Greek food has got it all, right? Aside from the locally produced olives and olive oil, which contribute greatly to that incomparable Mediterranean flavour, there’s also the veg so fresh you can virtually taste the sunshine in it, quirky local cheeses, those fragrant herbs and signature kick of cinnamon… yep, mouths are watering. Plus, it’s one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, (depending on the volume of local wine consumed to accompany it).

Here are all the Greek dishes that you must try. Absolutely no excuses. We expect a full report when you get back.


This classic Greek chicken soup is thickened with eggs and spiked with the zing of lemon.

Make it at home: This simple and comforting recipe is perfect for a starter or a light dinner.



A plate of delicious stuffed grape leaves with parsley garnish.

Vine leaves are perfect for wrapping things. These little leafy parcels are filled with rice, blended with meat or cheese, herbs and spices.

Make at home: Although a bit fiddly, dolmades get much easier with practice and make perfect appetizers. Try this meat version, or this one for veggies – feel free to get creative and adapt them to your tastes!



It’s cheese. It’s fried. It’s oozy and amazing.

Make it at home: Try these scrumptious variations on the classic version. You can use traditional hard yellow Greek cheeses like graviera, kefalograviera or kefalotyri, or halloumi also works very well and is more widely available.



Crisp, filo parcels filled with spinach and feta. Warm or cold, always moreish.

Make it at home: Making your own filo pastry is only for those with a LOT of time on their hands, so buy some and whip up a batch of these delicious spinach and feta pies in no time.


This almost lasagne-like comfort food is layered with aubergines, lamb and béchamel, spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, and one of the best Greek dishes you must try while on holiday. Try it on the first night, you can’t possibly have just one helping.

Make it at home: This hearty and delicious dish is a warming, comforting crowd-pleaser, that seems to taste even better the next day. Try these veggie or meaty versions out at home.


These juicy Greek kebabs come in most forms, all of them delicious. Be it lamb, chicken, pork or beef, you must try them with fresh pita, salad, houmous and tzatziki.

Make it at home: There are myriad different ways to whip up these scrummy kebabs, try these pork ones, this recipe with lamb, or this chicken souvlaki. Even better, have a greek-themed barbecue and make them all.


Delicious dip made with greek yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, lemon juice and mint. The perfect accompaniment to pretty much all Greek food. Along with houmous of course. Standard.

 Make it at home: Super simple and easy to make, try this recipe for a traditional tzatziki or try this tzatziki with a bit of a twist and a kick

Greek Salad

Light, zingy and as fresh as they come – this blend of cucumber, olives, tomatoes and feta will be a permanent feature on your plate in Greece.

Make it at home: This salad is simple, and all about letting the ingredients do the talking. We reckon this recipe has the perfect balance of flavours.



Layered, filo pastry dessert oozing with honey, spices, walnuts, pistachios and scented with rose. Mmmmmmm.

Make it at home: Baklava is pretty famous for being a faff to make at home, but it’s really not that difficult, honest! This recipe has some great tips for handling the filo pastry, and this one has more traditional flavours.


If you’re itching to get your hands on some of these delectable Greek dishes you must try but aren’t sure where to stay – check out our locals guide to Rhodes, it may sway your mind. Once that’s decided, give our concierge team a call or have a peek at our villas in Greece to find your ideal holiday home. 


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