Looking to live the dream at a characterful chateaux in the South of France? Covering luxurious Languedoc, dazzling Dordogne and the romantic Riviera, we’ve got premium properties to suit every style preference in the world’s most glamorous region. However, with so many choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve picked out our top 10 chateaux in the South of France to make planning your trip that little bit easier.

1. Chateau de Baloigne, Rhone-Alpes

Chateau de BaloigneChateau de Baloigne is set within medieval castle ruins in a highly secluded area, making the experience of staying there feel all the more exclusive and unique.  Stepping through the ancient estate is like transporting into a magical world: with its breathtaking panoramic views and a dungeon dating back to the 12th century, there’s definitely enchantment in the air! The stunning French- and Spanish-influenced interior retains an old-style charm with added modern comforts, while to the exterior, you’ll be able to kick back in a hammock and soak up the sounds of birds chirping in the trees. 

Sleeps: 15-18

Price from: £30pppn

2. Chateau De La Victoire, Cote d’Azur

Chateau De La VictoireChateau De La Victoire is a home fit for royalty – in fact, HRH Queen Elizabeth is on the former guest list! Not only is its grand interior incredibly ornate and finished to perfection, but this 19th century palace boasts an enviable history that permeates through every room. Complete with spiral wooden staircases that lead onto custom-made floors of Lapis Lazuli and marble, it’s the sort of place you’d expect to find in a fairytale.

Sleeps: 16

Price from: £279pppn

3. Chateau Paquerette, Aquitaine

Chateau PaqueretteOld-school charm meets sophisticated design codes in Chateau Paquerette. It’s rumoured that Queen Victoria built this little castle for her dressmaker, but today, you can enjoy a stroll around the surrounding 7.5-acre park before unwinding in the recently added swimming pool. Don’t miss the formal dining room – perfect for a celebratory meal with all the family.

Sleeps: 13

Price from: £30pppn

4. Chateau Chamborigaud, Languedoc

Chateau ChamborigaudThis classic chateau is instantly striking thanks to its fairytale towers – a feature that’s sure to delight visitors of any ages with a wild imagination. Want to amp up the romance factor? Walk just 15 minutes to the nearby station and hop on a direct train to Paris or Montpellier for a day trip. Then, come back to your very own storybook home and dine on the terrace, overlooking the sweeping grounds as the sun sets.

Sleeps: 18

Price from:  £76pppn

5. Chateau du Vieux Palais, Provence-Alpes

Chateau du Vieux PalaisWith its incredible views over the Saint Victoire mountain , Chateau du Vieux Palais is a dream come true. Boasting large grounds that include a swimming pool, tennis court, stunning gardens and much more, this is the perfect spot for getting away from all the hustle and bustle of a city. However, even with its tranquil setting, the estate offers so much to do you won’t ever get bored!

Sleeps: 22

Price from: £98pppn

6. Troubadour Castle, Dordogne

Troubadour CastleFancy living like royalty? Then Troubador Castle is just the place to be! Surrounded by Dordogne’s beautiful countryside, the chateau dates back all the way to the 13th century. The period interior will give you a great sense of its history thanks to the Gothic bookcases, antique oil paintings, and ornate ceilings – details you’ll want to take time to appreciate before heading out to explore 270 acres of land.

Sleeps: 20-30

Price from: £85pppn

7. Chateau de L’Ange, Languedoc

Chateau de L'AngeIf you fancy a bit of seclusion while you relax, Chateau de L’Ange could be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s full of charm and offers guests some much-desired privacy, while the closest town of Narbonne offers plenty of things to do. However, this chateau really comes to life when considering event planning: whether it’s for a special party or wedding, you’ll be hosting in the same space as Feudal lords and ladies once did. 

Sleeps: 18

Price from: £42pppn

8. Chateau Cedre, Dordogne

Chateau CedreThis 17th century chateau is set in the historical area of Gascony. Boasting peaceful panoramic views, the Italian palace-inspired holiday home also features a charming interior, tennis court, newly built golf practice area, and onsite chapel – ideal for those looking to say their vows in a most special place.

Sleeps: 24

Prices from: £48pppn

9. Villa RomaneProvence-Alpes

Villa RomaneThis stone-built holiday home in Provence will instantly draw you in. Opulent yet welcoming, Villa Romane has every amenity you’ll ever need; three large reception rooms, seven bedrooms, adjoining terraces and a fully fitted kitchen are among some of the highlights. However, the poolside terrace is the star of the show, coupling with its surrounding picturesque views to render this a true paradise.

Sleeps: 15

Prices from: £36pppn

10.Chateau Ste Genevieve, Rhone-Alpes

Chateau Ste GenevieveOriginally built by French monks as a priory in the 11th century, and then converted into a chateau in 1828, Chateau Ste Genevieve is full of history! Now one of Europe’s oldest renovated chateaux, a stay at this property is sure to leave a lasting impression. The owners have recently updated the stunning space with modern comforts – all while maintaining its historical and architectural integrity. Ideal for families travelling together or group conventions, it also boasts breathtaking views of Mont Blanc and the Alps.

Sleeps: 20

Prices from: £86pppn

This is just a shortlist of our favourite quirky holiday homes in the South of France – we’ve got plenty more to offer! For any enquiries or questions, please contact our concierge team as they’ll be happy to make your holiday dreams come true.

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