If you are planning your holidays in the sun and don’t want to spend too much time up in the air, chances are that you’re considering the Balearic Islands as a solid option! Only 2 hours away and boasting amazing weather, beautiful beaches and a lovely Mediterranean feel, the Balearic Islands, are the perfect sun destination for UK holidaymakers. 

The 4 sister islands have very different identities so whichever your scene is – we’re talking pool parties, nature trails, foodie hangouts and hippy markets… you’ll find what you’re looking for on either one of them; be it Ibiza, Majorca, Menorca or Formentera.

So, to help you pick the island that suits your holiday style best, we’ve created a quick quiz that will match you to your perfect holiday destination!


So, which Balearic Island is the one for you…



Photo by Oscar Nord on Unsplash

Majorca has it all: the beaches, the parties, nature and a great foodie scene. Together, this makes the biggest of the Balearic Islands the perfect holiday spot for pretty much everybody.
Majorca also offers a great range of activities that will seduce thrill seekers, culture vultures and sun chasers alike!



Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

Menorca, (Majorca’s little sister island) is the quieter and more authentic island of the two, making it  a great holiday destination  for those looking to recharge their  batteries in serenity.
Menorca is the perfect island for family holidays, especially if you have young kids!



Photo by Mindaugas Petrutis on Unsplash

No surprises here: if you are into partying, beautiful sunsets and a relaxed hippy vibe, Ibiza is the island for you!
But If you are not so keen on all-day clubbing, head North of the island, where you will find nice sandy coves and a quieter atmosphere!




Formentera is the smallest and least accessible Balearic Island which makes it perfect if you are looking for a ‘secluded island’ kind of vibe. Here you will find unspoilt nature, beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. Formentera is perfect for holidaymakers in search of an authentic, off the beaten track destination!


Now that you’ve picked your destination, why not contact our dedicated concierge team to help you pick the perfect holiday villa!


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  1. John

    This is really wonderful! I love the island a lot and I want to be back there again. This post brings back memories! Thank you for sharing that I found it!

  2. dragon city pc

    I enjoy nightlife and clubbing in Ibiza, but I also enjoy relaxing with friends in front of the sea while eating a delicious paella.


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