The Siam Hotel

The Siam Hotel sits on a secluded road allowing for additional privacy. With a wealth of vastly contrasting activities, dining and refreshments and sights, you will be mentally preparing for a return visit here! Lined with vibrant shops and stalls underneath the lush and brilliant palm trees and exotic fauna that covers the country, Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world, and it only takes a second in the city to understand why!

Amazing Facilities

The Siam Hotel boasts a range of amenities for dining and drinking. The Chon Thai restaurant, located on the ground floor and exterior gives beautiful views as you dine on the delicately balanced flavours and textures that Thai food offers! With both The Bathers Bar, located by the hotel's infinity pool, enjoy a dip in the pool followed by a refreshing cocktail! Or for more calmer settings and a breakfast meal, visit the Deco Bar & Bistro!

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Villas at The Siam Hotel