All over the UK, there is vast countryside bursting with vivid and unexplored natural beauty. The picturesque outdoors is calling out to be explored and if you feel like you’re ready to answer, we’ve got a suggestion for you – explore the UK on horseback! Some of the most beautiful areas in the country are perfect for a horse riding holiday and just as suitable for experienced riders as total newbies.

horse riding holiday

You might have been dreaming of trotting some of these trails for years, or this will be an entirely new experience for you. Either way, a horse riding holiday to one of these close-to-home destinations will make you see the UK in a whole new light (as if horse riding wasn’t already a brilliant pastime).


horse riding holiday

One of the most idyllic places in the UK for exploring on horseback is Dorset, situated on England’s mild south coast. As one of the country’s most rural counties, you can be sure that Dorset will offer an exceptional riding experience. The region is blissfully verdant, ranging from pine forests to heaths to brilliant panoramas of the Jurassic Coast.

Perfect for riding on the beach, Dorset’s shoreline stretches for 75 miles between Lyme Regis to Christchurch. Turning inward, Dorset offers as many as 1700 different bridleways and other trails that wind through the unspoilt landscape making horse riding the perfect means of exploration.


horse riding holiday

The northernmost parts of the UK unsurprisingly provide the wildest and unique landscapes for horse riding. Scotland has it all, from highlands and glens to vast stretches of beach and hidden waterfalls. On horseback, you might find yourself galloping on the shore one day and taking your steed for a climb into the mountains the next.

With such varied terrain and great networks of paths and bridleways, you’ll be able to discover more of Scotland on horseback than you ever could with a vehicle or on foot. Chances are your holiday will be made extra memorable by some wildlife appearances as well.

New Forest

horse riding holiday

The cultural heritage of the New Forest is deeply entwined with horses and ponies, as even today some 3000 New Forest Ponies roam the 140,000 acres of national parkland. Naturally, one of the best ways to discover its diverse and beautiful landscapes is on horseback. There are plenty of bridleways and tracks crossing the unspoilt scenery, giving you the behind-the-scenes experience.

Some of the creatures you might spot along the way include donkey, cattle, pigs and of course the famous ponies. These all make their homes amidst the heaths, woodlands and beautiful coastline where you’ll be riding in a truly magical atmosphere.


horse riding holiday

Well known as home to some of the best horse riding in all of Europe, Wales has expanded its network of bridleways in recent years. This makes it especially great for cross-country riding as you can ride everywhere without crossing busy roads and can easily go many hours without seeing a single soul. It’s difficult to imagine a better taste of the freedom that avid horse riders love so much.

There is such spectacular and varied scenery in Wales that you won’t know where to begin. Generally verdant and lush, the landscapes range from valleys and rolling hills to mountains, cliffs and breath-taking beaches where you can gallop through the surf…

Lake District

horse riding holiday

Known as the adventure capital of the UK, it should come to no surprise that the Lake District with its idyllic scenery and rural countryside is ideal for a horse riding holiday. These north-western national parklands hold some of the most beautiful lands in the country, packed with peaceful lakes, forests and fells. You might have heard the saying that you never come across the same view twice in the Lake District.

Horse riding can be one of the most enjoyable ways to experience the Lake District in all its splendour, riding through meadows, valleys woodlands and beaches. It will undoubtedly be a memorable experience for all.

You’re probably quite excited to get out there and explore the UK on horseback right about now, which you should be! If you’re still looking for accommodation in any these areas, our concierge team can help you find the cosiest cottages and grandest manors in the UK to make your holiday complete.

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