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Just like the history and culture of the islands themselves, Caribbean music is diverse, and full of life. Composed of group of genres and styles originating from the Caribbean’s rich history, the most popular types of Caribbean music include reggae, salsa and calypso (to name but a few!) The islands themselves have proved an endless source of creativity for artists throughout the world, so
we thought we’d take a look at five of our 10 Caribbean tunes to help us imagine relaxing on one of those white coral beaches…

1. Bob Marley – Could You Be Loved

Bob Marley really needs no introduction. Born in Jamaica in 1945, the father of reggae successfully pioneered the ska, rocksteady and reggae style of his band, The Wailers. Adored by millions, Bob continues to inspire fans and admirers to this very day, decades after his untimely death in 1981.

Written in 1979 on an airplane by Bob and his band, the song stands out from Reggae classics by by its funky disco influence and a feelgood factor of 11.

2. Harry Belafonte – Day-O (Banana Boat Song)

This traditional Jamaican mento folk song is deeply embedded in Caribbean culture and history. The most famous version was recorded by Harry Belafonte in 1955, and despite being over fifty years old it’s still guaranteed to get anyone in the calypso mood.

3. Barbados Merrymen – Feeling Hot Hot Hot

This catchy song by the Barbados Merrymen is a cult classic and is the de facto beach party song – whether you’re in the Caribbean or not, it’s sure to make get any soiree swinging in no time!

4. Rihanna – Diamonds

Rihanna is arguably Barbados’s most famous daughter, and her background and upbringing on the island suffuses her music. Despite mega-stardom, she’s remained in touch with her roots and has even featured in an advertising campaign to boost tourism for her birthplace.

5. UB40 – Kingston Town

Brought to a worldwide audience in 1989 by reggae group UB40, Kingston Town was actually written in 1970 song by Trinidadian calypso artist Lord Creator. The song is a tribute to the eponymous Jamaican Town and has consistently remained one of the most listened to Reggae song throughout the world – and with that kind of beat, it’s hardly surprising!

If these classic tunes have got you hankering for a bit of Caribbean sunshine, head to our Caribbean luxury villa collection and search out your own rental on any of the region’s idyllic islands – the perfect place to kick back with rum and reggae! 

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  1. mohammed hussain

    please ilove carribean island songs could you help me for one of the songs as the lyrics are.
    carrabean island, thats the carrabean island please send me the album of full song of mp3

    regards and thanks

    everloving fof carribean island

    • oliver

      Hi Mohammed,

      Unfortunately we can’t send you any MP3s as it’s against copyright, and try as we might we couldn’t find the song from those lyrics alone. Have you got any more clues?

      All the best,



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