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People are influenced by travel in all aspects of their life, it goes without saying, but so much so that this is even guiding the way that they style their homes. Travellers often get struck by a certain destination’s unique and distinct style, like the bright, bold colours of Moroccan riads or the chic sophistication of Parisian apartments. A unique and distinct style that gives them inspiration for their own abodes. 

We know this feeling all too well being in the travel industry, so it got us thinking about which destinations are the most popular when it comes to interior decor. Using Google search data, we found out – both overall and also for each specific room of the house. So if you’re looking for a bit of design inspo, check out the results of the most searched-for travel-inspired design trends below.

The Most Popular Travel-Inspired Interior Trends

Signature Villa Ananti

Pictured: Signature Villa Ananti, Budva, Montenegro

Japanese’ secures first place overall for the most popular travel-inspired interior trends. This trend is grounded in simplicity and a connection to nature, often featuring clean lines, wooden textures, and a neutral palette. It keeps simplicity at its core by reducing ‘noisy’ clutter and using room dividers to create space.

Interior trends - coastal

Pictured: Casa Turquoise, Barbados, left; South Atlantic Crib, Barbados, right

Taking the second spot for the second most popular travel-inspired interior trend is ‘coastal’. This trend includes using neutral colours, mainly white, mixed with whimsical blue stripes and inspiring artwork of beachscapes, coral, and nautical scenes. It also brings in the beauty of shells along with driftwood and rattan where possible. This is inspired by the whimsical nature of coastal properties and people wanting to bring this laidback vibe into their own homes.

Interior trends - Scandi

Pictured: Ocean View Suite, Antigua, left; Villa Glorieuse, French Riviera, right

In third place overall for travel-inspired interior trends is ‘Scandi’, which derives from the design concepts in Scandinavia. A popular interior trend, it focuses on neutral colour palettes and mixed types of wood, whilst incorporating textures to keep it from feeling stark or clinical. The trend keeps things light and airy, whilst keeping true simplicity, giving it a pure, understated style.

The Most Popular Travel-Inspired Interior Trends For Living Rooms

When it comes to living rooms specifically, the most popular travel-inspired living room interior trend is ‘Scandi’. Think wooden floors, faux-fur blankets and textured rugs, and draping linen curtains. Perhaps a swanky, ivory-coloured sofa, a circular coffee table, well-placed prints of simple geometric shapes or foliage, and ample lighting to keep it cosy.

Comporta Beach Lux

Pictured: Comporta Beach Lux, Lisbon Coast, Portugal

A breathtaking example of a Scandi interior design living room is Comporta Beach Lux, which offers a minimal design yet a sumptuous finish. The living room, as well as throughout the entirety of the villa, offers crisp white walls, neutral-coloured floors, and wooden elements. A contemporary open fire and large, ivory-coloured, linen corner sofa make up most of the living room, being complimented by just a sleek coffee table and well-placed minimalist ornaments. 

The Most Popular Travel-Inspired Interior Trends For Kitchens

And for kitchens, coming out as the most popular travel-inspired interior trend is ‘Tuscan’, inspired by the Italian’s rustic, hearty taste in both food and decor. This trend gives a well-worn and comfortable atmosphere that welcomes guests immediately into the heart of the home with sturdy units, exposed wood and stone, and decorative metal. It also has a more ‘lived-in’ look than other interior styles too, with scratches and nicks visible and cooking equipment purposely not hidden away. 

Casale Eleganza - kitchen

Pictured: Casale Eleganza, Tuscany, Italy

Casale Eleganza has a stunning example of a Tuscan kitchen, being located on a 35-acre estate with a working vineyard and olive grove in the Tuscan Hils. The kitchen’s bright yellow hue gives it a very warm and inviting feel and is paired with lots of exposed wood and stone elements. A large dining table sits at the heart of the room, which is very Tuscan-esque, and this along with the scattering of utensils and ingredients really adds to the ‘lived-in’ style. 

The Most Popular Travel-Inspired Interior Trends For Bedrooms

When people are designing their bedrooms, the most popular travel-inspired trend is ‘Japanese’, suggesting that people are looking for a sense of zen in their sleeping quarters. The trend is highly sophisticated and simple, focusing on ‘less is more’. In a bedroom specifically, you can expect to find a classic Japanese low bed, which is said to offer many benefits, nudges to the orient, and the outside through plants.

Deluxe Villa Ananti - Bedroom

Pictured: Deluxe Villa Ananti, Budva, Montenegro

An example of a beautiful Japanese-influence property is Delux Villa Ananti. The bedroom incorporates wood on both the walls and floor with wooden panelling opposite the bed giving the room both texture and depth. Decorative elements include a large rug that resembles a traditional Japanese tatami mat and a wide motif behind the bed that depicts a natural, floral scene. 

The Most Popular Travel-Inspired Interior Trends For Bathrooms

Trends - bathrooms

Pictured: Villa Sorrentina, Amalfi Coast, Italy

And for bathrooms, the most popular travel-inspired trend is ‘coastal’, suggesting that people are keen to bring beach vibes to their bathtime. Often this incorporates wood whether distressed or white-painted, striped textiles, and nautical accessories including towels, bathmats, artwork and decorative pieces. Nudes, white, and blues are commonly used too, in order to keep the space feeling light and breezy. Villa Sorrentina's bathrooms are a great reflection of its waterside setting on the illustrious Amalfi Coast with shell-shaped tiles in multiple shades of blue and classic blue and white stripes.

The Most Popular Travel-Inspired Interior Trends For Nurseries  

Safari-themed nursey

Finally, when it comes to rooms for little people, the most popular travel-inspired trend for nurseries is ‘safari’. Inspired by nature, a safari-themed nursery incorporates earthy shades of yellow, green and brown, and brings the outdoors in with the use of natural materials - whether it be bamboo, rattan, or oak. Of course, no safari-inspired nursery would be complete without animal toys, cushions and wall hangings.


Some more Oliver's Travels homes with serious interior design eye candy:


Chateau Beau Medoc

Elsewhere in France, the magazine-spread-worthy Chateau Beau Medoc in the Médoc region outside Bordeaux gives guests a completely unexpected experience. Walk through the doors of this gorgeous 18th-century château and be met with a truly up-to-the-minute 21st-century design! It's the perfect setting for enjoying the renowned wines of the area and the home features as part of our incredible Sustainable Collection.

Villa Ying

Villa Ying, outside Crete's capital Heraklion, reflects its gorgeous natural setting in all elements of its design. The owners employed the ancient Buddhist practice of Zen to use materials like driftwood, bamboo and stone, as well as light-coloured furnishings to create a truly tranquil space.


Data is correct as of March 1, 2023.

So there you have the most popular travel-inspired interior trends for 2023. Take a trip to one of Oliver's Travels' incredible properties and get inspired for your own home's interior design. Browse our gorgeous villas in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean and come home with a wealth of new ideas. And, to make your villa holiday extra special, contact our friendly concierge team who will be happy to help make your holiday memorable.

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