Antiparos is a charming little island in the Cyclades that sits super close (just 10 minutes by ferry) to its big sister island Paros. Comprising bright blue bays and soft sand beaches, quiet villages, curious geology and lots of cool hidden gems, Antiparos makes for a great Greek holiday destination.

Those who are looking for some peace away from the crowds enjoy heading to little Antiparos from nearby Paros and Naxos. Its whitewashed principal town with narrow streets, pretty blue doors and a little Venetian castle give you a warm welcome to this island’s quaint quirks.

Check out our collection of luxury villas in Antiparos that make the ideal home-from-home on this delightful island.

Why visit?

  • Enjoy some of Greece’s best beaches with crystal-clear water and soft white sand.
  • The island is home to some breathtaking natural landscapes, including the famous Antiparos Cave, which is one of the oldest in Greece.
  • Try your hand at kiteboarding or windsurfing - Antiparos has perfect conditions for it.


Why stay with us?

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Luxury Villas in Antiparos: Our Top Picks

Why visit Antiparos

Antiparos is loved for its striking natural beauty, and its warm and dry climate makes it great for exploring any time of the year. You’ll love exploring the narrow cobblestone streets of Antiparos town, or setting off on a hike under the sun over incredible scenic trails. The island’s coastline is diverse too. From craggy cliffs to quiet bays, you’re never too far from a delightful swimming spot.

It’s also a draw for celebrities. Who knows, you may just bump into Hollywood actor Tom Hanks who has a home on the island!


Things to do

You absolutely must visit the Antiparos Cave - one of the oldest and most beautiful caves in Greece. Visitors can get up close to the seriously impressive stalactites and stalagmites and marvel at the underground lakes and rivers that are mystically lit.

Back out in the open, Antiparos is a popular destination for water sports, such as kiteboarding and windsurfing. The island's crystal-clear waters and gusty breezes make it an ideal location for these activities. 

Heading underwater is a must too! The clear turquoise water provides some fantastic snorkelling opportunities, or go deeper on a scuba excursion and explore reefs and wrecks and the colourful fish that call them home.

What’s more, the proximity to other Greek islands is a great bonus.  It’s just a short sail to neighbouring Paros and Naxos which are both well worth stopping over to see. Antiparos’ location is ideal for island hopping and exploring all around the beautiful Cyclades islands and spending time on the water.

Antiparos is a great destination for those looking to relax, explore, and experience the best of idyllic Greek island life. Whether you're looking for stunning beaches, rich culture, beautiful vistas or exciting water sports, Antiparos has something for everyone.

Food and drink

Antiparos is home to a fabulous array of restaurants and tavernas where you can try delicious local dishes. Be sure to try some of the island's specialities, such as chickpea balls, sun-dried octopus, and kopanisti cheese.

Naturally, seafood plays a big part in the food culture here, and fresh fish and seafood dishes, such as fried red mullet, sardines, and calamari are staple dishes on menus around the island.

Revithada is a traditional chickpea stew that is cooked slowly in a clay pot with onions, garlic, and herbs. It is a hearty and flavorful dish that is often served with beautifully fresh bread.

You can’t fully appreciate Greek cuisine without indulging in local wine too. Antiparos has a small but thriving wine industry, and you can find locally produced wines in many of the island's restaurants and tavernas. It would be criminal to leave without sampling a local wine!

Fresh Locally Caught Fish

Why it's perfect for families

  • Great for babies: There are lots of safe beaches with shallow and gentle water to paddle in and fine sand for baby to build their first sandcastle!

  • Great for kids: A sailing trip is sure to keep the kids entertained, especially since the islands are pretty close together. Short trips are great for those with short attention spans…!

  • Great for teens: Antiparos has great shopping - there are lots of boutiques and markets selling all sorts of wares that are sure to delight.

Top tips

  • Mix with the locals! They’re a super friendly bunch and trying a few Greek phrases will be much appreciated, so read up before you go and try the language in tavernas and shops.
  • It’s not all about being a beach bum on Antiparos - take the time to discover the ancient monuments and remains on the island so your trip is educational as well as relaxing.

What Oliver loves

The natural beauty of Antiparos is a big draw. We love the varied landscapes and the island also has a number of hiking trails that offer stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding islands.

Antiparos travel: Getting there and around

Antiparos is a pretty tiny island so there is no airport. Fly into Paros then take the airport bus down to Pounda port and from there it's just a 10-minute ferry ride into Antiparos town. There are no direct flights to Paros, so you’ll fly into Athens (3.5 hours from the UK) and catch a connecting flight (50 minutes).

By Bus

Antiparos has a bus service that runs between the main town and some of the island's most popular beaches. The bus runs on a set schedule, and you can buy tickets from the driver.

By car

you can also rent a car to explore the island, but keep in mind that the roads are narrow and winding and unpaved in some places. Parking can be fairly limited across the island too.

By bicycle

Renting a bicycle is another great way to explore the island. You can find bike rentals in the main town, and the roads are generally safe for cycling.

By foot

The island is small enough to explore on foot, so walking is a great way to get around. The main town of Antiparos is also pedestrian-friendly.

Top tips

  • Explore the island by motorbike or ATV for a speedy way of getting around. These vehicles can be rented in the main town, but be sure to wear a helmet and drive safely.
  • Catch a sunset - the western side of the island has some gorgeous spots to take it easy and watch the sun go down.

  • Antiparos can get quite crowded in the peak summer months, so consider visiting in May, June, September, or October when the crowds are smaller and the weather is still warm.