When we think of Mallorca, sparkling, turquoise waters and sandy beaches spring to mind – and there’s a good reason for that. One of the most sought-after spots in the Balearic Islands, the beaches in Mallorca add a certain magic to this spectacular island. Spend days lounging on the white sands, exploring secret coves with the little ones or hiking to the more hidden beaches for a post-hike dip. 

Whatever floats your boat, Mallorca has it all, and it’s this versatility that makes it a really popular destination to visit with kids. Spending time on the coast is an activity that will keep everyone happy, but you want to make sure that the beaches you’re visiting are suitable for families to ensure a stress-free experience.

If you’re looking for recommendations, here’s our roundup of the best beaches for families in Mallorca.

1. Cala Agulla

Cala Agulla Best Beaches in Mallorca

Settled on the northeast coast of Mallorca, Cala Agulla is a hotspot for natural beauty. Surrounded by forests and overlooking the mountains of Llevant National Park, you’ll be treated to the amazing scent of pine trees while you sunbathe as well as truly incredible views of the scenery.

Cala Agulla is a great choice in Mallorca for families because it’s large and therefore never gets overly busy. There’s not a lot of development in the area because of its proximity to the national park, but there are enough facilities to keep families of all shapes and sizes happy.

Reaching Cala Agulla is straightforward by car, or you could even arrive by boat. The water is shallow and calm unless the wind has really picked up, and there are lifeguards on duty who provide extra peace of mind if you’re bobbing around in the waves with your children.

As a final highlight of this family beach, Cala Agulla is Blue Flag-rated for cleanliness. Watersports are a very popular activity here, so you can rest assured that everyone stays safe when they’re out in the water.

2. Es Trenc

Es Trenc - best beaches in Mallorca

One of the most popular beaches on the island, Es Trenc’s beautiful, soft white sands are worth waking up early for. The bright blue waters and pure, white sand will transport you to a Caribbean-esque paradise, while the lack of touristy eateries keeps the vibe relaxed and unspoiled.

Es Trenc is one of the best beaches for families in Mallorca with older children, as there isn’t a huge array of facilities. However, the large size means that there’s always plenty of space for games on the sand or finding a quiet spot to set up for the day.

You’ll want to pack everything you need for a family beach trip before you set off, as there aren’t any shops or eateries close by. It’s this slightly remote location that makes Es Trenc such a popular spot, however, as the atmosphere is always very relaxed and the surrounding scenery is totally unspoiled.

3. Cala Mondrago

Cala Mondrago - best beaches in Mallorca

Small and situated in the Mondragó National Park, Cala Mondrago is an idyllic enclave perfect for a lazy afternoon. It’s another Blue Flag-rated location, making it one of the best beaches for families in Mallorca due to its cleanliness and lack of over-tourism.

Cala Mondrago is located close to the popular resort town of Cala d’Or, so it’s a great choice for families who are staying on the southeast coast of the island. Though there are stretches of sand on Cala Mondrago, there are also rocky sections which make for some amazing underwater scenery! If you and your kids are looking for one of the best Mallorca beaches for snorkeling then Cala Mondrago is a great choice.

The scenery from Mondragó Natural Park provides a pretty backdrop for your time at Cala Mondrago, with two cliffs rising on either side of the cove that keep the shallow water pretty calm. There are a couple of beach bars and cafes nearby, or you can walk over to the larger Cala S’Amarador 400 metres if you’re looking for more options.

4. Playa de Canyamel

Canyamel Best Beaches in Mallorca

Looking for some peace and quiet away from the crowds? Playa de Canyamel is a bit of a hidden gem – it’s small but rarely has many people on it, so it’s great if you’ve got younger kids. If you’d prefer to spend your time somewhere calm and family-orientated, Playa de Canyamel is one of the best beaches in Mallorca.

You’ll find this beach in the small resort town of Canyamel on the east of the island. This is a popular spot with families who have younger children in particular because it’s known for being so quiet and laid-back. The beach itself has golden sand and clear blue water and is edged on one side by a nature reserve, so you can enjoy pretty picturesque scenery as you lounge by the sea.

Despite its status as a less-touristy beach, there are still a great number of facilities at Playa de Canyamel. You’ll find toilets, showers, sunlounger and umbrella rental, and free nearby parking. There are also places to rent stand-up paddle boards and canoes, so you can take older kids out on the water to explore the coastline.

