Who doesn’t love a bit of quirkiness every now and again? Don’t get us wrong – there’s nothing wrong with a digestive biscuit, but every so often nothing but a jammy dodger will do. And the bigger your indulgence, the more important it is to be a bit quirky. That’s why we think that when you’re on the lookout for holiday accommodation, you definitely want to pick somewhere with a bit of character. After all, why spend your hard-earned money on a holiday and then stay in a bland hotel room that had all of its personality sucked out in 1987 – especially when you can get somewhere seriously swish for the same price?

Our range of luxury chateaux and villas in France includes some of the most stylish and memorable holiday homes you can find, and that’s saying something – when it comes to interior design, the French have been ahead of the curve for centuries. Whether you’re looking for Sun King-style opulence or something that’s a little bit chic and sexy, there’ll be something tempting in our portfolio – but to start you off, we’ve picked the quirkiest chateaux for you to enjoy below!


Chateau du Moulin

Quirky chateau

Location: Brittany

Sleeps: 13

Prices from: £153 per person per night

Chateau du Moulin’s location doesn’t get any better – Nestled in the peaceful seaside town of St-Malo just across the channel, Chateau du Moulin features a garden with access to the beach, and of course a brilliant sea view. Those who are experienced in sailing are at the right address: sailing tours are available around the Channel Islands.

Chateau Paquerette

Quirky chateau

Location: Aquitaine

Sleeps: 13

Prices from: £50 per person per night

While legend says that Queen Victoria built this beautiful chateau for her dressmaker, this has never been confirmed. However, Cheateu Paquerette won’t make you feel anything less than a king or queen. The outdoor pool and surrounding 7.5-acre park are perfect to soak in the fresh air and unwind, while the interior is great for dinners and gatherings with the whole family!

The Secret Hamlet

Quirky chateau

Location: Loire Valley

Sleeps: 27

Prices from: £58 per person per night

With two swimming pools, paths to River L’Anglin, and 6 additional buildings around the main building, The Secret Hamlet is a real luxury retreat on 35 acres. Covered in creepy vines and located on a woody hill in Loire Valley’s countryside, this chateau really is the real deal for you to relax and have a great time with your entire family. 

Chateau des Joyaux

Quirky chateau

Location: Loire Valley

Sleeps: Up to 50

Prices from: £520 per person per night

If you’ve ever fancied sleeping in your very own fairytale castle, a trip to Chateau des Joyaux is just the ticket! The interior features impressive rooms with large ceilings and charming furniture that will make you feel like royalty. The stunning outdoor grounds are just the cherry on top. 

Chateau de St Louis Keep

Quirky chateau

Location: Loire Valley

Sleeps: 16

Prices from: £87 per person per night

This chateau keep makes an incredible wedding and event venue with its luxury bedrooms and impressive outdoor site. Every bedroom has a fireplace, which immediately creates a cosy and familiar atmosphere. Here, you can truly live like the imperialistic elite!

Troubadour Castle

Quirky chateau

Location: Dordogne 

Sleeps: 20-30

Prices from: £90 per person per night

Troubador Castle will instantly make you travel back in time and feel like royalty -it dates all the way back to the 13th century, with an interior that will give you a great sense of nostalgia! Gothic bookcases, antique oil paintings, and huge bedrooms with ornated ceilings are only a few highlights. 

Chateau Joncaises

Quirky chateau

Location: Midi-Pyrenees

Sleeps: 20

Prices from: £42 per person per night

Nestled in the hillside in Midi-Pyrenees, this chateau boasts a 50 acre private ground – perfect for relaxing without any distraction! The 5-aside football pitch and gold court are a great way to keep up your fitness and even set up family tournaments while the jacuzzi is waiting for you to unwind. 

La Tour

Quirky chateau

Location: Normandy

Sleeps: 5

Prices from: £24 per person per night

What could be more appealing than your own tower by the beach? La Tour is a charming and attractive home that sits right by the shore, meaning you’ll be woken up every morning by the sound of the sea. It’s a snug and cosy little place that’s perfect for a romantic retreat or a family getaway where you want to make the most of the coast.

Chateau Lignol

Quirky chateau

Location: Brittany

Sleeps: 10

Prices from: £29 per person per night

With exposed wooden beams running through the interior and ornate 14th Century stylings outside, this miniature castle in the middle of the countryside is perfect for kicking back and feeling like the lord or lady of the manor! With rural bliss in every direction and plenty to explore, Chateau Lignol is the perfect mix of style and sophistication that still lets you feel like you’re getting away from it all.

Manoir Anoir

Quirky chateau

Location: Loire Valley

Sleeps: 6

Prices from: £31 per person per night

Enjoy the feeling of living the medieval life at Manoir Anoir! Inside you’ll find plush décor reminiscent of days gone by, and the fact that the whole thing is partly surrounded by a moat only adds to the ambience! In summer you can enjoy the beautiful grounds, but in the cooler months you’ll be hard pressed not to light the lounge’s impressive main fireplace and just sit around, enjoying the flickering firelight and a glass of some of the fantastic local wine.

Chateau Chamborigaud

Quirky chateau

Location: Languedoc

Sleeps: 18

Prices from: £63 per person per night

Enchanting Chateau Chamborigaud will captivate you as soon as you arrive. You will feel as though you are living in a Disney film. A wonderful traditional interior with quirky paintings and even an outdoor kitchen for the summer months! The chateau is moments away from great outdoor activities, such as, skiing, walking or watersports on the reservoir.

La Maison du Sud

Quirky chateau

Location: Languedoc

Sleeps: 7

Prices from: £26 per person per night

If you’re looking for a holiday that takes in the best of the South of France, La Maison du Sud’s unique charms will ensure you’ve got somewhere gorgeous to stay while you enjoy this fantastic part of France! Homely, inviting stonework is found throughout the interior creating a rustic but welcoming atmosphere, while the closeness of the local village and some beautiful towns to explore nearby only add to the magic.

Chateau des Nuits Blanches 

Quirky chateau

Location: Midi-Pyrenees

Sleeps: 50

Prices from: £68 per person per night

If you’re a fan of classical music, art or gastronomy, this bubbly Chateau is perfect for you. Overlooking the picturesque Gascogne hillside, this peaceful location is the perfect place to unwind. Its elegant interior is equipped to entertain large groups with ease. Gourmet jams are also prepared at the chateau that you can have with your breakfast or to take home as a souvenir, delicious!

This is just a summary of our favourite quirky French properties, we’ve got so much more to offer! Find your perfect holiday rental across Europe and the Caribbean! For any inquiries or questions, please contact our concierge team.

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