It’s not just Brittany’s coasts and beaches that’ll have you impressed – there’s a whole world of gastronomy, local specialities and fantastic flavours to explore in the region too. From what are known as the ‘world’s best oysters’ to fantastic cider and pastries, gourmands will be well served in this beautiful region of north-western France. And if you like your accommodation as fine as your dining, our villas in Brittany make the perfect place to stay while you explore – and when you explore, make sure you try some of the best foodie experiences in Brittany for you below!

1. L’Auberge des GlazicksPlomodiern

L'Auberge des Glazicks - Brittany

With two Michelin stars to its name and an eccentric menu full of rich, complex flavours, L’Auberge des Glazicks is some of the finest dining you can find in Brittany. Head chef Olivier Bellin uses classic Breton ingredients like freshly caught langoustines as well as unusual cuts of meat, then crafts them into unbelievably tasty dishes. Try the Kig Homardz, a traditional seafood dish from Finistère and one of Bellin’s specialities. Fixed taster menus offer the chance to try a number of different dishes, each with unexpected flavours.

Price Range: Set menus starting from €120

Location: 7 Rue de la Plage, 29550, Plomodiern, France

Bookings: Call +33 (0)2 98 81 52 32

2. Distillerie des Menhirs, Plomelin

Distillerie des Menhirs - Brittany

Although whiskey is not a drink often associated with France, Brittany’s staple grain, buckwheat, lends itself perfectly to making a uniquely flavoured liquor. The result is Eddu whiskey, named after the Breton word for buckwheat. In summer, the distillery offers free guided tours during which visitors can learn about the processes behind making Eddu. Tours end with a tasting of the golden nectar. The shop is open all year round and also sells Breton cider and lambig, an apple brandy from the region.

Price Range: ££

Location: Pont Menhir, 29700, Plomelin, France

Bookings: No need to book just show up!

3. Bistro Autour du Beurre, Noyal-sur-Vilaine

Le Beurre Bordier - Brittany

Jean-Yves Bordier is a master of all things dairy, crafting artisan cheese and butter that is used by chefs around the world. The Bistro Autour du Buerre is Bordier’s own baby and is designed especially to showcase the flavours and texture of butter in a number of different dishes. Fresh seafood and seasonal ingredients are turned into uncomplicated yet mouth-watering dishes – cooked using the celebrated butter that gives the bistro its name. Make sure you follow up your main course with a plate of Bordier cheese.

Price Range: Entrees from €18, plats from €24 and desserts from €15

Location: Bistro Autour du Beurre, 7 Rue de l’Orme, St Malo, France

Bookings: Call +332 23 18 25 81

4. Au Rythme des Marées, Baden

Au Rythme des Marées - Brittany

Visitors can tour this oyster farm in the Gulf of Morbihan by boat, and even taste some of the delicious fruits of the sea. Float around above beds of oysters and inspect them through the boat’s glass bottom, while the guide explains more about the lives of oysters and how they are farmed. Visitors can then have a go at farming the invertebrates themselves, before slurping a few of the tasty creatures on board the ship.

Price Range: ££

Location: Pointe de Toulvern Baden, 56870, Baden, France

Bookings: Online Au Rythme des Marees

5. Domaine du Kinkiz, Quimper

Domaine du Kinkiz - Brittany

Although beer and wine are also made in Brittany, the alcoholic drink of choice here is unquestionably cider. At this cider-making manor, the public are welcome to come and explore. Delve into the barrel cellars where you can hear about how the historic beverage is made and learn to discern between different qualities of cider. The house also makes lambig, a Breton apple brandy, and pommeau, an alcoholic mixture of brandy and apple juice that is unique to northern France – it even has an AOC (appellation d’origine controlee) designation.

Price Range: ££

Location: 75 Chemin du Quinquis, 29000 Quimper, France

Booking: Call +33 2 98 90 20 57

6. Restaurant le Coquillage, Cancale

Restaurant le Coquillage - Brittany

Run by Jane and Olivier Roellinger, Les Maisons de Bricourt is a complex that encompasses hotels, a cookery school, a tearoom and this restaurant, housed in Chateau Richeux. The menu is inspired by the same sea that the chateau overlooks and is enhanced by Oliver Roellinger’s own spices. Different fixed menus offer a variety of experiences, including one carried over from Roellinger’s three-Michelin-starred restaurant. Expect unusual flavour combinations like lobster with cocoa and chilli, or turbot cooked with Vietnamese peppers.

Price Range: ££

Location: Le Buot, 35260, Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes, France

Bookings: Online at Restaurant le Coquillage

7. Crêperie La Grange à Louise, Malestroit

Crêperie La Grange à Louise - Brittany

Brittany’s buckwheat crêpes are an essential part of any visit to the region, and Malestroit’s celebrated pancake café is one of the best places to enjoy this Breton staple, either as a snack or light meal. The savoury pancakes are called galettes and can be filled with everything from salmon to ham to mushrooms. Crêpes, the name for the sweet option, are a tasty way to follow up the main course and might be lathered in such delicious things as sugar, butter and apple crème caramel. La Grange à Louise offers a traditional interior or outdoor seating for a more laid-back lunch.

Price Range:££

Location: 4 Rue aux Anglais, 56140 Malestroit, France

Bookings: No Need to Book Just Show up!

8. Brasserie Lancelot, Le-Roc-Saint-André

Brasserie Lancelot - Brittany

The wide range of organic beers with unique Breton flavours on offer here make a visit to the Lancelot Brewery worthwhile – even if you only stop by the shop. The free tours of the brewery are simply the icing on the beer lover’s cake. During the tour, you’ll learn about the different stages of brewing, from the crushing of malts, through the fermentation and right up to the bottling, before settling in for a tasting session where you can enjoy the Breton brews. For non-beer drinkers, Brasserie Lancelot also makes the tasty, sustainably produced Breizh Cola.

Price Range: £££

Location: Site de la Mine d’Or, 56460 Le Roc St André, France

Bookings: Call +33 2 97 74 74 74

9. Amphitryon Abadie, Lorient

Amphitryon Abadie

Michelin-approved gourmet cuisine is given a playful twist at Chef Jean-Paul Abadie’s restaurant. The glass crockery and natural colours of the food make the dishes look appealing, but the flavours are the real stars. Fresh seafood is served with coffee, ginger and lime, and you will also have the chance to try delicacies like caviar and foie-gras.

Price Range: 5 menus at €35, €55, €100, €130

Location: 127 Rue Colonel Jean Muller, 56100, Lorient, France

Bookings: Online Amphitryon Abadie

10. La Cave des Halles, Lannion

La Cave des Halles

At first glance, this is just a wine shop that sells a wide selection of quality French vintages, and indeed it does this very well – you can stop by here for all of your wine needs when on holiday near Lannion. Head into the cellar, however, and you’ll soon see there is more to the shop than you first realised: you can also drink here! Tables are laid out in a cool stone room, where you can buy cheese and meat boards to nibble as you sip a glass or two. Tasting evenings are held several times a month.

Price Range: ££

Location: 19 Rue Saint-Marc, 22300 Lannion, France

Bookings: No Need to Book Just Show up!


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