Apps are an essential part of everyone’s lives in this digital day and age, and to live without them is unthinkable now. Travel apps especially have seen a big increase over the past few months, and many users can’t live without them. From searching the cheapest flights to telling you when to apply sunscreen – there’s an app for everything! 

We made a list of the best travel apps (including our own!). Who needs to see a travel agent when it can all be done virtually?

1. Oliver’s Travels

When you book a holiday with Oliver’s Travels, we’ll upload all your trip information with maps, villa confirmation, directions and check-in info to this handy Oliver’s Travels app. You can then invite all the people in your group to join the app, and keep an eye on the weather forecast, browse our suggested itineraries and check out the local travel guides.

2. Foursquare

This app is great if you’re hungry and wandering around a town or city; Foursquare recommends user-reviewed restaurants and bars based on your vicinity. It also suggests the best shopping, bars, coffee and places to visit nearby. It’s basically a travel guide in your pocket, with suggestions from locals and visitors.

3. Google Translate

With the instant translation of signs and menus from your camera, this app is the great on-the-go buddy for quick language challenges. You can also type in what you want to say, and it will translate and pronounce it for you. DuoLingo is a good one to download before you go to brush up on the basics. It’s easy, fun, and weirdly addictive.

4. Nord VPN

Wi-Fi is probably one of the best inventions there is. But you may want to be cautious when logging into a password-free Wi-Fi as these are not always safe. We don’t want to sound overly dramatic but your bank details and more could be stolen once you’re logged in. This is where Nord VPN will save your life (or, more like your money and private details) – the app allows you to browse the web anonymously and securely.

5. Uber and Lyft

We totally understand that you might want to save some money during your travels, and a taxi app is an easy way to do that. You’ve got Uber, which works just like it does at home, or Lyft which is a good alternative but only works in the US. Both offer cheap prices and even free rides when you sign up for the first time. Order away!

The best travel apps

6. Hotel Tonight

Are you a last-minute traveller who goes with the flow instead of booking your accommodation weeks in advance? Then Hotel Tonight will be your new partner in crime! With available hotel rooms in various capital cities, the app offers 50% discount. Who said last-minute is expensive?

7. XE Currency

If you’re travelling to countries with a different currency, it’s a good idea to find out the current conversion rates. XE Currency is not only one of the most accurate apps, but even allows you to save the rates for offline use, so you can always open it up again if you don’t have internet.

8. Google Maps

As much as we want to deny it, getting lost in a foreign country happens often – while sometimes it’s refreshing to get lost, it can be a struggle at the same time, especially if you want to go somewhere particular. Google Maps will be your best friend in case that happens. “But what if I don’t have internet?” No problem whatsoever, as there is a function to download maps in advance.

The best travel apps

9. Wolfram Sun Exposure

If you’re heading from the UK to warmer climes, chances are you’re bound to make a sun-related blunder. Protect yourself adequately with Wolfram Sun Exposure; it tracks the temperature, what SPF you’re using and your skin type. It then gives you handy alerts when it’s time to re-apply. We wouldn’t want you to return looking like a lobster!

10. Skratch

Always on the hunt for your next adventure? Skratch allows you to track where you’ve been and get inspiration for where to go next through personalised maps. Ranking among the top 10 travel apps in over 150 countries, it boasts curated lists for those seeking sun, surfing or skiing holidays.

Ready for your next holiday? With those apps, you won’t have to worry about anything anymore! 


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