Here at Oliver’s Travels, we’re always trying to do our bit to be more sustainable. As ‘slow travel’ gets more and more popular, we thought we’d bring you our favourite properties that can be reached by the mighty Eurostar.

Since it first started shuttling passengers through the Channel Tunnel back in 1994, the Eurostar to France has become a seriously popular route for Francophiles. It’s a convenient and speedy way to see the delights of Paris, Brussels and beyond – so if you’ve ever fancied a visit to the marvellous South of France, this may well be the trip for you. Whether you’ve got little kids that aren’t quite plane ready, or you just fancy a living a little greener, then a Eurostar holiday to the south of France is the perfect option. 

Where to go?

When you think of the Eurostar, Paris probably springs to mind. But it’s not just the capital you can visit by train. The south of France is one of the most popular routes too, currently connecting easily from the capital to Marseilles and Avignon via onward TGV InOui services.


With a Mediterranean climate and one of the largest Ports in Europe, Marseilles has a buzzing metropolitan feel thanks to its multicultural vibrancy, art galleries, museums and beaches. It’s also a fantastic gateway to explore the true splendour of the South of France, with the Côte d’Azur and the inland beauty of Provence practically next door – and that’s not a choice we’d envy anyone having to make.


Perched high above the Rhône, this fortified town charms with lantern-lit cobblestone streets and exquisite architecture. Spend a day gawking at the gothic Palais des Papes, enjoying a picnic with a view at Rocher des Doms, and then unwind in our luxury Avignon villas!

Why choose Eurostar?

Eurostar France Destinations

Opting for a Eurostar holiday to the south of France means you’ll be avoiding the hassle of airports. You could be heading straight down to the glorious South of France without a bum-numbing 10-hour drive from Calais, with the entire train journey from London St. Pancras taking as little as 6 and a half hours.

There’s a better and much longer-lasting reason to ditch the flight or the extensive car journey though, and one that has the added benefit of the eco-friendly factor. Studies have shown that the Eurostar produces up to 80% less emissions than flying and up to 50% less than driving, so it’s the ideal choice if you want to help save the environment. And seeing as you’ll be passing through the breathtakingly beautiful Provence countryside on the way, you’ll be able to fully appreciate reducing the impact of your carbon footprint.

The Eurostar route to France can also connect you to a new stop – Avignon, where you’ll find some of our best Luxury France villas and Chateaux! That journey takes just a little under six hours, and if the idea of a train journey through some of France’s stunning countryside with a gorgeous holiday home waiting at the end of it sounds like your cup of tea (or glass of Côtes de Rhône), here’s our pick of some of the most eye-catching properties close to where the Eurostar stops in Avignon.

Our top villa reachable by Eurostar

Villa Romane, Avignon

Villa Romane, Avignon

Only 15 miles from Avignon but a little further out from Marseilles, Villa Romane accommodates up to 16 guests in chic and colourful surroundings from as little as £33 per person per night. With a large entranceway and sitting room to set the mood, gorgeous panoramic views over the Rhône valley stretch down from the gardens and circular pool to St Remy de Provence – the perfect place to fire up the barbecue and the poolside kitchen, grab a few artisanal local ingredients and whip up an al fresco feast that you’re not likely to forget!

If you’re looking to take advantage of Eurostar holidays to the south of France, just head to their website where you’ll find all the information you’ll need. And don’t forget, Oliver’s Travels has a huge portfolio of luxury South of France villas for you to browse, book and enjoy! We’ve also got a dedicated collection of villas to travel to by train and a collection of eco-friendly villas –  green travel couldn’t be easier!


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