Chateau De Malley

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Property Amenities

Private pool
Wi-Fi/Internet access
Air conditioning
Jacuzzi/Hot tub
Pets allowed
All bedrooms en-suite
Party House (Ideal for celebrations!)
Heated Pool
Bicycles provided
Indoor games
Outdoor games
Cable TV
Working fireplace
Conference facilities

Babies & Toddlers

High chair(s)
Gated/fenced grounds

Kids & Teens

Ideal for kids
Ideal for teens

Things to Do

Rural Location
Walkable Village/Town
Walkable Pub/Restaurant
Wine tasting
Walking/Hiking paths
Lots to see: Outstanding landscapes
Lots to do: Outdoor pursuit & activities
Lots to visit: Tourist towns & villages
With acres of beautiful countryside to relax in and state of the art interiors to return to Oliver's Travels has brought the most exclusive and beautiful French locations up to date with panache.

  • Chateau De Malley
  • Chateau De Malley
  • Chateau De Malley
  • Chateau De Malley
  • Chateau De Malley
  • Chateau De Malley
  • Chateau De Malley
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  • Chateau De Malley
  • Chateau De Malley
  • Chateau De Malley
  • Chateau De Malley
  • Chateau De Malley
  • Chateau De Malley
  • Chateau De Malley
  • Chateau De Malley
  • Chateau De Malley
  • Chateau De Malley
  • Chateau De Malley
  • Chateau De Malley
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Overview of Chateau De Malley

What Oliver loves…

  • The many activities nearby – from hiking, biking, boating, hot air ballooning, and wine tasting
  • The postcard-worthy views from every window and vantage point will leave you stunned, especially from the pool
  • The medieval vaulted caves converted into suites, complete with a steam shower and Jacuzzi

What you should know…

  • Due to its rural location, a car hire is strongly recommended
  • It is required to take out rental insurance for a stay at this chateau

For an unforgettable group holiday in one of the most coveted regions of France, look no further than this remarkable 19th century chateau in Burgundy. Situated high above the French countryside, the historic home provides unobstructed panoramic views from nearly every vantage point.

Encompassing a central courtyard and enclosed by ancient fortified walls, the hamlet consists of 13 thoughtfully designed bedrooms dispersed throughout the Main House, the Commons, The Caves, and the Pavilions.

Two medieval vaulted caves have been converted into spacious suites, with monumental fireplaces and period furnishings. The 19th century main house sits atop the caves, with six bedrooms and numerous terraces to soak up the abundant scenery. The Commons holds three bedrooms plus a kids’ room within two 17th century buildings, while the Pavilions contain two light-filled studios with kitchens.

All accommodation and common spaces are beautifully designed and warmly inviting, with comfortable furnishings, an open-plan floor space and traditional charm. Guests will enjoy access to spectacular pool, gardens, bikes, indoor games, and a cinema/conference room.

There’s lots to do nearby, including wineries within a 25-minute drive, medieval towns to explore, and a bike bath that runs along the Canal Nivernais, just to name a few.

Interior & Grounds

Main House Ground Floor
Here are the living areas which include a large salon opening out onto the back terrace, a study with its own private terrace, a billiard room and a large country kitchen, opening out onto a balcony where one can enjoy breakfast in the morning sun, with lovely views of the cliffs in the distance.

Main House First Floor
There are a total of 6 bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor of the main house.
Bedrooms 12 and 14 overlook the valley and have beautiful views. Bedroom 12 has a queen size bed (160cm) and adjoining dressing room with an additional bed of 140cm with en-suite bathroom with bathtub (about 60sq m). Bedroom 14 has a queen size bed (160 cm) and en-suite bathroom with a stand up shower and a beautiful view as well (about 20sqm).
The other four bedrooms overlook the courtyard, (each about 20-30sqm). Bedroom 11 has a  full sized bed (140cm) with a bathroom accessed off the hall with a stand up shower.
Bedrooms 10 and 9 have queen sized beds (160cm). Bedroom 10 has a fairly large bathroom with bathtub, bedroom 9 has a very small bathroom with stand up shower, and bedroom 8 has a full sized bed (140cm) and a stand up shower.

