He/she popped the question, you said yes, you’ve updated your Facebook status to ‘engaged’, shared a picture of your finely jewelled finger and texted all your family and friends. You’re on cloud 9 and we totally get it! BUT…

We don’t like to be the bearers of bad news but unfortunately, you’ll most likely soon wake up from your prenuptial dream with a terrible euphoria-induced hangover and it will be time to sit down and start planning your special day. And in all honesty, this can be a stressful affair!

In more ways than one planning a wedding is like giving birth: you feel like you’ve got plenty of time and yet you feel rushed in the home stretch! Everyone tells you how amazing and life-changing it will be but no one really tells you the details of what is happening backstage, you know – the ugly truths!

So if you’re overwhelmed by all the lists, boards and ideas coming from all sides (not to mention your mum’s very own vision on how your day should go) we’ve got the right tool: you tell us what aspects of wedding planning you need help with and we will send you your very own checklist, along with a timeline to make sure you remember to send the invites on time and don’t have to settle for your little brother’s friend for your music!

All you need now is to fix yourself a drink, tick the boxes and relax while we do the ugly work!

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