Are you and your friends looking for a great destination for your next break together? You might be surprised to learn how much Sussex has to offer thanks to its varied terrain and storied history – but don’t take our word for it! Below we’ve put together a list of the best group activities in Sussex so you can find something to do that everyone will love, and our luxury cottages in Sussex means you’ve got the ideal place to stay too!

1. Stride around the city with Only in Brighton

Part of the reason that Brighton is so popular is all its little oddities and peculiarities – these are what make it such a singular city. As its name suggests, Only in Brighton understands this, and their tour is designed to show everything that is unique and unusual. The lively guide regales you with unexpected anecdotes about what links the city to Mount Everest, Abba and Britain’s worst kings. This isn’t the kind of stuffy and staid city tour where you are shown all the respectable landmarks you already knew existed; instead, this tour captures the mischievous tone of England’s famous party city. The result is an expedition like no other.

Book: Online at Only in Brighton

Location: Meet outside Al Duomo restaurant, Brighton BN1 1EE

Kinsbrook Vineyard

2. Enjoy wine tasting at Kinsbrook Vineyard

A visit to Kinsbrook Vineyard provides you with a proper English countryside experience! Take an informative tour of the vines with an expert guide and enjoy a tasting of 3 different wines, then settle into the fantastic restaurant to enjoy local British fare from thoughtfully prepared menus accompanied by a glass or two of their own superb product. Then, hit the farm shop and deli and pick up some wonderful produce to take home, from wines and souvenirs to freshly baked bread and top-quality, locally sourced meats. What’s more, Kinsbrook Vineyard even hosts supper clubs, yoga workshops and music events during the year.

Book:  Call 01403 907800 or book online at Kinsbrook Vineyard

Location: Kinsbrook Vineyard, W Chiltington Rd, Thakeham, Pulborough RH20 2RZ

Solar Heritage - Sussex

3. Float around Chichester Harbour on the Solar Heritage

Chichester Harbour is one of the most breathtaking stretches of coastline in Sussex. This maze of inlets that cut through marshland, dunes and beaches and stretch into the sea, are a haven for wildlife, which the Solar Heritage can take you straight to see. The trip is run by Chichester Harbour Conservancy, which seeks to preserve the special ecosystems through raising awareness and ecologically minded expeditions. That’s why the solar-powered catamaran drifts almost silently and without any fumes, which allows you to get up close to the birds that live in the natural areas of the harbour without spooking them or disturbing their habitat.

Book:  Call 01243 512301

Location: West Itchenor, Chichester PO20 7AW, England

Axe and Paddle Bushcraft - Sussex

4. Go wild with Axe and Paddle Bushcraft

Unleash your inner beast on a day of workshops that teach you how to be a pioneer and an adventurer, living off the fat of the land. Axe and Paddle are all about throwing you into the traditions and techniques of being a woodsman, which can mean anything from having an axe-throwing contest with your friends or teaching you handy wilderness skills such as how to start a fire without any matches or a lighter. There is something visceral about the thrill of eating a rabbit you’ve skinned yourself, cooked over a fire you started yourself and using cutlery that you’ve carved from wood you found in the forest. You’ll feel right at home in the wilderness after you’ve been taught how to make your own bow and arrow, and how to prepare a whole deer for dinner.

Book: Online at Axe and Paddle Bushcraft

 Location: The Esplanade, Brighton BN10 7HG, England

Sussex Falconry

5. Watch eagles soar at the East Sussex Falconry

Birds of prey are some of the most graceful creatures on Earth and it is a memorable, thrilling experience to be able to handle one and watch it showing off in the skies. The East Sussex Falconry has a collection of stunning birds, including eagles, hawks and owls that they regularly let out of their coops to hunt and fly. Book their VIP experience and you’ll get to hear all about the noble and historic sport of falconry, learn how to care for and handle the birds as well as fly and feed the powerful predators for yourself. The whole session lasts around five hours so there is plenty of time spent with the real stars of the show: the birds themselves.

Book: Call 07899 022117 or book online at East Sussex Falconry

Location: Halley Rd, Herstmonceux, Hailsham BN27 1PX

DIY Shabby Chic - Sussex

6. Decorate furniture with DIY Shabby Chic

Bring your interiors and garden terraces to life with personalised and brightly coloured furniture that you can paint yourself, thanks to DIY Shabby Chic. You don’t have to have any experience in woodwork to take one of their no-prep workshops, where you are taught the best techniques to colour wood, as well as how to finish it so it retains a shine. If you don’t have any furniture to take with you, you can purchase some on-site, including smaller items that are easier to transport back home. The classes are laid-back and friendly, while the people running them are experts with lots of helpful tips to make your sets look good. DIY Shabby Chic also runs child-friendly painting workshops, so any younger members of your crew can join in too.

Book: Call 0844 414 8128

Location: 21 Albion St, Brighton and Hove, Portslade, East Sussex BN41 1DQ

Arundel Jailhouse - Sussex

7. Tour a haunted prison at the Arundel Jailhouse

The tour guides who take you around the spooky Arundel Jailhouse know exactly how to create the right atmosphere. Electric lights are switched off and candles are the only source of illumination for your expedition into the heart of this eerie, old Georgian prison, which is hidden beneath the courtroom where criminals were convicted. As you walk around, the guide will share ghost stories. The tone of the tour is unflinchingly creepy, with scary extras added to the empty cells to really lay on the fear; as such, this is not a visit for those of a nervous disposition. Even if you don’t believe in the supernatural, it’s a memorably atmospheric experience in one of Arundel’s most interesting heritage sites.

Book: Online at Arundel Jailhouse

Location: Duke’s Path, Off High Street, Arundel BN18 9AP

Now you’ve seen our pick of the best group activities in Sussex, it’s time to get your accommodation sorted. Talk to our helpful concierge team, who can help you find the perfect place no matter what you’re looking for. And if you’re looking for more travel tips and inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! Why not find some kid-friendly things to do with our best family activities in Sussex or if you’re looking to plan a big a big celebration, our list of the top 10 party houses in the UK is the place to go!


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