The Commons:
There are three bedrooms and a child’s room. All are centrally air conditioned. Two of the bedrooms, 4 and 5, are accessed from one stairwell, the third, 6, from the other stairwell. Bedroom 4 has a walk in closet, fairly large bathroom with Jacuzzi tub with a very nice view of the courtyard and pool in the distance (about 30sq m). Bedroom 5, accessed from the same stairwell, is a very large room (about 90sq m), with two queen sized beds (160cm), one bed of 140 cm and a medium sized bathroom with a bathtub. The rear doors of this bedroom open up onto the elevated garden behind. In the front it has a lovely view over the courtyard and the valley in the distance. Bedroom 6, accessed from the other stairwell consists of a main bedroom (160cm bed) with en-suite bathroom and stand up shower and a child’s room with a single bed. The child’s room can be accessed from the bedroom or from the stairwell hall.

The Caves
The first Cave is air conditioned and has a small bedroom tucked into the tower with a full sized bed (140cm), a large living room including a king sized bed (180cm)-( 50-60sq m) with a kitchenette and a bathroom with stand up shower and a Jacuzzi tub. It has magnificent views over the valley. The pool area can be accessed directly from a door in the hallway.
The second Cave has a large living room (about 70sq m), full sized kitchen, a large bedroom with a king sized bed (180cm) and a bathroom with a sit down steam shower. The bedroom of the second Cave is air conditioned. The rear door of the second Cave opens up onto the pool area. The second Cave benefits from magnificent views over the valley in front.

The Pavillions
Both pavilions are large studios which include a sleeping area and kitchenettes and both are centrally air conditioned. They both open up onto the central courtyard. The larger of the two is about 50sqm and the smaller about 30sqm.
The smaller of the two Pavillions, Pavillion 1, has a small sitting area in the back. It has a fairly small bathroom with a sit down shower.
The larger of the two Pavilions, Pavillion 2, has a medium sized bathroom with a bathtub. They both have queen sized beds (160cm).

- Bikes are in studio (or in the parking lot) as is the ping pong table.
- Cinema room is on top of the studio.
- Cushions to the lounge chairs on back terrace are in the tower off of the back terrace.
- Extra towels are in the armoire in the entrance hall to the 19th century house.
- Extra sheets are in the large armoire in the storage utility cave.
- There is a laundry area for your use in the storage utility cave.
- International calls can be made at no charge by dialling the prefix 0811 310 310 from either of the fixed lines in the house. There will be a message in french once the prefix is dialled, then dial the country code (00 for USA) area code and number followed by the # sign.
- In case of emergency call:18 (the French 911).

Map, Location & Local Information

The Chateau is located in northern Burgundy, about a two hour drive south east of Paris, in a beautifully bucolic region of farmland and meandering waterways.

Activities include biking (along the bike path that runs most of the length of the Canal Nivernais or along back country roads through farmland and forest), boating, rock climbing, hot air ballooning and tennis.

The medieval hill-town of Vezelay is within a twenty minute drive from the Chateau. The twelfth century basilica of Mary Magdalene crowning its hilltop contains some of the finest examples of early Romanesque sculpture.

The Chablis, Irancy and St. Bris vineyards are within a twenty minute drive from the Chateau. The Meursault and Montrachet vineyards are just over an hours’ drive south. Wine tours to the many vineyards in the area can be arranged by Oliver's VIP Concierge Team.

Bakery: out gate , second left and then left, (open 8-12 :30, 4 :30-7, closed Sunday afternoon Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday) pain Copaline is our favourite!
Café: same street as bakery, same opening times more or less
Bodega: for bare essentials, out gate second left, follow street straight to town square, go down street to left of Church,
Le castel, for simple meals, on square next to Church, (goat cheese salad, when
it’s on the menu, is good).

