We know you didn’t fly all the way to St. Lucia to neglect your tan and stay away from the beach, but don’t let those glittering seas distract you from the island’s other delights. Our St. Lucia vacation rentals in the Caribbean are located conveniently close to a few activities we’re willing to bet you’ve never tried before, so take a look at these three out-of-the-ordinary ways to spend your day.

Segway through the mountains 

St. Lucia is home to several exotic creatures, including the brightly coloured St. Lucian Parrot and the sneaky Jamaican Fruit Bat – and although you might also see the occasional manatee at the beach, the jungle animals definitely win in the cuteness stakes. Nature tours provide an exciting way to get to the heart of the island, but if long hikes aren’t necessarily your thing, why not glide along the trail on a Segway?

Villa Capri - St Lucia - St Lucia vacation Villas - Oliver's Travels

Villa Capri – St Lucia – Caribbean vacation Villas – Oliver’s Travels

St. Lucia Segway tours operate on the west side of the island, traversing the breathtaking Mount Pimard. Just a short distance from many of our luxury villas in the north, including the gorgeous Villa Capri, it’s easy to reach the old WWII military base where the tour providers have developed their unique trail. Informative, fun, and a little bit quirky, this is a gentle way to see the exotic wildlife that St. Lucia has on offer.

The Woulélaba experience

Woulélaba is an indigenous St. Lucian game that’s probably most similar to cricket – although spectators at a competition will soon realise that, for locals, it’s much more than just a sport. The teams are usually picked from two different communities, acting as an informal mixer as well as celebration of the unity between villages. Matches are also accompanied by cultural performances and late night dances, not to mention delicious home-cooked food.

Party in the street

Smuggler's Nest - St Lucia - St Lucia vacation Villas - Oliver's Travels

Smuggler’s Nest – St Lucia – Caribbean vacation Villas – Oliver’s Travels

Caribbean nightlife is famous, but for a truly authentic taste, it’s best to sniff out one of the local street parties that take place regularly around the island, often at Gros Islet. These eclectic parties, or “jump ups”, are a sensory treat of reggae music, cocktails and food stalls serving rice, beans, jerk chicken and perhaps even some curried goat. Our cosy hideaway, The Smuggler’s Nest, provides you with the perfect retreat to stagger back to at 2am.

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