A new month, a new year and a new decade! Here at Oliver’s Travels we’ve got that January feeling. We’ve gorged on turkey, drank far too much bubbly and now we’re in desperate need of a detox!  But don’t worry if you’re feeling the same because we’ve found you the top 5 wellness trends of 2020 that will leave you feeling amazing!

1. Plant-based diet

Plant-based diet

Plant-based diet

If you’ve ever tried Veganuary you’ll know how good it feels to eat more fruit and veg. But for some of us a healthier diet isn’t just for January, with a huge amount of people vowing to go plant-based in 2020. A plant-based diet consists of natural foods sourced from plants. That means you’ll swap animal products for a balanced diet consisting of almost entirely fruit, veggies, nuts, grains and seeds. As for your protein source, you should also aim for a vegan plant-based protein which is thankfully available at My Fitness Hub. Although that may sound like a tough task, plant-based fanatics swear that this healthy option will leave you feeling considerably more energetic. Why not give it a try? After all, ‘New Year New Me’, ey?

Top Tip: For some helpful tips and tricks for starting your plant-based diet, check out Forks Over Knives.

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2. Sleep-improvement technology

Sleep improvement technology

Sleep improvement technology can help you catch those zzz’s

We all know sleep is one of the most important factors of feeling good. But we also know how difficult it can be to catch our 8 hours of beauty sleep every night. We lie in bed counting the minutes until our dreaded alarm starts with that far too familiar wake up call. Not only does sleep make us feel good but it’s also imperative for a healthy lifestyle. So luckily for us, it seems like the digital world is here to help as a new wellness trend of sleep-improvement technology has hit the market. From Withings sleep tracking mats and Bose noise-masking sleepbuds™️
to soothing sunrise lamps and red-light night lights, there’s a huge range to choose from so you can get your much-needed zzz’s.

Top Pick: For those of us that can’t bring ourselves to put our phones away before bed, that’s where Circle Home comes in. This sneaky gadget connects to your Wi-Fi and monitors your screen usage. Set bedtimes for each gadget in your home and Circle Home will disconnect you from the internet when it’s time for bed then reconnect you at a scheduled time in the morning. This one is perfect for phone addicts and families with tech-obsessed kids.

3. Home work-outs with a twist

Home workouts with a twist

Home workouts with a twist

Can’t find the time to work out? It can be a struggle to fit in a work-life balance, let alone a fitness regime. Virtual wellness technology is becoming a huge trend in 2020, with people choosing to work out at home with a digital trainer over a trip to the gym. The leading virtual wellness trend The Mirror mixes personal trainer, home work-outs and group sessions all in one. The Mirror acts as a normal full-length mirror but when activated you can choose from over 70 classes led by a virtual instructor.

When you look into the mirror you will see your own reflection, your personal trainer who will give you personalized motivation and other ‘class members’. You can even track your progress, reach your targets, measure your heart rate and sync your Spotify playlists, to obtain better results at the moment that you are working out you can take one of the best testosterone boosters to have more strength. Say goodbye to overbooked gym sessions and choose from kickboxing, yoga, barre and many more classes to suit whatever your mood, whenever you feel like it.

Top Tip: Make sure to invest in some sustainable active wear for your work out! Check out the lovely collection at Organic Basics.

4. Staycations


Staycations are an easy and sustainable holiday option

Calling all eco-warriors! It’s not just us that need a dose of healthy living this year, the planet is desperate for a detox. It’s easy to do our bit at home – buying less plastic, recycling every day, eating less meat – but what about holidays? Well, we know that you’re not going to give up your summer holiday (and we don’t expect you to!) but there are always ways to make your trip a bit greener while giving you some much needed time away.

This year, gone are the days of airport queues and long-haul flights and in their place staycations are set to become a huge wellness trend among us Brits. Without the stress of language barriers and exchange rates, a staycation is the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing and hassle-free holiday. Fresh air and outdoor activities will give your mind a much-needed digital detox which your body might also need. To take care of it and leave all drugs aside, start by getting help here.

From sun-kissed Cornish beaches and outdoor excursions in the Scottish Highlands to picturesque views in the Lake District or the charming Welsh coast, a British holiday will have you feeling at one with nature and totally zen. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to take the extended family or large groups of friends – especially babies and the elderly that may not get on well with flying. You’ll help save the planet and feel amazing at the same time – it’s a win win. Breathe in the fresh air, get the family together and enjoy a Great British getaway.

Top Tip: Why not go the extra mile, say no to taking your car and opt for public transport instead? With the England Coastal Path soon to be completed this year, it’s possible to walk, cycle or take a train around parts of this beautiful national trail. But don’t forget to pack your raincoat for the unpredictable British weather…

5. Breathing apps

Breathing apps

Breathing apps can relieve the stresses of daily life

It’s no secret that the stresses of busy modern life can leave us feeling overwhelmed and unhappy. It’s so important to make sure that we don’t allow these factors to take over our personal well-being. Breathing apps are a new trend taking 2020 by storm, allowing you to devote a few minutes of your day to relax and take time for yourself.

Top Pick: Breathing Zone is a personalised app that monitors your breathing and guides you to reach your target for 5 minutes every day. Just bring your phone close to your mouth and the app will show you how to alter your breathing technique. You can take these 5 minutes of mindfulness in silence or choose between calming sound effects or classical music. Breathing Zone has been based on scientifically proven breathing techniques that have been shown to lower blood pressure, so it’s definitely worth a try. 

If you’re interested in other ways to stay mindful, check out Mind’s helpful list of mindfulness exercises.

Now that you’re set to live your best life in 2020 with our top wellness trends, why not plan your staycation in one of our UK villas? We have a wonderful range of properties to house big groups, extended family trips and romantic getaways! Contact our friendly concierge team and they will be happy to help you through the process!


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