If a safari in South Africa is top of your travel bucket-list, you’re not alone. With over 30 million tourists desperate to spot the ‘Big Five’ every year, it’s one of the most popular reasons to visit this magnificent country. Wondering what could be more special than spying a lion on a night drive or a giraffe during a bush breakfast? Forget squinting from the comforts of a jeep: our ‘Luxury Safari Experience’ package lets you to get too close for comfort! 

Offering everything from mud baths with hippos to swimming with crocodiles and bedtime snuggles with baby baboons, this 24-hour package is simply unmissable for animal lovers! See the full itinerary below.

5am-8am: Breakfast buffet in the bush

Your day begins with a 5am wakeup call from your personal guide. It’s an early start, but the animals are most active when it’s cooler so there’s less chance of them hiding away from the heat. You’ll be escorted to the bush where you’ll find a table set up with a gourmet breakfast buffet, including South African delicacies and continental choices. Blankets, binoculars, beanbags and night vision cameras will be provided for your utmost comfort.

8am-10am: Settle into your luxury base

After breakfast, you’ll be transported to your base: a luxury transparent yurt that allows you to feel at one with nature, even when tucked up in bed – you won’t miss a thing! There’s an indoor toilet and bathroom, but if you prefer to be out in the open, you’ll find an outdoor shower, roll-top bath, and the option of sleeping under the stars.

10am-12pm: Guided walk with wildlife photography session

Once you’re settled in and ready for the day, your guide and a professional wildlife photographer will come to meet you for a guided walk of the area. This is your chance to explore the nearby surroundings, learn about the wildlife and hopefully spot some exciting animals on the way! At a destination of your choice, you can take part in a professional photography session, receiving digital and hard copies of your favourite shots at the end of your trip. 

12pm-2pm: Boat tour and lunch – swim with crocs!

Your guided walk will then lead you to the river. Here, you will meet your river guide and hop aboard for an open-top boat tour! A private chef is on hand to whip up a fresh lunch while you glide downstream, with crocs and hippos swimming alongside you. If you’re feeling brave enough, don your swimming cozzie and jump into the river to swim amongst the water dwellers. Don’t worry, your guide is a qualified crocodile handler so you’ll be in safe hands! 

3pm-5pm: Mud bath with hippos

At the end of your boat tour, you’ll reach the hippos’ favourite spot – the mud pools. Get up close and personal with these lovable creatures by hopping into the mud pools for a relaxing afternoon pamper session. The natural detoxifying muds offer a whole host of benefits for your skin, so just lay back and unwind next to these astonishing animals, feeling totally at one with nature.

5pm-6:30pm: Cocktails at the watering hole

Once you’re feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, your driver will escort you back to camp for a much-needed shower before getting ready for dinner. 

Next stop – the watering hole. You’ll find a romantic table set up beside the animals, allowing you to sip on delicious cocktails as the various creatures in attendance enjoy their very own afternoon refresher. Watch the sun set over the horizon and cheers to mother nature!

6:30pm-8:30pm: Dine with lions

After that packed day of activities, it’s likely you’ll have worked up an appetite. Now’s the time to head to the bush for a candlelit steak dinner – with a twist. Especially for you, the park keepers will feed the lions at the same time, so you can all dine together! What’s better than a wonderful supper savoured just feet from away from some of the most astounding animals in the world?

8:30pm-10:30pm: Nighttime snuggles with baby baboons

With full bellies all round, you’ve reached your final stop of the day. Back at base, several baby baboons will be waiting for you beside your outdoor bed. So get comfy and snuggle up together with the park’s youngest guests, reflecting on the day’s delights together under the stars.

Sound like your dream trip? The ‘Luxury Safari Experience’ package costs £40,000 per family of four for a 24-hour itinerary. All bookings are subject to availability and booking enquiries must be made through our concierge team. For more villa holiday ideas, visit our website

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