5. Puerto Pollença

Puerto Pollença Best Beaches in Mallorca

Puerto Pollença, or Port de Pollensa, is the name of a popular resort area in the north of Mallorca that is one of the island’s most popular spots for a holiday. A friendly and laid-back beach on the northeastern coast, the beach at Puerto Pollença offers plenty of handy amenities nearby for a day on the coast.

You’ll find the main beach, Platja del Port de Pollensa, to the south of the harbour. Over 1 kilometre long, it’s a large and soft strength of sand with views of the nearby Tramuntana mountains and is a great place to come and enjoy plenty of space and shallow water. The proximity to the harbour also means that there’s a lot of choice if it comes to finding somewhere to eat during your trip.

If you head north from the harbour in Puerto Pollensa to the Pine Walk areas, you’ll come across D’Albercuix Beach. This is actually a series of small coves that are edged with stone jetties, offering a more secluded beach experience if you can secure a spot. 

The beaches at Albercuix are better suited to smaller families or families with older children, as facilities are a longer walk away and there’s less space to run about. However, these beaches get the best sunlight in the evening, so are ideal if you’re seeking somewhere to watch the sunset or to enjoy a last paddle before bed.

6. Playa de Muro

Playa de Muro - best beaches in Mallorca

Playa de Muro is a huge beach in the north of Mallorca that is made up of four different sections of sand. Its expansive size makes it a great choice for all kinds of families, as whatever beach experience you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it here.

The main section of Playa de Muro is closest to Port d’Alcúdia and is backed by hotels and restaurants, making it the most popular section with the most amenities close by. If you continue south along the coast you’ll reach Es Comú beach, which tends to be a lot quieter as it isn’t as close to any facilities. If you have older children and you’d rather enjoy the beach to yourself, this is the best place to spend a day.

Past Es Comú is Es Cappellans, close to the resort town of Can Picafort. It’ll be busier here than the central section of the beach because of the proximity, but the water is known for being particularly calm which makes it a great beach for families in Mallorca.

The water that laps against the shore or Playa de Muro stays shallow for quite a while before it becomes deep enough to swim in, so you can let your children play in the water without worrying too much about them going out of their depth. Watersports are popular the whole length, with options to rent things like paddleboards or kayaks as well as taking part in guided lessons or excursions.

7. Platja d’Es Carbó

Platja d'Es Carbo - beaches in Mallorca

If you and your family are looking for somewhere to get away from the crowds in the summer then Platja d’Es Carbó in the south of the island is an excellent choice. It’s a beach that offers totally natural beauty, with white sand backed by bushes and pine trees, as well as views of Isla Moltona in the distance.

Platja d’Es Carbó, or Playa de Es Carbó, is a family beach that is only suited to groups with older children, as you can only reach it on foot. From Colonia Sant Jordi you’ll need to walk along the cliffs and sand until you reach the beach, but will be rewarded by very few other visitors and a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere.

Visit Playa de Es Carbó if you and your family want an authentic experience of Mallorca’s beaches without any kind of tourist developments nearby. It’s just you, the sand and the sea, which is perfect for a relaxing day enjoying the weather and cooling off in the water.

8. Ciudad Jardin

Our final recommendation for the best beaches in Mallorca for families is Ciudad Jardin, located in the Bay of Palma. The beach is named after the resort town that it belongs to and is a cheerful spot close to Palma which is great if you’re exploring Mallorca with kids.

One of the key reasons that Ciudad Jardin Beach is so popular for families is that the water here stays remarkably calm all year round. There aren’t many options to get involved in watersports, but if you just want to swim or paddle with your children then the conditions are perfect.

Nearby Ciudad Jardin is a lovely and luxurious area of Mallorca that offers a nice selection of places to eat and drink. It’s very easy to park nearby and there are showers, toilets and lounger rental available, so it’s well equipped for visitors to spend a whole day here.


Like our pick of the best beaches in Mallorca? If you’re looking for a holiday with friends that ticks all the boxes, Mallorca’s the place to go. Besides beaches, it offers fantastic nightlife, restaurants, and beautiful and varied landscapes with a wide range of activities to explore. 

For more recommendations about where to visit on the island, pop over to our Mallorca Travel Guide. Or if you’re planning a trip to this popular Spanish destination and are looking for somewhere to stay, check out our collection of luxury villas in Mallorca for a holiday to remember. Our concierge team will be happy to help with any queries you may have!

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