Behind the Scenes

The wonder. The anticipation. The sheer joy when you’re staying in a unique holiday home; we wanted to capture the essence of going on an Oliver’s Travels holiday. So we found the Goldings and told them we wanted to send them on a family trip, but didn’t tell them where, as we wanted to reflect the excitement of arriving to one of our villas and the amazing experiences families can have there.

So, where did we send them? To Bastide des Remparts - an extraordinary 19th-century villa complete with medieval fortress in the dazzling French Riviera. A total French paradise, the villa is set in an enclosed family estate where the Golding's could relax in the Provençal gardens, dine al fresco under a 250-year-old oak tree and go for a swim in the pool. It truly was perfect for the whole family.

As with most of our villas, it was wonderfully located for discovering local villages, outdoor activities and just soaking up the French lifestyle; this made for lovely family days out wandering quaint cobbled streets, kayaking, visiting lavender fields and simply making unforgettable memories.

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Inspired by the Goldings experience in the lovely Bastide des Remparts

As with most of Oliver's Travels properties, this villa truly has The Wow Factor. A lush and peaceful paradise, the family-owned 8.5-hectare estate is one of the Côte d’Azur’s oldest and most beautiful properties, surrounded by captivating landscapes and glorious gardens. With private access to the 13th-century fortress and stunning views of the French Riviera, it’s an idyllic setting for a French escape with the family. And after being in the villa business for over 15 years and being absolute experts in French villas and chateaux, we certainly know a thing or two about what the perfect villa holiday is.

From characterful villas to breath-taking chateaux, you can be sure that we have many more amazing holiday homes just like this one; and, if you're interested in learning more about how our Destination Experts handpick each villa, head to The Oliver's Way.

So, who are the Goldings? There’s mum Coral, dad Ali, grandma and their two girls, Ava and Sufi. Documenting their stay was such a pleasure - probably because they were enjoying themselves so much! The girls could let their imaginations run wild in the medieval château and enclosed gardens, whereas the adults could enjoy the characterful villa and unrivalled views of its surroundings. And as a family they could all enjoy the private pool, al fresco dining space and nearby picturesque villages and activities. 

At Oliver's Travels we pride ourselves on giving families and groups the best possible experience, and our Concierge team is always on hand to help organize anything from fridge stocking and catering to excursions and activities.

PS. Wondering what they're up to now? Check out Coral's Insta!

Bastide des Remparts has a great story to tell - just like most of our villas which are as individual as their owners, where you'll find that the history and many personal touches truly make them all one-of-a-kind.

It was built in the 12th-century with the sole purpose of defending Provence. It has been in the Panisse-Passis family since 1742 and thankfully for all of us, in 2018 the family decided to work with Oliver's Travels to allow other families to rent their summer home and enjoy the bliss that a group can have while on holiday there. 

We sat down with Jacques and he was able to explain why this villa is the ideal holiday home, and the history behind it. 

Check out the video of Jacques himself giving us a Tour of the Property (and more Owner' stories) >

Like the Goldings, we are sure you'll also find a villa you'll fall in love with.