Offsetting your holiday

With TreememberMe we are offsetting our CO2 emissions as a business to become a carbon-neutral villa company, and we want to bring you with us on our journey; That's why...

With every booking in February 2020 we will be planting a tree to offset 161% of your villa stay. 

For this calculation, we have taken the average CO2 emitted from one of our villa stays (112kg) and matched it with the average CO2 captured per tree by TreememberMe (180kg). Scroll down to read more on how we reached these numbers. 

Want to learn more? Head to our Sustainable Travel page to read all about our efforts to combat climat change.

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How did we calculate it?


  • Average CO2 Emmited per Villa Holiday (112kg)

At the end of 2019, we worked with Ecollective (an independent sustainable consultancy) to try and calculate the carbon footprint of our villas, which is no easy feat when working with properties as unique as our own!

We did this by collecting data on the typical energy use of the properties when someone was staying in them. With this information, we were able to calculate the CO2 emissions of each property using emission factors which are dependent on the energy providers used or the country the property is situated in. When information was not given to us (let's face it, not everyone knows how many litres their homes uses per month!), we relied on information supported by DEFRA, IEA and other sources.

When it comes to carbon calculating most businesses take the easy way out, they make simple and vastly questionable assumptions in order to save time. As part of our study, we decided to go more in-depth in order to find out which aspects were driving climate change, so we would know where to focus our attention in order to drive change.

A sample of some of the elements we included in our study include the use of air-conditioning, heated swimming pools, recycling and composting rates, waste management systems, the size of the property, the season it was frequently used in and national energy suppliers’ fuel mix to name a few. 

Every property is different - as there are so many factors to take into consideration - however, across the business the average booking for 2019 resulted in 112kg of CO2 being produced by an Oliver's Travels villa.


  • Average CO2 Captured by the Planted Tree (180kg)

All estimated carbon capture volumes are provided by the Icelandic Forest Service. They base their numbers on a database that contains empirical data (actuals). The numbers take into consideration location, species, planting density, soil type and other variables.

The average carbon capture per tree is based on a weigthed average of all trees that have entered TreememberMe's inventory. As of February 1, 2020, this average is 180 kilograms.

The proportion of each species is as follows: 

  • Birch: 13,0%
  • Pine: 70.5%
  • Spruce: 16.5%




Footprint Footnotes...


  • Measuring our footprint is the first step in our mission to reduce our CO2 emissions and year on year we are going to strive to not only collect more information about the impact of our business has, but actively look to reduce it.

  • Even though we are proud of the work we have done, we know it’s not perfect and there is still lots to be done. For in-depth questions or information about the carbon footprint of your villa please do get in touch with us at

  • These stats are an average and will fluctuate depending on the type of property you choose and the type of trees that are planted.

  • If you would like a more accurate calculation for your villa stay, please do let us know as we have worked with Ecollective to understand the carbon score of each of our properties and we can tailor it specifically to your holiday if you wish.

  • If you’d like to take it one step further (which we always encourage!) you can offset your flights to your villas as well. Calculate your carbon emissions for your flight here.

Who are TreememberMe?


TreememberMe is a tree-planting initiative set up by a small team of passionate guys looking to make an impact on the world and their home country.

TreememberMe gives you the opportunity to plant trees and make them unforgettable by adding a personal electronic message and a picture that will live on, like your tree, into the future. You will receive information about how much carbon your trees will offset and you can manage your planting history on your own profile page. You can share every planted tree and your personal profile through social media.

The forests meet the criteria of additionality, permanence, and leakage and they become a part of responsible forests owned by the Icelandic nation. The trees are seeded, planted and managed by the Icelandic Forest Service; an Icelandic government owned company founded in 1908. Iceland is one of the world's worst examples of deforestation, but TreememberMe's purpose is to make Iceland one of the world's best examples of reforestation. Ernst & Young provides independent auditing of the entire planting process.

Why did we go for a Tree Planting Initiative?

We love the idea of planting trees – with everything that’s happening in the world at the moment, from the wildfires in the Amazon to the most recent, and devastating, bushfires in Australia, it’s a simple but effective way to combat the effects of climate change.

Nevertheless, this is not all we are doing in this front; Read more about our Sustanable journeys so far

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