The call of the Caribbean’s sparkling blue water is pretty irresistible to even the most determined couch potato, but while scuba-diving, snorkelling and surf schools still do a roaring trade, seasoned tropical travellers might be looking for something a little more, shall we say, unusual? If that sounds a lot like you, read on to find out more – and how our luxury Caribbean villa rentals can get you out there on the water!

Cascading in the Dominican Republic

Villa Castellamonte - Dominican Republic - Luxury Caribbean Villas - Oliver's Travels

Villa Castellamonte – Dominican Republic – Luxury Caribbean Villas – Oliver’s Travels

If you want to become a cascader (not to be confused with crusader), you’ll need a helmet, a lifejacket and a keen sense of adventure. This hobby basically involves a lot of climbing up and sliding down beautiful waterfalls, usually after fairly easy hikes up to the most picturesque spots. The Damajagua Falls provide the perfect backdrop for your first cascading attempt – and you can rest up afterwards at the gorgeous Villa Castellamonte on the island’s north coast.

Kite-surfing in Barbados

Milord - Barbados - Barbados Villa Rentals - Oliver's Travels

Milord – Barbados – Caribbean Villa Rentals – Oliver’s Travels

This high-octane sport involves skimming over the waves on a specialised surfboard, attached to a large kite that catches the wind and pulls you along. Schools like Endless Kiteboarding are already in place to teach beginners the tricks of the trade – once you’ve had a few hours of lessons, you’ll be good to go. Silver Rock Beach is a well-known kite-surfing hotspot on the south coast of the island that’s ideally suited to new surfers and is conveniently close to Milord, one of our most romantic Barbados villa rentals.

Jetpack flying in Antigua

This really is exactly what it sounds like: flying up to 30 feet above the water surface, propelled by a jetpack strapped to your back. You do need to be over 18 to try it, but there’s really nothing else quite like it out there. Rocketman on Dickenson Beach in Antigua – just a short drive away from the luxurious Villa Capri in the Galley Bay complex.

Subwings, almost anywhere

We’ve covered flying above the water – now imagine flying under it. Subwings attach via a cable to the back of a boat, which pulls you along underwater so that all you have to do is hold on and enjoy the view: think snorkelling combined with water-skiing. Since they hit the market, yacht tour companies around the Caribbean have made them available to rent, but there’s nothing stopping you from buying your own!

If you’re looking for a great place online to get your wetsuits for all your water adventures, check out Buy4Outdoors.

Of course we have more properties in the Caribbean to choose from. Find the one that fits your criteria and enjoy your stay. Contact our concierge team if you have any questions.

Lead image via dMap Travel Guide on Flickr
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