A wine-tasting tour can be a great way to spend an afternoon, learning about the local vineyards, wines, and of course, the glasses of wine at the end are a great bonus! Alternatively, selecting a local wine on the drinks menu in a rooftop bar or restaurant is great too – and if you want to keep it low-key, a bottle of wine while sitting on the outdoor terrace at your villa with an evening meal. We’ve decided to round up a collection of 10 of our favourite villas in Portugal for wine lovers that are well-placed for a spot of wine tasting.

Portugal is most famous for its Port, produced in the Douro Valley region, but we also wanted to give a shout-out to their unique Vinho Verde – or ‘green wine’ – which originates in the northern region of Minho (where we have a great selection of villas, FYI). Vinho Verde is light, crisp and a little spritzy… great for a balmy summer evening on your holiday. In this list of villas in Portugal, we’ve covered a few different regions, because surprisingly – to us, anyway – Portugal is home to 13 wine regions, from the well-known Douro Valley to the lesser-known exotic Azores islands.

Douro Valley

The most famous of the Portuguese wine regions, the enchanting Douro Valley with its ancient vineyards and undulating hillsides, is centred around the Douro River and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its climate is perfect for its most well-known export, the sweet, fortified liquid beauty that is Port, but the region is also doing pretty well with its blended dry reds and whites. Being a well-known wine region, there are plenty of wine-tasting tours that make a full-day excursion, and here are some of our fave villas in the area…

1. Quinta do Quirino

Quinta do Quirino
Pictures really don’t do this villa justice – Quinta do Quirino really has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. As well as being undeniably beautiful, the villa is also surrounded by vineyards that date all the way back to 1756. This area of Portugal is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. Explore the lush vineyards on the property, which also produces its own wine, and enjoy the addition of a self-contained studio too, ideal for a multi-generational holiday. Planning something extra special? The rustic wine cellar is also available for guests to use in certain seasons – host wine tastings and events and make your holiday even more unique.

Where to visit for wine: Quinta do Quirino is just a short drive from Regua, the oldest demarcated wine region in the world, definitely worth a visit during your villa holiday in Portugal.

Where to taste: Right on your doorstep! Quinta do Quirino is immediately surrounded by vineyards that produce some excellent quality wines, many of which offer tastings and tours.

2. Villa Cathy

Villa Cathy Portugal

Another villa that benefits from incredible panoramic views across the magical Douro Valley and its vineyards, which you can enjoy not only from the comfort of your sun lounger, outdoor terrace, jacuzzi or infinity pool but from inside the villa too, is Villa Cathy – a stylish hillside haven that may be hard to tear yourself away from. But if you can…

Where to visit for wine: The picturesque town of Pinhão is just a 20-minute walk from Villa Cathy. Pinhão produces some of the best port in the world owing to its rich port heritage.

Where to taste: Quinta da Roêda, Quinta do Noval Pinhão and Quinta do Bomfim.


So, you may remember us mentioning up there ^ that Minho is the region that brought Vinho Verde (aka green wine) into the world, which is a crisp, light and refreshing white wine, with a slightly green tinge. Sounds weird but stay with us. We think it’s lovely – it’s a little bit bubbly, which adds to the freshness and is absolutely perfect on a hot day. Minho wine producers favour quality over quantity, which is great news for our glasses! Northern Portugal isn’t just for winos though and if you like beaches you’re in for a treat, but first, where to stay?

3. Casa Ligia

Casa Ligia Portugal Villa Wine

The grounds of this renovated 17th-century manor house are a sight to behold – nestled in the heart of the Minho countryside, it’s a rural escape where you can really unwind, with terraces and outdoor dining overlooking manicured gardens. The stone-built holiday home oozes charm and character with its original features, huge living spaces and an indoor heated pool (in case the weather decides to play a trick on you!).

Where to visit for wine: Ponte de Lima, a historic and photogenic town by the Rio Lima – and also the oldest village in Portugal – is only 8km from the villa, and has ample wine-tasting opportunities as its a spot enveloped in vineyard-covered hillsides.

Where to taste: The manor house actually has its own wine cellar, but if you fancy heading out then Casa do Barreiro and Blue Wine are good options.

4. Casa Cintia

Casa Cintia Portugal Villa Wine

Another majestic-looking 17th-century manor house, Casa Cintia sits within 220 acres of magical forests, fields, vineyards and its own landscaped gardens. Eclectically furnished interiors give the holiday home a unique magnetism, the wine cellar needs to get a mention (this being a wine-focused blog and all), and the outdoor dining setup allows for an enchanting afternoon/evening meal looking out over the vine-covered walkways, private pool and Serra do Marão mountains. There’s a badminton court too, for those who fancy keeping active!

Where to visit for wine: Nearby village Celerico de Basto, the historic city of Braga about a 45-minute drive, or even lively Porto (with its many port cellars) is an hour away.

Where to taste: Quinta de Santa Cristina.

5. Villa Armada

Villa Armada

This ancient, traditional stone farmhouse dates from 1501 and has been upgraded and renovated while still retaining its rustic charm. Set in lovely grounds overlooking the countryside, with a handful of historic structures dotted across the gardens, as well as a beautiful pool and outdoor dining to soak up your rural surroundings.

Where to visit for wine: The pretty coastal town of Vila Praia de Ancora is only a short drive from the villa with its collection of seafood restaurants, where you can enjoy some local wine or Caminho, a picturesque town with impressive architecture, is 10km away, and the port city of Porto is under an hours drive.

Where to taste: Enoteca, Ferreira and Cálem Cellars.

