Even though October has not yet reached the winter season, the temperatures drop and the realisation that summer is over kicks in. That’s why it’s the perfect time to book a trip away and escape the cold. But where’s hot in October, and most importantly – which destinations are most enjoyable to visit that time of the year? We’ve put together a list of the warmest destinations across the world during the chilly autumn month. October could be the new July…

1. Cyprus

Hot destinations in October

Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Weather: Max: 29 degrees (approx.) | Min: 16 degrees (approx.)
What to do: Cyprus has a lot to offer. From ancient castles to breathtaking beaches, interesting museums and delicious local food, you won’t fall short of activities on the sunny Mediterranean island. If you fancy a night out instead, head to party paradise Ayia Napa
Where to stay: Paphos is said to be the birthplace of Greek goddess Aphrodite. So why not discover the rich history and stay in one of our beautiful villas in Aphrodite Hills.

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2. Algarve, Portugal

Hot destinations in October

Lagos, Algarve

Weather: Max: 25 degrees (approx.) | Min: 14 degrees (approx.)
What to do? Although the peak season is already over, there’s still plenty to do around the Algarve. As it’s harvest season, there are various harvest festivals celebrating a (hopefully) successful season. One of the biggest is Feira de Santa Iria, a religious festival with a long history. You can expect carnival rides, food stalls, and even live music. 
Where to stay? No matter your travel party size, we have stunning villas available all across the Algarve. 

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3. Bali, Indonesia

Hot destinations in October

Rice terraces, Bali

Weather: Max. 31 degrees (approx.) | Min: 23 degrees (approx.)
What to do? Even though the rainy season in Bali hasn’t quite started in October, the rain does occasionally show its face. This not only means that there’ll be fewer tourists, but also that the rice terraces are as green and vegetated as ever. Perfect for that holiday photograph! Our tip is to visit the Jatiluwi rice terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  
Where to stay? We’ve recently launched a variety of villas in Bali, so why not check them out and treat yourself?

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4. Turkey

Hot destinations in October

Side, Turkey

Weather: Max: 26 degrees (approx.) | Min: 13 degrees (approx.)
What to do? Turkey is a country not only with one of the world’s best cuisines (in our opinion!) but also a gateway to both Asia and Europe. While its buzzing capital Istanbul provides you with a more urban flair, the south-west coast offers picturesque coves on the way from Fethiye to Kas. Collect your family and get ready for a road trip to remember. 
Where to stay? From cottages to villas, check out our beautiful holiday homes in Turkey.

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5. Lanzarote, Canary Islands 

Hot destinations in October

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Weather: Max: 26 degrees (approx.) | Min: 18 degrees (approx.)
What to do? Lanzarote can get rather windy, but it’s barely ever cold there. There’s a wide choice of sites and attractions to visit for both children and adults. How about spending your Sunday morning at the famous Teguise Market, the largest market of all Canary Islands? Market stalls sell handmade goods, clothes, and jewellery. After a wild shopping spree, Playa Garita beach is the perfect spot to recover. 
Where to stay? Did you know we offer villas in Lanzarote? Collect your friends and family and relax by your own pool in the hot Canary Island sun. 

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So what is holding you back? Now you know where is hot in October, grab your holiday journal and get planning – the late autumn sun is already waiting for you!


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