Out of Town
- In Mailly la Ville: a  small épicerie  open 7 days, (9_1pm, 3 :30-7pm) and a  small butcher open most of the time. When you arrive in mailly la Ville follow signs to Avallon and you will pass the butcher and then the épicerie.
- Nearest large grocery store: Maxi Marche in Coulanges sur Yonne (about 10km), open 7 days a week, further on same road, a bigger supermarket, LECLERC,( closed sundays), in Clamecy, out driveway, immediate left down rue de Vanoise, another left at end of  road, then a right at end of road, straight about 10K till road ends then left in direction of Clamecy. You’ll pass maxi Marche on your left. To continue on to LEClERC, continue in direction of Clamecy, first trafic circle you hit  take a right towards zone industrielle and you should see LECLERC ,(at next trafic circle follow sign for zone industrielle)
- Mailly la Ville, VERY Small market for some vegetables, cheeses, good sausages wednesday morning in front of bakery.
- Auxerre, Tuesday and Friday morning on the Place de l’Arquebuse, underground, you’ll find everythng you could possibly need at this market.
- Avallon, Saturday morning, also large market, much prettier than Auxerre, same distance
- Duck: M.Rosières : 0386811837, 0619491899, Trucy sur Yonne, next town after Mailly la Ville in the direction of Auxerre, go up steep hill, first driveway to right. He has delicious foie gras and duck breast (you have to call to arrange to meet him there)
- Fish: the trout farm on D100 on way to Auxerre, be sure to get french trout, not rainbow trout, be sure to ask them to clean the fish
- Milk fresh from farm, Nadia: go to Merry sur Yonne, next town over if you’re following canals south, go into Merry sur Yonne and follow main road to Magny. On entering Magny there will be a large (significant) house on right, shortly after there is small road on the left, her door is first driveway on right as you go down.(it’s a mess, junk, ducks, chickens, dogs, wandering around, knock on her kitchen window)

- Horse back riding, Ecuries la Croix des Bois in Montillot, about a 15 min drive : 03 86 32 47 08
- Tennis: Take the key, (with sneaker key chain) hanging on hook in receptIon room. There are two raquets and balls in pantry of 19th century house. Go to Merry Sur Yonne, follow main road through the town until there is a fork in the road, bear left and you’ll see either a locked gate or a lawn, playground, beach area. If the gate is locked, park outside and climb through gate. The tennis courts are on your right. Locate the guardian, if you can, either in the building near the tennis courts or out doing maintenance work on the grounds and offer to pay him 8 euros an hour for the court. If you don’t see him just let yourself in to the tennis court with the key.
- Hot Air Ballooning:, they can take off from our courtyard,(they’ve done it before, weather permitting), if you order a private basket
- Kayaking: Kayaks are in the parking lot. Please consult us as to the best route to take.

TRAIN SCHEDULE : Paris, gare de Bercy- Mailly la Ville :
Paris, 12 :20 arrives 14 :40, direct
16 :13 arrives 18 :44, change train in Auxerre
18 :13 arrives 20 :30, direct
On all direct trains be sure you’re seated in the right part of the train because it splits in two at Cravant/Bazarnes,(after Auxerre). You need to be headed in the direction of Clamecy, not Avallon

Best restaurant around : Château de Vault de Lugny, in Vault de Lugny, about 20-25 min drive 0386340786. Vegetarian menu is excellent, but it’s a long meal. For shorter meal order a la carte, be sure to get whatever ravioli is on the menu, and foie gras, avoid bœuf bourguignon.

L’Auberge de Voutenay in Voutenay Sur Cure: about a 15 minute drive from the Château. Excellent food in a very cosy setting, 0386335192, be sure to reserve

Les Tilleuls: in Vincellotes, on way to Auxerre, turn right at first trafic circle, restaurant is on river, go when the weather’s good, 12 Quai de l’Yonne, 0386422213. It’s a little closer than Château de Vault de Lugny but you end up paying about the same and food and environment are not as good.

