From reggae to calypso, the rainbow of sounds that originate from the Caribbean are as rich and full of life as the culture of the islands themselves. Paradise is ready and waiting. Just kick back and get lost in the music that makes the Caribbean both so distinctive and well loved. Whether you’re daydreaming about the crystalline waters and palm trees or dancing the night away on the white coral beaches, there’s a track you’re bound to love.


Jamaica is an exotic escape for honeymooners and holidaymakers alike, but the musical impact of this small sunny island really packs a punch! The development of sounds systems in the 1950’s bought a boom to the Jamaican record industry, bringing a thread of timeless tracks. Almost everyone is familiar with the cool sounds of reggae but it didn’t take off until the legend Bob Marley himself, (among other numerous artists) brought the laid-back rhythmic sounds to the global stage in the 60’s.

Today many more styles have risen from the island, popular genres such as dancehall and ska get people from every corner of the world grooving. Now picture yourself sipping a refreshingly cool rum cocktail on the beach singing along to the feel-good sounds of Harry Belafonte. Or swaying to irresistibly sultry steady rock classics watching the sunset behind crashing waves and lush mountains at Greatview.

If gigs are your thing, it’s a must to attend events such as Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival which brings a jam-packed line up of talented artist to the stage. But until then, indulge in our Jamaican playlists that will have you ‘jamming’ for sure. 



White sands, blue seas and music that’ll get you on your feet – Barbados is a dream destination. Much of the infectious sounds of Barbadian music can be heard at any Caribbean carnival! With both African and Western influences, the distinctive styles that can be heard on the island include calypso, rocksteady and ragga. 

Ready to dance? Then Barbados is just the place for you with popular events such as Crop Over Festival attracting crowds yearly! Villa Coco has plenty of space for you and your group to get party ready while blasting these catchy carnival classics that’ll have even the most reluctant dancer jigging along. Don’t worry if big crowds aren’t your thing, why not throw a beach party for you and your clan at Sandy Lane Beach just a stone’s throw from Villa Vistamar. Either way, we know you’re ready to grab a drink and get moving to the bouncy sounds of Barbados. 

St. Lucia 

The warmth and natural beauty of Saint Lucia will leave you truly captivated. Whether you’re a wildlife lover or looking for an exciting adventure definitely have this gem on your travel list! Anyone visiting Saint Lucia can expect to hear a superb blend of musical genres. 

Along with all the latest styles being popular on the island, you can hear rich oral history in St. Lucia’s traditional music such as folk and Caribbean jazz. Then for when it’s time to really get down, the sweet sounds of soca are ever popular at any St. Lucian festivity. So, we hope you have your dance partner at the ready! Don’t forget to get practising your moves for the Summer Festival Carnival in Saint Lucia’s summer heat. The music of this island is the perfect accompaniment to enjoying you blissful surroundings. 

If you need a place to stay, don’t worry we have it covered with our range of holiday homes on the island! 


If these top tunes haven’t got you hankering for a bit of Caribbean sunshine, we don’t know what will! Head on over to our Caribbean luxury villa collection and take a look at some of the amazing properties we have on offer. Our dedicated team help handpick the perfect holiday home for you on any of these idyllic islands – so you’re sure to find the perfect place for you and your clan to live it up in the Carribean. 


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