With summer so close you can almost touch it; this is the perfect time to treat yourself with a sneak peek of what’s to come. And if you’re anything like us, that means you’ve already started thinking about where is hot in May. There are plenty of perks to travelling in the almost off-season. 

During this time, some parts of the world are still nice and cool while others are practically breaking thermometers. This means that the best destinations vary as much in temperature as they do in location, and you can find fabulous spring adventures all over the globe. So, without further ado, from the warm breeze of Mediterranean isles to scorching Caribbean heat, these are our picks of where is hot in May.

1. Sicily, Italy

best holiday destinations in may

Sicilian summers are known for being long and hot, and by visiting in May, you’ll get the first wonderful taste of Italian goodness before tourist hordes take over the island. Soak up Sicily’s great historical monuments, lush vineyards and the island’s natural scenery in peace. Then, head to the heart of its ancient cities for some leisurely shopping and dining in the shade – this time of year, you won’t even have to queue up for a table. As expected, evening temperatures will drop down to ‘sweater weather’, but the beach should still call in the sunny midday heat, so bring plenty of SPF and prepare for refreshing dips in the ocean.

Average Temperatures: 14-22 °C

Where to Stay: Villa Amina | Casa Victoria | Villa Lovere

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2. Costa del Sol, Spain

best holiday destinations in may

With a name like Costa del Sol, it should come as no surprise that this gorgeous stretch of Spanish coastline offers plenty in terms of sun and fun. Beat the crowds of mid-summer with a getaway in May where the heat is pretty much guaranteed too. While evening outings come in on the cooler side, they are still perfectly enjoyable so long as you throw a jumper on and you’ll still be able to relish in warmer temperatures all day long. Perhaps play a round of golf at one of the dozens of celebrated golf courses that surround the city of Malaga and enjoy the lack of crowded tees. Or, enjoy other outdoor pursuits in the form of beach days, horse-riding in the mountains and hiking in ancient oak forests.

Average Temperatures: 13-23°C

Where to Stay: Villa Hercules | Villa Eneldo | Villa Bougainvillea

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3. Cyprus

best holiday destinations in may

Cyprus’ fortunate location in the eastern Mediterranean Sea means it has one of the warmest climates in Europe, so, that you can count on excellent weather in May. Swimsuits and sunscreen should be at the top of your packing list as you won’t be able to resist the lovely beaches in these temperatures. Take this opportunity to delve deep into the island’s mythical past by visiting its historical sites and experiencing the best of local culture in the traditional old villages. Nature lovers will adore hiking along the coastline during the mild afternoons and swimming in the inviting blue oceans like those of the Akamas Blue Lagoon during the day.

Average Temperatures: 15-24°C

Where to Stay: Villa Damara | Villa Chrysos

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4. Kalkan, Turkey

best holiday destinations in may

Sunny Kalkan on the south-western coast of the Turkish Riviera is bursting with life in May, as summer begins to show its beautiful face. This seaside paradise calls for lots of beach play, cultural outings and dining at atmospheric gourmet restaurants, and for doing it all over again the next day. One of the best places to do it all is the famous Patara beach, where you can build sand castles during the day, visit ancient Lycian ruins in the afternoon and retreat to one of the nearby cobblestoned towns for dinner at night. Gems like these abound in and around the Kalkan harbours, and you’re not likely to forget them anytime soon.

Average Temperatures: 11-24°C

Where to Stay: Villa Timur | Villa Rumi | Villa Pilanta

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5. Marrakech, Morocco

best holiday destinations in may

This close to the Sahara Desert, you can’t expect anything but dry heat for days on end – especially in the month of May, before the regular rainfall hits the Atlas Mountains during summer’s peak. Marrakech, also known as the Red City, makes for a unique and exotic adventure for everyone from honeymooners to big families. This colourful market city offers new wonders around every corner, with tasty foodie delights to match. Its cultural heritage is exquisitely preserved, down to every last souq, palace and religious monument. These are interwoven with gorgeous natural scenery, museums, golf courses and everything else you need for the perfect scorching holiday.

Average Temperatures: 15-29°C

Where to Stay: Villa Ayat | Villa Zaria | Villa Adilah

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6. St Lucia, Caribbean

best holiday destinations in may

When you think of tropical climates, the Caribbean probably comes to mind, and St Lucia embodies all things Caribbean soul – including the weather. The sun shines intensely on this island during the month of May, creating humidity which is frequently relieved by refreshing showers. Don’t worry, you’ll soon dry off again and can continue exploring the lush volcanic landscape and sipping run cocktails on the beach. Adventure abounds on this island, and active travellers will love hiking or biking the trails that cover it from coast to coast. Get swept up in the natural rhythm of this island, experience the cheerful local culture, and make sure to taste the wonderful cuisine while you’re at it.

Average Temperature: 26-28°C

Where to Stay: Villa Kessi | Brise de Mer |Arcs en Ciel

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No matter what time of year you’re reading this, you’re most probably thinking about all the fabulous adventures you can have this upcoming May. Why not get a head start and get in touch with our concierge team for some help finding the perfect destination, or browse our online portfolio of luxury holiday homes all over the world?

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