Le Castel: on square in Mailly le Château, very nice place to sit and have dinner, food borders on being ‘snack’ food, but goat cheese salad is OK and if he has scallops, order them.

Marc Menau’s Espérance in Vezelay. When it’s good it’s excellent but it’s not always good and the setting is nothing to write home about.

Other attractions
The  Chablis, St.Bris -le -Vineux, and Irancy vineyards are within a half  hour’s drive from Mailly le Chateau. Be sure to stop by Denis Race, 5 Rue de Chichée, Chablis, 0386424587, if you’re looking for some excellent and very reasonably priced Chablis. He is open every day, morning and afternoon,

To try some of our local crémant from it’s producer,( in an extremely dramatic setting), stop by the Caves de Bailly, (just a 15 minute drive): Les Caves de Bailly Lapierre, Hameau de Bailly, Quai de l’Yonne, tel: 0386537777, open every morning and afternoon,

For a guided tour through the Burgundy vineyards, or to arrange wine tastings, consult  Brendan Moore of Wine Liaisons, 06 74 75 42 24.

Vezelay , a launching site for the crusades in the Middle Ages, crowned by the Ste. Madeleine basillica containing some of the finest examples of Romanesque sculpture, is within a 20 minute drive from Mailly le Chateau. For a nice meal in the environs of Vezelay go to ‘Aux Deux Ponts’: 1 Route de Vezelay, 89450, in Pierre Perthuis, a ten minute drive from Vezelay, tel: 0386323131,  or for something more upscale, (where you’d need a reservation), try Marc Menau’s Espérance, in Saint Père, 22 Grande Rue, 89450, Saint Père, tel: 0386333910,
Montréal is a lovely medieval village about 10 minutes outside of Avallon,
For a tour of a prehistoric cave visit the Grottes D’Arcy just outside of Arcy sur Cure, (a ten minute drive from the Chateau), RN6, 89270, Arcy sur Cure, tel: 0386819063,

The Chateau of Ancy –Le-Franc is a beautiful renaissance chateau built in 1546 by the Italian architect Sebastien Serlio, about a 45 minute drive north east,

The Chateau de Tanlay is another impressive example of renaissance architecture not far from Ancy-Le-Franc,

For a delicious meal in a beautiful setting try the restaurant in the Chateau de Vault de Lugny, about a 20 minute drive from the Chateau, 11 Rue du Chateau, 89200, Vault de Lugny, tel: 0386340786, reservations required,

Local Amenities
Nearest Airport auxerre branches, private, or Orly, Paris

(26-30 km)

Nearest Village in town

(1 km)

Nearest Restaurant in town, 300meters

(1 km)

The Region

Renowned throughout the world for its venerable wines, Burgundy is an essential destination for those who appreciate the finer aspects of the winemaker’s art. This is a region where you can visit some of the oldest and most prestigious vineyards in the world and taste wines that are regularly regarded as the best France has to offer (which is saying something). As one of the richest regions of France for hundreds of years, Burgundy also offers a wealth of history and culture as well as beautiful landscapes that offer the adventurous visitor plenty of stuff to do, even if it’s just a walk to admire the scenery. If you’re booking one of our fantastic villas and chateaux in Burgundy, you’ll want to read this fantastic Burgundy travel guide to find all the best things to do, see, eat and drink. 

Download our Burgundy Travel Guide >>

Catering & Services

At Oliver’s Travels we pride ourselves on going that little bit further for our guests. If there is anything you would like to arrange for your stay, please contact the Oliver’s VIP Concierge Team who will be happy to help. We can usually help you arrange any of the following:

- Cook/catering
- Maid service/extra cleaning
- Local day-trips or tours
- Airport pick-up/drop-off
- Babysitting service
- Welcome hamper/pre-stocked fridge

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so please just contact Oliver’s VIP Concierge Team to help you arrange any of those little extras that can really make the difference.

Enjoy gourmet dining experiences with our new Chef Service!
We’re now offering our customers the chance to enjoy some unforgettable eats with our new Chef Service! Choose from booking a single sumptuous meal with a private chef for that special occasion, or hire a chef to cook your meals for all or part of your holiday - it’s as flexible as it is delicious.

