Looking to eat your way around a city while soaking up plenty of the culture? Our holiday apartments in Rome allow you to sample the very best of Italian cuisine throughout your stay, from pasta and pizza to pastries and porchetta! So, pack your most comfortable clothes (and some stretchy trousers) and get ready for a culinary adventure like no other as we break down the best food to try in Rome.


It’s your first morning in Rome and you’re after something different to start the day. We’d suggest maritozzi, a sweet type of bun that’s filled with subtly sweetened whipped cream. They were once only available around Easter time, but one taste and you’ll be glad that they’ve become a year-round staple for the people of Rome.

Cacio e Pepe

Insert several hours of sightseeing and it’s now lunchtime! Italians are obviously known for their pasta, but the humble cacio e pepe is our top choice when in Rome. Cacio is the local word for a salted sheep’s milk cheese called Pecorino Romano. Combine that with black pepper (pepe) and starchy cooking water, and you get this simple-to-prepare yet deceptively delicious dish.


Want a bit of meat with your carbs? Try an authentic plate of pasta carbonara – definitively made by Romans without cream. Instead, cooks use spaghetti, pancetta, egg yolk and Pecorino Romano cheese to create the comforting classic. Just be warned: you may not exactly feel light on your feet after eating a portion of this for your midday meal…


Time for some vegetables! Italians aren’t known for using a lot of greens in their cooking, but their Roman-style globe artichokes are world-famous. They’re traditionally stewed using mint, garlic and parsley, but head to the city’s old Jewish quarter to try them deep fried – a dish known as carciofi alla guidea.

Pizza al Taglio

While you may expect to try a circular pizza or two throughout your stay, pizza al taglio is hugely popular in Rome – particularly among the late-night crowd! This budget-friendly option is cooked in sheet pans and then served in rectangular slices, topped with everything from a simple marinara sauce to local meats and speciality cheeses.


A distinctly Roman spin on a croquette, these popular rice-based balls can be found in takeaway spots and pizzerias across the city. Some use ground beef and sausage to flavour the rice, while others rely on a rich tomato sauce. This filling is then wrapped around a chunk of mozzarella and deep fried, resulting in an arancini-style snack that’s crunchy on the outside but gooey on the inside. Simply irresistible!


If you need a break from all those carbs, give porchetta a try. You’ll find both belly and loin cuts of this specific deboned, slow-roasted pork around Rome. It’s generously seasoned with salt, pepper and herbs, and served everywhere from sandwich shops to 5-star restaurants.


We couldn’t complete a list of the best food to try in Rome without mentioning gelato – an indulgent Italian dessert made with a lower fat percentage than regular ice cream. Dedicated parlours are dotted along almost every street, congregating near key attractions. The trick to finding an authentic shop is avoiding anywhere that piles the gelato high or artificially colours it – this enticing sight is intended to trap tourists!

For a safe scoop, head to Otaleg or one of Fatamorgana’s many locations. Once there, we suggest getting your cone filled with melted chocolate – go on, you’re on holiday!

Now that we’ve whet your appetite by detailing the best food to try in Rome on your next visit, it’s time to book your luxury holiday apartment in Rome. Need a little assistance? At Oliver’s Travels, we have a dedicated concierge team who are happy to answer any questions you may have – and even suggest their favourite restaurants too!

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