unique collection of luxury villas across all four regions that’ll help to ignite your wanderlust.


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    My husband likes to try out new things, especially food, and since our anniversary is coming up next month, I want to surprise him with Caribbean cuisine in a restaurant since he’s never tried that before. It’s good to know that Carribean food is delicious and spicy since he always likes his food with chili. I think I’ll look around for some good restaurants to reserve a table so that I can prepare for my anniversary surprise for him.

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