There are hacks for almost everything in life. Beauty hacks, technology hacks, fitness hacks – you name it! Of course, travel hacks need to go on that list too, and we certainly are most excited about those! Travelling is one of the best things in the world (in our opinion!) but it can indeed be stressful at times. To ease your travels, we’ve come up with a few ultimate travel hacks so you can focus on your travel.

1. Mark your luggage as fragile

Marking your bags as fragile not only ensures that they are treated more gently but also stacked at the top. So, they’ll be first on the conveyor belt, but make sure that the belt is safe like this one since there have been a lot of airport injuries caused by it. You can learn more at Then, you can skip off on your holiday as soon as possible.

travel hacks

Marking your luggage as fragile may get you out of the airport quicker.

2. Private browsing for cheaper flights

By flicking through flights online, companies install cookies (not the delicious round ones, unfortunately) and are able to track your search data. This means that, the next time you search flights, they will increase. In order to avoid that, make sure you only browse on a private browser – if you’re browsing in Chrome, simply click the three dots next to the URL and select ‘incognito window’.

3. Pack colour schemes

By packing colour schemes, you won’t have the trouble of having non-matching clothes. Instead, you can combine everything yet still mix it up.

4. Bring dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are the most helpful tool if you don’t want a smelly suitcase. Instead, they will keep it fresh – simply put them in-between your clothes. Another way to use dryer sheets is to put them in your shoes so foot odour won’t spread out.

5. Reserve the window and aisle seats

Let’s be completely honest, nobody wants to sit on the middle seat, and nobody wants to reserve it either. This means that, if you reserve the window and aisle seats, the chances will be high that you’ll have a free spot in the middle.

travel hacks

To get higher chances of an empty seat, reserve the aisle and window only.

6. Upload a foreign menu to Google Translate

Ever been in the situation abroad where you didn’t understand a restaurant menu at all? Us too. Lucky for you, and for us, Google Translate has the option for you to upload an image of the menu and the app translates it immediately.

7. Be early to avoid crowds

While this tip is straight-forward, it does help. Even though it may be uncomfortable to wake up a tad earlier than normal, we promise you it’ll pay off. Be honest, an empty breakfast buffet with everything still being fresh is so much better. The same applies to tourist attractions – by being there early you’ll most likely miss the queue.

travel hacks

Get up early to avoid crowds like these.

8. Use an old lipstick to store emergency cash

This is not only a genius hack for your travels, but for life in general. Clean out your empty lipstick and insert some spare bank notes for emergencies. We can almost guarantee that pickpockets want to steal your lippy!

9. Buy a universal adapter

Chances are, if you travel overseas, there’ll be different wall sockets. To avoid a shock (of not being able to charge your beloved smartphone), we recommend buying a universal adapter. This will enable you to use your electronic gadgets in each continent without trouble.

10. Use a medicine pill box to store small jewellery items

If you don’t want to bring your heaviest and most extravagant jewellery and limit your use to small items only, then a medicine pill box is a handy and efficient tool. In each space you can fill one item.

travel hacks

Pill boxes can easily be used as jewellery storage.

Have you tried any of these tips yet? Comment below if you have a travel hack of your own to share!


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