6. Villa Ava

Villa Ava Portugal

The stand-out feature of this renovated farm building has got to be the dazzling infinity pool overlooking the tranquil surroundings – vineyards, olive groves, forests and hills as far as the eye can see! It may be the exteriors that really catch your eye, but as you venture indoors you’ll find the family villa is beautifully decorated with neutral tones and pops of colour.

Where to visit for wine: This villa is very well placed for visiting numerous wine spots – Calheiros is the nearest village only 2km from the villa, Ponte de Lima is 8km, and you’ll also find the market town of Barcelos a 40-minute drive away and the beautiful city of Viana do Castelo less than that.

Where to taste: Paço de Calheiros, Casa do Barreiro, Quinta de Paços, Soalheiro, and Quintas de Melgaco.

7. Villa Estora

Villa Estora Portugal

Bring history to life in this restored romantic stone villa, set on the water with an original working mill and water wheel. Connected to the surrounding houses along the stream by a Roman bridge, the setting is truly picturesque. You’ll get a real taste for authentic Portuguese living here with the surrounding countryside, the quaint village vibes and no WiFi meaning you can truly get off-the-grid.

Where to visit for wine: Ponte de Lima is 9km from the villa, which is set in the heart of Estorãos village.

Where to taste: Casa do Barreiro and Blue Wine.

The Lisbon Coast

You may be surprised to hear that the Lisboa region of Portugal can throw its name into the hat of wine-producing wizardry. Sure, the Lisbon Coast is undoubtedly windier than further inland, but across the region, you’ll find the ideal conditions for certain grapes (channelling Goldilocks – it has to be just right). Seaside vistas, rolling vineyards and craggy mountaintops – this contrast of landscapes is picture-perfect and great as a backdrop to your wine-sipping exploits. The grapes in question? Ramisco, Malvasia and Castelão to name a few, and wines are produced across the board – reds, whites and some crisp sparkling wines too. There is so much packed into this sliver of the country, with all sorts of outdoor adventures to be had – so be sure to get stuck in when you’re not supping a glass of grape!

8. Villa Lygiana

Villa Lygiana

Just 6km from Cabo da Roca, the most westerly point in Europe, this gorgeous contemporary home is the ideal seaside escape with stunning views and a gorgeous pool and sauna to unwind in. Praia da Ribeira is just one of many excellent beaches in the area and there’s a lovely walk to the impressive Boca do Inferno cliffs. What more could you want?!

Where to visit for wine: Sintra is about 17km from the villa and its hills are adorned with vineyards and luscious greenery. Aside from wine tasting, you’ll find a kaleidoscopic town backed by rugged mountains, a brightly coloured palace sitting atop the hills (Pena Palace), and plenty of walking opportunities. Cascais is also only a train ride from the bustling city of Lisbon with its smattering of chic wine bars that are ideal for tastings in an urban setting.

Where to taste: Adega Regional de ColaresAdega Viúva Gomes and Casal Sta. Maria.

9. Villa Tareija

Villa Tareija Portugal

This luxury white-washed villa is set in the charming Aldeia do Meco village, a place well-known for its seafood restaurants. A popular haunt for windsurfing, kayaking and SUP lovers, it’s an idyllic seaside retreat, but it also offers those more akin to hiking and biking a place to play – plus, the villa offers free mountain bikes for those who fancy exploring on land.

Where to visit for wine: The town of Sesimbra is 13km from the villa and is a major wine-producing region – set against the Serra da Arriba mountains, the speciality tipple is Moscatel de Setubal, which is a sweet dessert wine.

Where to taste: Quinta da Bacalhao and José Maria da Fonseca. We recommend afterwards heading to one of Setubal or Sesimbra’s seafood restaurants and washing down some delectable dishes with one of the wines on the menu.


Madeira is a tropical archipelago off the coast of Portugal – and the northwest coast of Africa – and, unsurprisingly, is where Madeira wine comes from (a fortified sweet wine). Known for its subtropical climate and volcanic scenery, it’s an underrated destination that we can’t get enough of. We could wax lyrical about Madeira and all its plus points – here’s an itinerary we cooked up – but we’re here to chat about Madeira wine; rumour has it a vintage Madeira can last a whole century unopened! When opened it can even be re-stoppered and stored for a further few months. What a party trick!

We’ve got a great collection of Madeira villas, but since we’re only supposed to be shouting out to 10 villas in Portugal in total here, we decided to bring in a villa with some serious wow factor:

10. Villa Trocaz

Villa Trocaz Portugal

A striking villa set in the hillsides of Madeira with gorgeous views across the horizon, this holiday home stands out with its cubist architecture amongst the luscious greenery surrounding it. In a peaceful location, this bright and airy holiday home allows you to feel cut off from the world in your own haven, while still being close to a local town. We love the sun terrace and sparkling infinity pool, where you can look out over the ocean and really begin to rest and recharge.

Where to visit for wine: Calheta is only 2km from the villa with its rugged scenery and sandy beach.

Where to taste: There are a lot of companies doing wine-tasting tours in Madeira, but if you’re looking for individual places to visit we’d recommend Blandy’s Wine Lodge, Vinhos Barbeito, Quinta das Vinhas and Casa do Rum.


If you’ve managed to get through this blog without pouring yourself a glass of the good stuff, then we salute you – and if this list of top villas in Portugal for wine lovers has persuaded you that this sun-baked country is the place for your next villa holiday, then head to our website to check out our Portugal collection. Chat with our concierge team if you want any help, or would like to arrange some added extras like private chef-cooked meals, see if your fridge can be stocked with bottles of local vinho for your arrival, or if you’d like them to help arrange wine tastings for you!

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