If you’re planning a villa holiday in Lesbos, your priorities probably include booking in some beach time, taking a boat trip and exploring the island’s archaeological wonders. However, you may be surprised to learn that this up-and-coming holiday hotspot is actually home to some excellent dining venues. To help you get your teeth into the local foodie scene, we’ve rounded up the best restaurants in Lesbos to try on your next trip – and there’s so much more than mezze plates and gyros on the menu.

The Women’s Co-Operative of Petra, Petra

Started in 1983 by the Ministry of Sexual Equality, the Women’s Co-Operative helps local women to make an independent living. The result is excellent restaurants like this one, boasting beautiful views of Petra from its balcony. You’ll feast your eyes on similarly inviting scenes once the food arrives, diving in to discover rich stews, freshly caught fish and ample vegetable dishes. Book a table at sunset and you’ll definitely thank yourself for the forward planning!

Sarandos, Anaxos

KleftikoFound between Anaxos Beach and Petra, Sarandos is widely considered one of the best restaurants in Lesbos and especially loved among locals – so we’re sure your tastebuds will be in for a treat! Expect large portions of Greek classics, all served with a smile in a traditional taverna setting. We’d suggest trying the beloved kleftiko lamb dish, shrimp saganaki, or their selection of fresh mezze.

Tropicana, Molyvos

You’ll have to travel a steep (but short) path to reach this restaurant, but it’s well worth the effort for what awaits. Family-owned and run, it offers local fare at reasonable prices, with attentive servers on hand to explain the menu. Be sure to try the fresh juices if dining at breakfast, while homemade ice cream is available come lunchtime.

Travelling with vegans? You’ll be pleased to know that there are several plant-based options here, including various salads, soups, freshly baked bread and a vegetable risotto.

Friends, Molyvos

GyrosIf you want good food fast that will fuel you up for an afternoon of exploring, Friends is our number one option. This unfussy spot prepares fresh gyros (meat served in pitas) to order, with queues spilling out the door when midday strikes. Want to skip the line? Order ahead for takeaway and delivery, strolling on your way with this Greek specialty held smugly in one hand.

Misirlou, Molyvos

If you’re looking to take a break from Greek cuisine throughout your stay, come to Misirlou for a taste of the wild west. Boasting a bold American diner-style setting, this unexpected restaurant prepares sky-high burgers, huge pizzas and crispy french fries to satisfy your junk food cravings. However, the biggest draw here is undoubtedly the cocktails – unique, cheap, and with harbour views served on the side.

Kafeneion O Ermis, Mytilene

OuzoNo evening meal in Lesbos is complete without a glass of ouzo – so why not check out the place that started it all? Kafeneion O Ermis is the oldest kafeneio-ouzeri (Greek coffee and ouzo) in Lesbos, dating back to 1800. Today, it serves 15 different varieties of ouzo alongside a selection of delicious mezze plates – think stuffed courgette flowers, fried cheeses, fresh pasta and souvlaki. 

Gorgona Restaurant, Skala Eresou

Looking directly out to sea, Gorgona Restaurant will have you feeling like you’re living in a Greek dream. Predominantly providing dishes that are native to the region, this family-friendly spot happily caters to those with specific dietary requirements, meaning everyone can eat and then leave happy (or not so happy – if it were us, we’d want to stay here forever!)

Tastebuds tingling? It’s time to book your next Greek holiday, with our selection of holiday villas in Lesbos ready to host you and your family. And, if you’re wanting to explore the rest of the country, check out our blog on the best villas in Greece, covering Corfu, Crete, Mykonos and more.

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