A) Single Meal Service: A chef will travel to this villa and whip up a fantastic meal for you and your guests. The chef will arrive with all the necessary ingredients as well as the talent to turn them into something unforgettable. They’ll serve the meal and clear up afterwards - an easy and entertaining way to enjoy a top quality meal in your very own villa!

B) Full Chef Service: If you really want to kick back and relax, we can arrange for a chef to cater for the duration of your holiday (or part of it). With a range of options from simple family catering to full-on haute cuisine, we can organise a meal plan and a price to suit your needs. So why worry about self-catering when you can have everything taken care of?

Of course, before booking this service, we suggest you contact the property owner as they might already offer a similar cook or chef service in-house. To find out more simply visit

Terms & Conditions

Security deposit Please enquire prior to arrival. This is paid on arrival and will be refunded in full after departure subject to damage inspection. Arrival time Any time.
Departure time Any time. Energy costs included? Included.
Linen & towels included? Included. Pets welcome? Pets allowed.
Changeover day Any day of the week. Smoking Allowed? No smoking in the property.
Insurance It is a mandatory requirement for all customers to taken out insurance for their stay




Best Suited For: All Ages

Baby and Toddler Equipment
Kids Activities Close-by
High chair(s)
Walkable Village/Town
Walkable Pub/Restaurant
Lots to see: Outstanding landscapes
Lots to do: Outdoor pursuit & activities
Lots to visit: Tourist towns & villages
Baby and Toddler Equipment
Kids Activities Close-by
Onsite Facilities
Services Available
High chair(s)
Walkable Village/Town
Bicycles provided
Walkable Pub/Restaurant
Indoor games
Lots to see: Outstanding landscapes
Gated/fenced grounds
Lots to do: Outdoor pursuit & activities
Lots to visit: Tourist towns & villages

Rental Rates

Prices below are based on an occupancy of 33 people.

Rental period 2 Nights 3 Nights Weekly
July 21st 2017 - January 6th 2018 - - £12,135.95
January 6th 2018 - January 5th 2019 - - £12,135.95
January 5th 2019 - January 22nd 2019 - - £12,135.95

Prices below are based on an occupancy of 33 people.

Rental period 2 Nights 3 Nights Weekly
July 21st 2017 - January 6th 2018 - - €13,010.51
January 6th 2018 - January 5th 2019 - - €13,010.51
January 5th 2019 - January 22nd 2019 - - €13,010.51

Prices below are based on an occupancy of 33 people.

Rental period 2 Nights 3 Nights Weekly
July 21st 2017 - January 6th 2018 - - $15,129.21
January 6th 2018 - January 5th 2019 - - $15,129.21
January 5th 2019 - January 22nd 2019 - - $15,129.21

Owner Profile

Property Owner

How long have you owned the property?
12 years

What was it about the property that you first fell in love with?
I fell in love for its location.

Are there any interesting stories in its history?
It's history goes back to the 9th century. It has been destroyed and rebuilt many times. The last resident of the Chateau that existed before it was destroyed during the revolution was Angrey D'Allerey, a finance minister of Louis XIV. He was sent to the guillotine for having sent money to his children abroad.

Have you ever had any famous guests staying?
Putin's inner circle.

What’s the strangest or most difficult guest request you’ve ever received?
A request that we rent a troop of horses in order to simulate a medieval battle on our lawn.

For anyone coming to stay is there anything in the surrounding area they should...
Really do?
Visit wineries, go biking, hiking and boating. You should also visit the surrounding medieval villages of Vezelay, Montreal and others.

Really eat?
The outstanding meals produced by our fantastic onsite chefs.

Really see?
The views from just about every vantage point on this property.

Lastly, what insider tip would you pass on about the property or the area?
The region of the Yonne between Mailly le Chateau and Avallon is one of the most beautiful, bucolic areas in Burgundy and within a reasonable distance from Paris.


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