Christmas and New Years eve is over, it’s cold outside and winter blues have officially kicked in. Have you ever thought about where’s hot in January? We’ve got the perfect destinations for you to get your tan on early on in the year and soak up the much-needed sun – sandy beaches, fresh fruit cocktails, and sea adventures are waiting for you to escape the gloomy weather at home and kickstart 2020 with a bang. New year, new globetrotting you!  

1. Bali, Indonesia

Where is hot in January

Rice terraces in Ubud

Weather: Max. 29 degrees Celsius (approx.) | Min. 23 degrees Celsius (approx.)
What to do: Also known as ‘The Land of the Gods’, Bali truly is a paradisiac island in Indonesia with plenty of activities on offer. The hot temperatures are great to spend a day at one of the beautiful, sandy beaches, or even try out surfing. If you fancy doing something more active, you can hike along one of the many hiking paths in the heart of the island or visit the green rice terraces.
Where to stay: We have a stunning range of villas in Bali available on our website. To be close to ancient temples, rice terraces, and the monkey forest, we’d recommend you to stay in Ubud, whereas Canggu, Seminyak, and Uluwatu are the best spots for surfing, diving, and more.

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2. Barbados, Caribbean

Where is hot in January

Barbados’ stunning coastline

Weather: Max. 29 degrees Celsius (approx.) | Min. 23 degrees Celsius (approx.)
What to do: Although Barbados has cooler nights at this time of the year, temperatures will barely go below 23 degrees Celsius, which makes it the perfect winter destination. Known for its large, tropical beaches and emerald green sea, the Caribbean island is great for snorkelling and catamaran trips along the beautiful coastline.
Where to stay: Our beachfront villas in Barbados are the best place to forget all about the winter cold at home.

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3. Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Where's hot in January

Camels in Lanzarote

Weather: Max. 23 degrees Celsius (approx.) | Min. 13 degrees Celsius (approx.)
What to do: This Canary Island is renowned for its beautiful beaches and volcanic landscape, which means there’s plenty of things to do. The national parks and volcanos are perfect for a day of hiking and exploring the stunning countryside of Lanzarote, while the sea is a great spot for snorkelling and the beaches the place to be for sunbathing. For the kids, head to the aquapark in Costa Teguise.
Where to stay: Our holiday homes in Lanzarote are located directly by the seaside. Have a look and treat yourself.

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4. Tenerife, Canary Islands

Where is hot in January

Tenerife’s volcano Teide

Weather: Max. 20 degrees Celsius (approx.) | Min. 15 degrees Celsius (approx.)
What to do: Tenerife, the biggest of the Canary Islands, is a multi-faceted island. You’ve got the volcano Teide and its national park in the countryside, gorgeous beaches on the coastline, buzzing nightlife, loads of water sport activities on offer and luxurious restaurants dotted across the island. If you want a more authentic experience, head to the north side of the island where you can eat regional food in a traditional atmosphere.
Where to stay: Our luxurious Royal Garden Villas in Tenerife will enhance your stay on this beautiful Canary Island.

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5. Phuket, Thailand

Where's hot in January

Phuket, Thailand

Weather: max. 32 degrees Celsius (approx.) | min. 22 degrees Celsius (approx.)
What to do: Phuket is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. Rightly so, because not only can you find some of the most gorgeous beaches the country has to offer, but you’ll also have the opportunity to climb to Big Buddha or explore the vivid nightlife. Plus, it’s an easy location for you to do island hopping to Koh Yao islands and experience even more of what Thailand is all about.
Where to stay: Have a look at our villa selection in Phuket and find the holiday home of your dreams. Want to expand your stay in another region? Check out our holiday homes in Koh Yao Noi!

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6. Mexico

Mexico Where is hot in January

Weather: max 27 degrees Celsius (approx.) | min. 20 degrees Celsius (approx.)
What to do: Whether you’re looking for bustling cities, local villages, paradise beaches or jungle ruins – Mexico is a magical assortment of activities and adventures. A holiday in Mexico would easily let you forget about those post-Christmas blues. 
Where to stay: The warmest weather is on the Pacific Coast

7. South Africa

South Africa Where is hot in January

Weather: max 26 degrees Celsius (approx.) | min. 14 degrees Celsius (approx.)
What to do: From hiking tours to Lion’s Head, lounging on the golden sands of Clifton beaches or experiencing the beauty of the safari, South Africa is an absolute must-visit. Oh, and don’t forget the wine!
Where to stay: Our Esiweni Luxury Safari Lodge is ideal for a once in a lifetime safari experience or head to Cape Town for magical mountains, glistening sea and the cosmopolitan town.

Ready to leave the cold weather behind and start the new year with an incredible holiday? If you’re unsure about which destination you want to go for, feel free to contact our free concierge service. Or check out our list of top 2022 villas that are sure to give you the sun you’ve been craving. Happy planning!


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  1. Ronny

    You mentioned just two of the Canary Islands, but I can promise you its nice on all of them and each is quiet unique.
    If you really want it warm on the Canaries you should choose a place in the southern parts of them, close to the sea, as it gets colder the higher and the more north you go.

    • Rachael

      Hey Ronny – we agree, we just wanted to make sure we included some other destinations as well. But totally agree that the Canaries are all really nice at this time of year 🙂

  2. Maika Komodo Tours

    This is a great blog! I am always looking at new places to go and invite people to Flores Indonesia as well. I am from Flores and it is so close to Bali. We have Komodo Dragons, Padar, Pink Beach and so many more. I Hope you will come one day. Much love – Maika!


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