Rhodes flourishes in ancient history, glistening beaches and 300 days of feel-good sunshine. Whether you go in search of unconventional detours, vibrant nightlife, crystal clear waters, or merely to inhale the Old Town’s atmospheric & medieval charm, it’s all here.

To find out more, we’ve turned to Manolis Pallas, a local businessman in tourism and a dear friend of ours to get the scoop on all things Rhodes. 

1. Tell us a bit about yourself! What do you do, how long have you lived where you are and what makes you an expert in the region? Do you have any special connection there?

I was born and have lived in Lindos my entire life, witnessing first hand and being instrumental in its development from a working village to the major tourist destination it is today. During the 90’s and the noughties, I was heavily involved in local politics – fortunately, I was elected Mayor of the Municipality of Lindos from 2006 – 2010. I am also one of the owners of Pallas Agency. However, I am now retired and the business is run by the next generation of Pallas’s. It goes without saying but I remain on hand to offer my support and experience. 

2. Why should people travel to your region at least once in their life? What might they find surprising on their first visit

Rhodes is unique in the fact that every previous occupation of the island has left their own mark, making our history both rich and varied in comparison to other Greek Islands. From the Ottoman Minarets in the Old Town to the Italian architecture present around the island and even the ancient Lindian Acropolis, the tapestry of our past is still very much alive. It’s what makes the Rhodian culture so unique. 

3. And what makes people come back time and time again?

Our community is one that feels homely, the island is welcome for all to enjoy. Plus, through Pallas Agency, we ensure our hotels and villas are family run – something guests absolutely love. We have families with three generations that have chosen to holiday with us from the very beginning. 

4. Summarize the region for us in three words!Traditional Greek souvenir shop at Rhodes town on Rhodes island, Greece

Radiant, romantic, revitalising.

5. Have you had any famous visitors or well-known events (historical or otherwise) take place in the region?  

We always hear reports of well-known celebrities, footballers and Russian billionaires visiting the island. Rhodes is known as the sailing island, so I’m sure that attracts people from far and wide. There are also several celebrities who have holiday homes in Lindos and the surrounding areas, chosen as much for its beauty as for its welcoming, charming and simple village life.  

6. Time for some travel inspiration – can you give us your recommendations on:

The first thing to do – you should drop your bags and…swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

What’s your favourite restaurant and is there something served there that visitors should really try? All of the restaurants in the local area try incredibly hard to offer a high standard of food and service. We are very spoiled for choice throughout the summer months, however, in the main square of Lindos, you’ll find Mavrikos which is one of the oldest restaurants in the area. It is still run and managed by the Mavrikos family and the food is spectacular.
If you had to choose the best activity, what would you pick? Exploring the south reveals a raw beauty and a step back to simpler and more traditional times. 
Something free to do – perhaps that people can’t do anywhere else? Wandering the lanes and alleyways of the Old Town offers visitors an insight into our rich and diverse history. In fact, it remains the largest inhabited medieval town in Europe and a fascinating district to explore. 
The best activities and things to do for families? A day at the beach is still the best family activity, at least in my view. Both Lindos and Pefkos offer warm clear shallow waters and sandy beaches set in protective coastal coves – perfect for families with young children. 
What’s the best-kept secret of the region? Our history. Most visitors think of Rhodes as a modern tourist destination but out history is rich and it’s what sets us apart from other Greek Islands. 

7. What would your perfect day in the area comprise of?

Sunday is my favourite day of the week as I get to enjoy the company of my family, my four children and three grandchildren. We spend the afternoon enjoying a family lunch and its a great opportunity to spend some quality time together, especially during the busy summer months.  

8. What’s the one experience that really captures the essence of the region for you, and why?Samos is a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, south of Chios, north of Patmos.

Food has always been a big part of Greek culture and enjoying a traditional alfresco Greek meal, enveloped in our stunning surroundings and warm climate is the epitome of a true Greek experience. 

Well, we truly hope that’s given you a glimpse of Rhodes & all it has to offer. Many thanks again to Manolis for being a great sport, and letting us in on his insider knowledge.

In the meantime, check out our villas in Rhodes and if you need any help give our concierge team a buzz, they will be on hand from start to finish. 

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