The honeymoon. The least stressful part of wedding planning, let’s face it. No fallouts with relatives you barely know over seat plans, no anxiety over the thought of not finding the perfect dress (although maybe some over the perfect bikini), and no time spent agonizing over flower arrangements. This is your reward for all your hard work (and of course, spending quality time with your loved one… which isn’t secondary at all!)

But where do you go?! We understand you’re probably so done with researching and planning, so we’ve aimed to make it just a little bit easier with our list of the top 10 honeymoon destinations. The hardest choice will be where to pick!

Greece | Mexico | Italy | Croatia | Bali | South Africa | Caribbean | Thailand | Bahamas


Greece is the ultimate Mediterranean destination for your honeymoon – the islands make the perfect spot for a romantic getaway. They’re fringed by powder-white beaches and provide incredible sunset views over the ocean. Whether you’re taking a dip in the azure water, relaxing on a sun-lounger, devouring the incredibly fresh seafood or exploring ancient villages, Greece is undoubtedly an idyllic honeymoon destination.

top 10 honeymoon destinations greece honeymoon

Santorini: For picture-perfect views, volcanic landscapes, and copious amounts of wine tasting.
Corfu: For lush scenery, Venetian architecture and the authentic Greek soul of the Old Town.
Mykonos: For vibrant nightlife, upmarket dining scenes and a beach for every mood (there are 25 on the island!)
Kefalonia: For hidden coves and bays, mountainous surroundings and water-based activities (think sea kayaking and diving.)

Best time to visit Greece:

You’ll get good weather in Greece if you visit anytime between May and October, but if you want to avoid the hottest months (July and August) as well as the tourists, the best time to visit for your honeymoon would be June or September (avg. temp is around 25°.)


If you’re looking to go a little further afield for your honeymoon, then Mexico is a destination worth looking into. Crystal-clear water, ancient ruins, jungles and sugar-white beaches put Mexico firmly on the map as a honeymoon hotspot (not to mention the idea of sipping margaritas on a beach!) Plus, if you’re a fan of Mexican food at home, then you’re going to be in a foodie dream here – because it’s so much better in its native land.

top 10 honeymoon destinations mexico honeymoon

Tulum: For palm-fringed golden beaches, magical cenotes (natural limestone sinkholes – perfect swim spots!) and ancient Mayan ruins.
Playa Del Carmen: For coastal resort vibes – boutique shopping, upmarket dining, trendy beaches and unbelievable diving.
San Miguel de Allende: For baroque Spanish architecture, cobblestoned streets and historical attractions.
Mérida: For the culture capital of the Yucatán Peninsula – colonial architecture blended with Mayan ruins; a vibrant city with a jam-packed calendar.

Best time to visit Mexico:

Mexico is the ideal place to escape the miserable UK winter months because the dry season is from December to April. We’d recommend visiting March or April (the average temp is around 26°) as December to February can be a little cooler.


You think about a romantic destination, and Italy is one of – if not the – top country that springs to mind. And why wouldn’t it be? Italy gives off romantic notions in spades. From the rolling hills of the countryside, sun-soaked afternoons tasting wine in the heart of a vineyard, al fresco dining in vibrant courtyards (not to mention the actual food itself) and undeniably beautiful sunsets over the coast; you don’t even need to try when it comes to Italy. It’s naturally seductive, romantic and incredibly diverse.

top 10 honeymoon destinations italy honeymoon

Tuscany: For rural retreats in the countryside, Renaissance art and foodie havens.
Puglia: For baroque architecture, extensive coastline and UNESCO World Heritage Sites (there are 3.)
Cinque Terre: For pesto (native to the region), incredible seafood and a dramatically interesting landscape – a mosaic of colourful houses, hiking trails, vineyards and rugged coastline.
Sicily: For rich history, sparkling seas and volcanic landscapes that make it an outdoor adventurers’ playground.

Best time to visit Italy:

Like a lot of places in Europe, the best time to visit Italy is in the shoulder seasons. Either April to June or September to October, when temperatures are still warm (and not unbearable) but the tourist hordes have thinned out.


Croatia is quickly making a name for itself on the list of top European destinations to visit – from its bountiful history, ancient walled towns, dazzling coastline and lush-green national parks, the country is perfect for those looking for a Mediterranean honeymoon that has a bit of everything.

top 10 honeymoon destinations croatia honeymoon

Heart-shaped Galesnjak Island

Dubrovnik: For medieval-walled city vibes, Game of Thrones fandom, and Adriatic Sea vistas.
Istria: For world-class gastronomy, rural vineyard scenery and charming hilltop villages.
Hvar: For long sun-drenched days (the sunniest spot in Croatia), luxurious beaches and an air of exclusivity.
Korčula: For age-old Croatian traditions, sandy beaches, olive groves and a picturesque medieval-walled old town.

