Corfu’s appeal extends far beyond its lush scenery and sandy coastline. Renowned for its UNESCO World Heritage status, blankets of olive groves and bountiful produce, Corfu’s layers of history can be found just about everywhere. Visiting Corfu is a given. But figuring out where to start is a smidge harder. That said, we’ve taken the legwork out of planning your holiday and figured out the best way to spend a week in Corfu. We’ve broken it down to suit all ages and tastes but how you use the information is up to you. 

Here’s our itinerary for how to spend a week on Corfu Island

Firstly, make sure you get to know the area with this map of the island:

The best beaches in Corfu

Being an island, Corfu is fringed with a smattering of golden and white-sand beaches – some secluded bays and others, busy family affairs. No matter the type of beach you’re looking for, whether you’re all about lounging around and basking in the sun, or just want to head in the water to snorkel and dive, we’ve rounded up our five favourite stretches of sand.

Porto Timoni beach in Corfu

Arguably the best beach in Corfu – Porto Timoni 

  • Porto Timoni is perhaps the prettiest beach on the entire island. Nestled on the west coast of Corfu, near Afionas village, the beach can be reached by boat or on foot (most visitors choose the latter). At first glance, the hike to the beach appears to be easy. But we’re not going to sugarcoat it for you – it’s a vigorous trek of about 40 minutes and requires some sturdy shoes. It’s not ideal for families with young children, but totally suited to adventurous travellers looking to explore the off-the-beaten-track sights. Once there, we promise it’ll feel like paradise. PSA: there are no beach facilities, so you’ll need to bring enough water, food and suncream for the day.
  • Secluded and romantic, Agni Beach is the place to laze around and enjoy the sun. It hides at the bottom of a steep hill with not much to do but soak in the sea and have a meal at one of the three restaurants available. The beach is pebbled, but there are plenty of sunbeds available for restaurant visitors.
  • Roda Beach is particularly great for families. The water here is calm, which makes it safe for little ones (and anyone with a fear of water) to paddle in. The beach also caters to teens and young adults with its exceptional flurry of water-sports. Although nothing beats eating homemade sandwiches on the beach, there’s a selection of family-friendly tavernas just a few strides away.
  • Kavos Beach is spot on for anyone looking to recreate Channel 4’s ‘What Happens in Kavos’. You’ll find sleepy party animals recovering from the night before, sunburnt Brits wearing SPF 20, restaurants serving the ultimate post-hangover meal and you’ll even find banana boat rides and bungee jumps. Bottoms up! 
  • It’s difficult to do Longas Beach justice in a matter of words, but here we go. It’s our go-to sunset beach thanks to its complete absence of sunbeds, umbrellas, water-sports and lack of restaurants. In short, there’s nothing on the beach. But where it lacks in amenities it makes up for with incredible views. Sculpted by reddish cliffs, it’s the best spot in Corfu to watch the sunset with a beer in hand.

Best places to visit and things to do in Corfu

View of entrance at old fortress of Corfu (Kerkyra) island. Medieval fortress on a rocky peninsula offering sweeping sea views & historic churches.

The entrance to the Old Fortress of Corfu

  • Take a break from Corfu’s good-looking beaches and visit Mount Pantokrator. Overlooking the islands’ northeast region and standing at 906 metres tall, Corfu’s highest mountain is a must-see. How you reach the summit is up to your energy levels, but the majority choose to drive, hike or cycle. Once you make it to the mountaintop, you’ll find a quaint cafe, a timeless monastery and a telecommunication station, all to be admired. Only then will you really appreciate the panoramic views over the whole of Corfu, as well as Albania! And on especially clear days, they say it’s possible to see Italy, despite it being around 130km away.
  • Explore Corfu’s epic coastline from the water with a private boat hire at the harbour in Kassiopi. Stop at some of the most beautiful beaches and hidden coves on the island throughout your day, and make sure you stop for lunch at Taverna Agni in Agnii bay (more on that in our Food & Drink section below…).
  • Pace the corridors of Achilleion Palace. About 10km’s south-west of Corfu, visitors are welcomed to step back to 1890, when Empress Elizabeth of Austria built the palace to escape the tragedies of her life. The tour takes you through to see the palace grounds, Elizabeth’s Catholic chapel and the unspeakable art that captures the essence of a time gone by. Tour aside, the palace has had more than one claim to fame. Royalists will already know that Prince Phillip was born there, but it was also the set of the casino in For Your Eyes Only – one for all the James Bond fans out there.
  • Thanks to Corfu’s stunning ocean vistas and crystal-clear water, boat trips aren’t in short supply. And with so much choice available, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect itinerary for your party. If you’re in the mood for a boat trip of the lively variety, you’ll love the Crazy Speedboat. This over-water adventure showcases the best of the island’s scenery with plenty of Corfu’s party spirit thrown in for good measure. The powerboat zips out onto the water, dropping anchor at the Blue Lagoon for a swim and a glass of champagne, before heading back to shore at 75 – very wet – miles per hour.
  • Hiker or not, one of the best ways to see the island is to walk part of the Corfu Trail. The trail runs for 137-miles along the whole island and makes for some impressive viewing. But you’ll never manage to walk the same trail twice, not if the changing landscape has anything to do with it. From rolling olive groves to pristine beaches, you’ll discover Corfu at its best.
  • For a slice of the touristy action, visit the Old Fortress of Corfu Town. It actually used to be the first line of defence against pirates and colonizers – pretty cool right? Pirates may be a thing of the past, but you can still visit the tunnels and battlements!
  • Soak in the oldest and best-preserved mountain village on Corfu with a drive up to Old Perithia for a walk and a traditional lunch. You’ll find this designated area of Natural Beauty below Mount Pantokrator on the northeast corner of the island. Dating back to the 14th Century, it’s the oldest example of mountain village life in Corfu you can still visit today. Take your time to walk the old paths between ruins and restored houses and then rest your feet at one of the tavernas.

