Luxury Apartments in the USA: Our Top Picks

United States Holidays

Welcome to the United States, a diverse tapestry of landscapes, cultures, and experiences. Begin your journey on the West Coast in California, where the iconic city of Los Angeles beckons with its glamorous entertainment scene and stunning beaches. Explore the vibrant neighborhoods of San Francisco and venture into the natural wonders of Yosemite National Park.

Head east to the bustling metropolis of New York, where the iconic skyline of Manhattan awaits. Immerse yourself in the cultural melting pot of neighborhoods like Chinatown and Brooklyn, and don't forget to stroll through Central Park and catch a Broadway show.

Down in the Sunshine State of Florida, bask in the tropical vibes of Miami's South Beach and explore the unique ecosystems of the Everglades. Walt Disney World in Orlando promises enchanting adventures, while the glistening oceanfront city of Fort Lauderdale fuses beachside and urban adventures. Each state unfolds its own narrative, making the USA a captivating blend of city excitement, natural beauty, and rich history.

Handpicked homes in the USA

Why stay with us?

Style and character are everything at Oliver’s Travels, and our collection of handpicked luxury rentals in the USA have this in spades.

We have destination experts who know the ins and outs of all our regions, picking homes, apartments and villas in the USA that aren’t only unique, but also in the best locations.

Our helpful concierge team are on hand to make your stay extra special. Whether you are looking for tips on local restaurants, advice on which key attractions to visit or any other extra service – consider them your holiday genie, who will happily grant your wishes.

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