Best time to visit Croatia:

You can visit Croatia anytime between May – September and be blessed with great weather and warmer waters. Like any other European country, shoulder season is the most comfortable time to visit (so not July and August), in terms of temperature, prices and crowds. 


Looking for an exotic paradise that offers a selection of idyllic islands, rich spiritual culture, and luxurious places to stay? Then the Indonesian gem of Bali is the perfect match. Jungle-clad temples, yoga-fuelled retreats and volcanic landscapes make this little slice of heaven an absolute must on anyone’s travel radar, particularly as a honeymoon destination.

top 10 honeymoon destinations bali honeymoon

Uluwatu: For beautiful coastal vistas, top-class surf, and an upmarket dining scene.
Ubud: For tranquillity, serenity and a tropical jungle land inhabited by diverse wildlife.
Seminyak: For an upscale Indonesian retreat, with fine dining, luxury spas and golden beaches that make the perfect sunset viewing spot with a cocktail or two.
Canggu: For an extensive coastline, peppered with black-sand beaches, exclusive beach clubs and full to the brim with surf spots. It’s the ultimate beach getaway.

Best time to visit Bali:

Visit Bali outside of the high season (July and August) as prices can skyrocket, the weather can be unbearably hot, and it’s inundated with tourists. Your best bet? April to June or September – this time of year is still dry season, and it’s less crowded. The visibility for snorkelling and diving is better in these months too. 

South Africa

Take a walk on the wild side, explore the outdoors or soak up the urban lifestyle of South Africa. An incredibly diverse country, you could be wine-tasting in the Western Cape one minute and hiking up a mountain the next. Not forgetting the wilderness safaris, spotting the Big 5 and the epic Garden Route… a road trip wonderland!

top 10 honeymoon destinations south africa honeymoon

Cape Town: For natural wonders (Table Mountain National Park), surf spots and a melting pot of cultures. 
Kruger National Park: For spotting the Big 5, of course!
Port Elizabeth: For sweeps of beaches, wildlife reserves and thrilling water sports.
Stellenbosch: For an assortment of vineyards (meaning lots of wine-tasting!) mountainous nature reserves and colonial history.

Best time to visit South Africa:

There are varied regional climates across South Africa. November to February is the dry season in the Cape, so the ideal time to visit. May to September is the perfect time for safari in the northern regions, like Kruger National Park. Basically, if you want to visit a safari, make sure you go in the dry season of that region (when the animals will congregate around watering holes.)


A firm favourite for romantic escapades, the Caribbean offers a wealth of options for your fairy-tale honeymoon. With luxurious places to lay your head to private beaches and exclusive resorts, world-class dining and welcoming locals, dazzling ocean views and dramatic mountainous scenery… the Caribbean will always impress.

top 10 honeymoon destinations caribbean honeymoon

Barbados: For swathes of natural beauty, from limestone caves with pools to coral-filled waters and rainforest gardens.
Jamaica: For British-Colonial architecture, incredible diving spots, the birthplace of reggae music, local culinary delights, and soft sandy beaches.
St. Lucia: For hidden beaches, otherworldly rainforest scenery and a totally luxurious getaway.
Dominican Republic: For hundreds of kilometres of coastline, diversely decorated with palm trees and cliff faces, lush jungle and Carnival celebrations. 

Best time to visit the Caribbean:

This is the perfect destination if you’re having a winter wedding (or you just want to use your honeymoon as a way of escaping the winter) because the best time to visit the Caribbean is between December and April as it’s drier, slightly cooler and not amid hurricane season.


Thailand deserves a spot on the honeymoon destination hit list because, just like the other tropical getaways, it’s home to paradisiacal islands, and luxury hotspots and offers a lifestyle that’s warm and inviting. Not to mention the incredible food.

top 10 honeymoon destinations thailand honeymoon

Koh Samui: For sugar-white beaches, vibrant nightlife, coconut groves and luxurious places to stay.
Phuket: For mountainous rainforest vistas, high-end seaside resorts and lively night spots.
Koh Tao: For incredible diving, laid-back island life and coastal jungles that are perfect for hiking.
Koh Nang Yuan: For crystal-clear waters perfect for snorkelling, powder-white beaches, a beach bar and panoramic vistas (after a steep-ish hike.)

Best time to visit Thailand:

It’s best to visit in the dry season, which is between November and April – great weather without the potential of a monsoon.


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