**Update: June 7th 2021**
In light of the latest UK government update regarding international travel restrictions based on the recommendations of the Global Travel Taskforce, we wanted to let you know how this affects your existing booking with us.

-  For all international bookings to destinations on the Red or Amber lists that start before July 21st 2021, if you wish to request a change of dates to your booking, you are now welcome to complete our change of dates request form.
-  For all bookings that start after July 21st 2021 we will not be able to consider change of date requests until later in June at the earliest once we have further advice about travel restrictions from the UK government.

Whilst we appreciate that you may want to call or email us for more information on holidays due to start after July 21st 2021, we unfortunately won’t be able to give any further details, or confirm whether or not your holiday is affected, until all of the relevant information has been published and we’ve had time to consider it carefully.

Further details on the UK government road map out of lockdown and related travel restrictions can be found here.

The Traffic Light System
The UK Government confirmed its plans to introduce a traffic light system when international travel resumed on May 17th 2021. The way the system works is as follows:

  • Green: Travellers may need to take a pre-departure test (depending on the requirements of the destination country), as well as a PCR test on return to the UK. Travellers will not need to quarantine on return to the UK.

  • Amber: Travellers may need to take a pre-departure test (depending on the requirements of the destination country), as well as two PCR tests after their return to the UK. Travellers will also need to quarantine for a minimum of 5 days.

  • Red: Travellers may need to take a pre-departure test (depending on the requirements of the destination country), as well as two PCR tests after their return to the UK. They will also have to pay for a 10-day stay in a managed quarantine hotel.

How it affects your holiday
Firstly, please bear in mind that these guidelines are for when travel first starts up again in May. The Government has already indicated that the initial list of countries assigned as Green/Amber/Red will be reviewed no later than the 28th June, so if you are travelling after that date, these rules may have changed or not be in place at all.

  • Green: Holidays can go ahead as planned (yay!).

  • Amber: Again, holidays can go ahead as planned. However, we understand that individual circumstances may mean you prefer to delay your holiday, so you are also welcome to request a change of dates if you prefer. We will then work with you and the villa owner to try and secure your preferred date change. Please note that the requirement to quarantine on your return does not give you the automatic right to a change of dates, as the holiday can still be fulfilled. Therefore we are unable to guarantee that a change of dates request will be accepted by the owner, but we will of course do our very best for you.

  • Red: If any of our destinations fall into the Red category and you decide that you do not wish to travel then you can simply move your holiday to a later date by completing our form.

Book With Confidence
Coronavirus has now touched all of our lives and our thoughts go out to our customers and holiday home owners who have been affected. However, after a very difficult year it feels as though there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel!

If you are due to be travelling to an Oliver’s Travels holiday home or are currently deciding whether to book, then please relax as you are in good hands. If the FCDO advises against 'all but essential' travel or the government imposes restrictions that mean you are unable to travel due to the Coronavirus, then we will change your dates with no admin fees applied.

In summary this means that:

  • You will not lose your deposit, it will be transferred to your replacement booking.
  • We are waiving all admin fees for amending dates for bookings affected by Covid19. Should you wish to book more expensive dates for your replacement booking then you simply pay the difference.
  • You can still look forward to your Oliver’s Travels holiday experience!


Covid-19 travel guidance for passengers
Help control the virus by travelling safely and responsibly, during the coronavirus outbreak. Full details can be found on Gov.uk.

Covid-19 Cleaning Standard

As travel restrictions open up, villa holidays are set to be more popular than ever. We are working closely with our owners and property managers to ensure they feel well prepared to welcome our guests. We've provided them with enhanced hygiene guidelines and cleaning checklists to ensure their property meets appropriate hygiene standards in line with Covid-19.

We are also encouraging owners to implement self-check-in through technology, electronic key boxes or other means where possible if they haven’t already got this in place, as well as adhere to social distancing measures. For example asking cleaning teams to only go into homes when guests aren't present and providing a contactless service for the extras booked through our online Concierge Team. If you have any specific property-related questions feel free to ask our friendly team when you enquire.

Please note, that due to the effects of Covid-19 there may be some local businesses and services mentioned on your holiday home listing page, that may not be open/available. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience.

Terms & Conditions

  • For British citizens, the right to change your dates will depend on whether you are deemed free to travel to the specific region where your holiday home is located, as determined by the official advice from the FCDO that can be found here: www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice, or as defined by UK government travel restrictions.
  • For foreign nationals, the right to change your dates will depend on whether you are free to travel to the specific region where your holiday home is located, as determined by the official advice from the governing body of your country of residence.
  • Date changes may be requested up to 28 days before your holiday start date.*
  • Bookings may be moved to any alternative available dates of equivalent monetary value or simply pay the difference.
  • The full balance will need to be paid 12 weeks before the original holiday start date in order for us to confirm the date change.

    *If travel restrictions have been temporarily lifted, but then are reinstated again within 28 days of your holiday start date, we would work closely with the owner to try to find a solution for postponement.


If the FCDO (or international equivalent) advises against “all but essential travel” or the government imposes travel restrictions to your destination we will liaise with the holiday home owner or property manager on your behalf to defer your holiday (with no additional admin costs to pay). Travellers are advised to keep up to date with the FCDO travel advice for the country they are travelling to.
If the FCDO advice has not changed and holidays are operating as normal, your holiday will be subject to our usual booking conditions and standard cancellation charges will apply.
Assuming you took your travel insurance policy out before the 13th March 2020 it is likely that any cancellation charges that have arisen as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic will be covered by your provider. However, you would need to check your policy to confirm. For policies taken out after this date, most would not include cover for cancellation as a result of Covid19.
Owners are not contractually obliged to defer your dates in this scenario but if you still prefer not to travel we are more than happy to make a request to the owner on your behalf to defer your booking (dates are subject to availability).  If you wish to do so then please complete this form.
We understand that the uncertainty around travel plans is a concern for all. As it stands, if there are no specific travel restrictions for your holiday dates, then it is still scheduled to go ahead as planned. Therefore, you will need to pay your balance unless you wish to cancel your booking and attempt to claim the deposit back via your travel insurance provider. For added peace of mind remember that if the FCDO advice changes, and you are no longer able to travel, you will still have the option to move your holiday to a later date.
Oliver's Travels act as Agents to the holiday Principal (usually the holiday home owner or property manager). When we collect a deposit to confirm a booking we pay it over to the holiday Principal to ensure that the dates are held, so from that point onwards we are no longer in possession of your funds and therefore not in a position to refund them.
By far the majority of our bookings have been moved without issue. However, all deferred holidays are subject to availability and the discretion of the holiday home owner or property manager. Should a change of dates not be possible you will be issued with a voucher to the equivalent monetary value to use on any other Oliver's Travels holiday home. Please note, this only applies to bookings where the cancellation has been requested more than 28 days prior to the original start date. 
Deferred bookings are only eligible to the original holiday home that you booked, as the deposit payment will have already been made to the home owner or property manager.
Due to the rapid and ever-changing nature of the pandemic we cannot consider any date change requests until 30 days prior to your start date.
Should you wish to change your dates after your deferred booking has been confirmed we would be happy to ask the owner. However, this will be completely at their discretion and subject to availability.