Flaunting a dramatic rocky coastline and sea caves galore, Gozo holidays are ripe for adventure, with snorkelling and diving sites at every turn. Head inland and the island is just as enchanting, from sleepy villages with Maltese baroque architecture, to some of the finest archaeological sites in Europe. Here are the top 10 things to do in Gozo.

Wine tasting with a view

The Tal-Massar Winery is responsible for many of the wines sipped across Gozo. Sign up for a tour of the winery and vineyards to learn more about the island’s winemaking history, all against a beautiful sea backdrop. The highlight, though, is a wine-tasting session, where the finest bottles are paired with traditional Gozitan food – galletti (crackers), gbejna (local cheese) and oil-drizzled bread topped with sun-dried tomatoes.

Dive among coral and caves

Deep blue hole at the world famous Azure Window in Gozo island - Mediterranean nature wonder in the beautiful Malta - Unrecognizable scuba divers swimming to adventure water cave

Diving is one of our favourite things to do in Gozo, thanks to clear waters and rich marine life. The underwater landscape is contoured by caves, grottoes and tunnels, and brimming with the likes of moray eels, stingrays, seahorses and parrotfish. There are 50-plus sites to pick from, including a handful of wrecks, and a host of diving centres offer courses and tours. Try Gozo Aqua Sports Dive Centre in Marsalforn or St Andrew’s Divers Cove (various locations).

Visit the Dwejra Tower

A beautiful Milky Way night time photograph of the Dwejra Watch Tower on the island of Gozo, Malta. With the orange building in the foreground and the stars against a deep blue sky.

Visit this small but interesting watchtower in Dwejra Bay, built by the Knights of Malta to warn of invasion. Some say it also had a rather curious purpose: to look out for unauthorised people harvesting the Maltese Fungus – believed to have medicinal properties. To see this prized plant habitat, swing by Fungus Rock, one of the most peculiar places to visit in Gozo. You’ll see the sides of the 60m-high limestone stack have been artificially smoothed to prevent access from the sea.

Take a quad bike tour of the island

If you want to cram in as much Gozo sightseeing as possible into a day, walking won’t quite cut it. The island may be tiny, but it’s brimming with gems. For a fun way to explore, sign up for a quad-bike tour to race past Maltese baroque houses and limestone watchtowers, duck down backstreets and scope out hidden caves.

Get salty

View of salt pans near Marsalforn, Gozo, Malta

To the north of Gozo, the coast is pitted with natural salt pans – some still in use today. Visit to see how salt is extracted from the sea, whereupon it is stored and processed in the cool caves honeycombing the cliffs. This 350-year-old salt harvesting tradition has been passed down from generation to generation, with a few families today keeping the past alive.

Sail picturesque Dwejra Bay

blue water in a bay in gozo

Take a boat trip at Dwejra Bay to glide through an 80m-long sea tunnel, pass sheer sea cliffs and duck into luminescent grottoes. Some include a chance to swim or snorkel by dazzling Gozo beaches. Head to Dwejra Point, where you’ll find a cluster of local boats offering tours.

Trek the island

Head off the beaten track and explore the lesser-known corners of Gozo by foot. You can strike out along windswept beaches, peer into hidden caves, loop past historical landmarks and pause by scenic viewpoints. Either set off solo, route-map in hand, or sign up for a walking tour to benefit from the knowledge of a local guide. Some companies offer nature-focused hikes while others target photography enthusiasts.

Gawp at the Megalithic temples

Neolithic megalith temple complex of Ggantija (Tempji Neolitici Tal-Ggantija, "Giant Tower") on the island of Gozo in Malta.

One of the most historic places to visit in Gozo, Ġgantija is a Megalithic temple complex dating back to around 3600 BC – a thousand years older than Stonehenge. The pair of tumbling edifices was built with stones so huge that locals believed it was the work of giants.

Go island-hopping around the Maltese archipelago

panoramic view of cliffs and the sea on an island

Take a day trip to Comino, another island in the Maltese archipelago. Just 1.5 miles by one mile, this tiny chunk of limestone is almost deserted, with just one hotel, and protection under nature-reserve status. The jewel in its crown is the Blue Lagoon, whose unfathomably turquoise waters look like they’ve been through an Instagram filter.

Head off the beaten path

Go off grid and explore the rugged terrain of the island by mountain bike. Gozo Adventures runs a tour of the northwest coast, from Għarb to Qbajjar, tracing clifftop trails and weaving through narrow inlets. The route includes some of the more off-beat places to visit in Gozo, including the natural rock arch of Wied il-Mielaħ, which is sturdy enough to walk over, and Wied il-Għasri, a slender inlet with one of the most secluded beaches in Gozo.

Now you’ve got a list of the best things to do in Gozo, you can think about where you’re going to stay. Have a look at our collection of charming Gozo villas, or speak to our concierge team if you need help. 

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