Wondering where to go in June? If, like us, you’re daydreaming of sunbaked coastlines and countryside walking spots, then look no further. We’re way ahead of you with our top six picks of the best places to visit for the first month of summer. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, there’s something in store for everyone in our curated selection of destinations.

1. Slovenia


From the Adriatic coastline to the central mountains, thermal springs, stunning lakes and cities untouched by time, Slovenia really packs a punch in such a small space! With neighbours like Italy, Austria and Croatia, this little country can be unfairly overlooked, but its ‘hidden’ nature gives it a real charm. Slovenia is an all-year-round destination for sure, with forests turning golden orange in autumn and mountains donning a snowy cap in winter… but summer is when Slovenia really comes alive. Make sure to take a dip in the magical Lake Bled and find a pontoon to lounge out on under the Slovenian sunshine

Average Temperatures: 12-24°C

Where to Stay: Bohinj Lodge | Maribor House | Knights Castle

2. Scotland, United Kingdom

best holiday destinations in may

We know what you’re thinking but hear us out. Yes, Scotland is known for its notoriously lousy weather, and sure, you won’t be going for mai-tais on the beach. However, Scotland in Spring is one of the best places in the UK so we couldn’t resist putting it on this list. Since this is the time when fruit trees are blooming, and the pesky highland rains become more of a rare occurrence, you’ll be able to appreciate the Scottish landscapes and cities in all their magnificent sunny glory. Enjoy the breeze, put on a woolly hat and explore this cultural treasure as the locals would. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Average Temperatures: 7-13°C

Where to Stay: Cameron North Lodge | Greystone Lodge | Argyll Barn

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3. Madeira, Portugal

best holiday destinations in may

While winters in Madeira can get quite rainy and cool, it is one of the best Mediterranean islands to visit in June when the dry, warm summer weather begins to take its place. Its volcanic island scenery shows its absolute best face in the West African sun, and there is no better time to hit the epic walking trails and black sand beaches than before they get too hot. Although the days are delightfully warm and seaside-friendly, don’t forget to pack some warmer clothes for your evening explorations. It would be a shame to miss out on the outdoor seating at Funchal’s most charming restaurants simply due to the lack of an outer layer.

Average Temperatures: 16-21°C

Where to Stay: Villa Aveiro | Villa Horizonte | Casa Deluxe Funchal

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4. Lanzarote, Canary Islands

best holiday destinations in may

Thanks to its breathtaking volcanic desert climate, Lanzarote stays warm for most of the year. In June, however, it’s just getting its first taste of summer which means rainfall is a thing long forgotten and the days are long and sunny. All that and no more than a four-hour flight from the UK makes Lanzarote quite the dream destination in the shoulder season. We couldn’t think of a better time to climb a volcano, explore the mysteries of Timanfaya National Park, tour a vineyard where the vines grow in volcanic ash or take to the beautiful beaches and rock pools. Hiking, cycling and water sports are the favourite local pastimes, so prepare to break up the lounging with some active excursions as well.

Average Temperatures: 17-25°C

Where to Stay: Villa Amethyst | Lanzarote Blasco | Villa Alonza

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5. Rhodes, Greece

best holiday destinations in may

With summer rapidly approaching, Rhodes is lush and warm during the month of June, with little to no rain and seemingly endless sunshine. In fact, Rhodes has the longest-lasting summer of all its sister islands in Greece, and so it makes for one of the best shoulder-season destinations in the Med. The expansive coastline allows for long and lovely days on the beach, and while the ocean is cool, you can still go for a swim if you’re feeling brave. Once you’ve had your share of sand and saltwater, don’t forget to take a stroll through the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Rhodes Town and explore its cobblestoned old town.

Average Temperatures: 15-24°C

Where to Stay: Villa Atavyria | Villa Mirtenis | Villa Vikelas

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6. Algarve, Portugal


Always wanted to visit the Algarve but been put off by the sweltering temperatures? Get ahead of the heat (and the crowds!) with a visit in June. The sea may be a little cool for some, but activities such as horse riding, wine tasting and birdwatching are sure to keep you busy. You’ll still need to pack that sunscreen though – the sun shines on with clear blue skies all but guaranteed.

Average Temperature: 17-24°C

Where to Stay: Villa Ferragudo | Casa de Praia | Villa Sunshine

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Now you know where to go in June, check out all our destinations on Oliver’s Travels. If you’re looking to make your summer getaway even more special, then contact our concierge team who can advise and help book some awesome extras!

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