Family-friendly activities

Aqualand Corfu

Make a splash at Aqualand 

  • When you need a break from the beach, head to one of Corfu’s waterparks. The mix of slides, splash zones and pools keep kids cool and entertained for hours, plus there are usually loungers, pool bars and cafés where grown-ups can hang about. If you only visit one waterpark on the island, make it Aqualand. The designers behind Disney theme parks worked on the rides here, which should give you an idea of what to expect. 
  • To see Corfu’s marine life in its natural environment, head out on a glass-bottomed boat cruise with Nautilus Underwater Experience and discover the kaleidoscopic world beneath the waves.
  • The townsfolk have kept this secret all to themselves, but don’t worry we’re spilling the beans. Just a 10-minute boat trip from the town will get you to the island of Vidos. Unspoilt with no glitz and glam in sight, Vidos is the perfect place for families to spend the day. Here you can feed rabbits, bird watch, swim and plenty of eating. Speaking of eating, the tavernas serve super simple dishes, so don’t expect posh nosh. 
  • If your children love horses, Trailriders is a must. Corfu’s olive grove and vineyard-scattered landscape deserve at least a day of exploring and there are few better ways to see it than from the back of a horse. After riding, the children can hand feed the horses apples and carrots as a treat. It’s a day out the whole family will remember.

Corfu’s food and drink scene


Family-run Taverna Agni is a must!

  • If you’re well acquainted with British pies, then you’re in for a mouth-watering and moreish treat. The Loustri Pie Festival requires a hefty appetite and a will to indulge in as many pies as possible. Trust us, it’s worth every morsel of deliciousness. The town baker and other locals create huge layered vegetable and filo pastry constructions, competing to make the best pie of the festival. Pair the pies with local wine and music – where you’ll dance into the early hours of the morning. That is if you can still move after all that food.
  • The family-run Taverna Agni has an idyllic, homely vibe. The menu changes daily to ensure everything’s as fresh as it can be. The restaurant overlooks a picturesque jetty, which serves as a pickup and drop off point for Taverna Agni’s speedboat taxi service for diners from surrounding bays and coves.
  • Frequently named among the island’s top 10 restaurants, Pyramid has built a stellar reputation based on both its high-quality food and spectacular location. The stone and marble dining room overlooks the restaurant’s own private stretch of beach, so the menu of Greek favourites is served up with a side of ocean views. Their traditional feta cheese in pastry is to die for.

The Best Foodie Experiences in Corfu
Corfu for Families 
The Best Group Activities in Corfu


Where to Stay in Corfu…

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  1. cheryl teubes

    we visiting Corfu 10 to 17
    august and will hire a car. we are a mature active couple wanting a greek experience not a resort vibe. good swimming beaches without disco music, traditional tavernas, some hiking perhaps. would you suggest staying in one place or moving around. it is high season so accommodation will probably have to be prebooked, any suggestions welcome thanks cheryl from cape town

    • Rachael

      Hi Cheryl! It’s best to stay somewhere centrally and then most places will be within an hours drive. Our Perama View or Villa Viros could be an option for you. Hiking unfortunately, will be a bit of a no-go as temperatures in August are too high really. A few places we love is Rovina Beach, Kalami (featured in the Durrells) is a beautiful bay. Perama is located on the eastern side of Corfu, about seven kilometres south of the town of Corfu and just opposite the Mouse island, and is connected with Kanoni by a pedestrian bridge. Corfu town has a great atmosphere in the evening. Hope this gives you something to work with 🙂 enjoy your holiday!


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