As a mum, sometimes you find yourself asking ‘are there other mums like me?’ when you pretend your child isn’t yours as they’re having a tantrum in the supermarket, or when – as much as parenting books have you believe being a mum is in your nature – you’re just not sure what you’re doing. Or if that’s not you (we salute you) you may just be looking for some tips, tricks, and advice on everyday life with children. Basically, whatever you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place, as we round up our top 10 mummy blogs to read in 2020. 

Best UK Mummy Blogs, Oliver’s Travels Recommends:

  • Cuddle Fairy

CuddleFairy - Top 10 Mummy blogsBecky writes the popular Cuddle Fairy blog, about life on the west coast of Ireland with her husband and three kids.  Becky is passionate about travel, recipes and fashion, amongst other things. Her mummy blog and social channels are powered by positive thoughts and vibes – you can imagine the wonderful advice you’ll find in this blog. 

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  • Slummy Single Mummy

Slummy Single Mum - Top 10 Mummy blogs

Slummy Single Mummy is a lifestyle and parenting blog focussing on parenting older children and young adults but covering everything from how to make your own Jaffa Cakes to rants about car air fresheners. 

Parents should go and read Slummy Single Mummy for the wonderfully warm, down-to-earth humour, and relatable stories and thoughts about parenting. Jo is known for being honest and hilariously funny, so much so that her first novel, Playgroups and Prosecco, was published by Penguin Random House this spring. If you’ve ever secretly looked at your family and your home and wondered ‘is this it?’ then this is one blog you need to read.


  • Le Coin Del Mel

Le Coin De Mel - Top 10 Mummy blogsMel is a busy mum of four who can always be found with food in one hand and her camera in the other. Her mummy blog, Le Coin de Mel is all about food, family life, allergies, crafts, days out and pretty much everything she gets up to with her family. When Mel isn’t drooling over food on Pinterest or Instagram, she bakes with her children, plans meals, thinks about her next sweet treat, shares recipes with friends or takes photos.

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  • Boo Roo and Tigger Too

Boo Roo and Tigger Too - Top 10 Mummy blogs

Boo Roo and Tigger Too is written by Sarah Anguish, a northerner at heart who now lives in Norfolk with her husband and three children. She started documenting family life back in 2011 as she prepared to return to work following maternity leave with her second child. Sharing the ups and downs of being a working parent and the struggle with childcare when there is no plan B. Over the years her blog has developed into a mix of family lifestyle, home decor, travel and everything in between.
Take a look at Boo Roo and Tigger Too if you are looking for hints and tips on how to manage family adventures as well as seeing how life with three children can be a rollercoaster.

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  • Sparkles and Stretch

Sparkles and Stretchmarks - Top 10 Mummy blogs

Sparkles and Stretch is an award-winning blog that offers a bunch of practical parenting advice.  Hayley McLean-Glass the voice behind the blog documents her life and adventures with her three lovely children. Charting the highs and lows of being a parent and covering the more difficult topics like mental health.

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  • Emmy’s mummy 

Emmy's Mummy - Top 10 Mummy blogs

Emmy’s Mummy (and Harry’s too!) is written by Clare Nicholas, a former Nanny and now Mum to 2 whirlwinds. This Blog is 8 years old and focuses on juggling a busy family life, you’ll also find Clare’s very popular Blog series “Top Tips from a former Nanny” where she shares top tips such as dealing with eczema, how to keep children safe in the sun, how to hire a babysitter/nanny and much other helpful parenting advice – teamed with reviews, competitions and family travel. 


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  • Laura’s Lovely Blog

Laura's Lovely Blog - Top 10 Mummy blogs

Laura’s Lovely Blog is a UK parenting and lifestyle blog that writes about family life, positivity and of course lovely things. Laura also writes about gratitude and has recently done a lot of work on gender equality. She is a Mum of 3 children under 7 and has a slight handbag addiction.
Laura’s Lovely Blog is an upbeat blog about parenting. Laura is passionate about encouraging children to read and is also the Books Editor for BritMums.  A firm believer in gratitude to help your mental health, Laura is currently running a monthly gratitude challenge for readers. Her blog is full of honest reviews, her life with three children under 7, and shares about living in Bracknell, Berkshire. A lover of lovely things Laura also loves jewellery, handbags and fashion. Recently invited to take part in the government’s gender equality stakeholder committee, Laura writes about modern feminist issues facing women, particularly mothers in the modern world.

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  •  Susan K Mann

Susankmann - Top 10 Mummy blogs

Susan K Mann is a parent blogger with three young children working out of Scotland. She’s been nominated for several awards and regularly attends blogging seminars – you can read more of her writing on all aspects of parenting including travel, health and recipes by visiting her blog. 

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  • Mind Your Mamma

Mind your mamma - Top 10 Mummy blogs

Mind your Mamma offers mindset and lifestyle support for mums with lots to juggle. It’s the perfect place for content that helps mums overcome stress and overwhelming everyday situations. 
If you’re a mum with school-aged children potentially juggling a job and career, and different responsibilities, you’ll find supportive advice and tips that will help you take a moment and slow down.

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  • Learning and Exploring Through Play

Learning and exploring through play - UK Mummy Blog

Learning and Exploring Through Play has been running since 2013 and prides itself on inspiring parents and educational caregivers such as schools and childminders with fun activities, crafts and experiences for all children. They have a strong advocate for outdoor/natural play and are passionate about sharing great places to visit and stay to enjoy quality family time.

If you’re looking to be inspired and find simple, fun things to do with your children Learning and Exploring Through Play has something for all. 

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  • Verily Victoria Vocalises

Verily Victoria Vocalises - UK Mummy Blog

Victoria Welton writes at Verily Victoria Vocalises. Her multi-award nominated Parenting and Lifestyle Blog was established in September 2012 as a place to record her thoughts. She likes to consider her corner of the internet a magazine of her life and experiences. She has recorded her weight loss journey with Slimming World and, as a result, has recently become a consultant. She has shared her experiences of egg donor IVF treatment and, as a result, now has a boisterous two-year-old son together with a 12-year-old daughter. 

Her blog content also includes reviews, travel, parenting issues, food and recipes, family leisure and outings, music and film. She loves anything creative and, as well as writing poetry and lyrics. As well as a parent blogger she is also a professional photographer at Vocal Eyes Photography and writes the travel blog ‘Victoria Visits’. Somehow she manages all of this at the same time as being a mum! 

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